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The DiscipleLife Podcast provides principles and practices for the Christian life. There is a still a great need for tools and resources to equip Christians for disciple-making.Our ultimate hope is to mobilize and unleash the church to creatively communicate the Gospel, to grow deeper spiritually, and to fulfill Jesus' mandate to make more disciples. Subscribe to learn more about discipleship.
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Walking by Faith

Walking by Faith


Walking by faith sounds simple, but it is incredibly tough.  It’s going to take courage, trust, reliance on the Holy Spirit to walk in faith and experience God’s grace as we place ourself in His hands. As disciples, God has chosen us to be His people and to live intentional, purposeful lives.  
What does it really mean to be a disciple and how do I know if I am one?A faithful disciple isn’t about perfection or trying to gauge who is the most spiritual. We all enter this place of faith only through the grace of God.  Discipleship is about followership that finds their purpose in a relationship with Jesus 
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