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Case by Case: The Boozecast

Author: Matt and Kenny

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The weekly boozecast where we try and discuss all the various pre-packaged alcoholic drinks you have seen popping up at your local beverage outlet. We discuss the pros, the cons, and everything in between. Mixing in some opinionated reviews of society, pop culture, and beverages, no one is safe from the scrutinizing eyes of the Boozecast! Join Matt and Kenny for some weekly fun!
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Ho Ho Ho!  It's that time of the year.  We got holly, jolly, and blitzed this episode.  Throwing out the format, we decided to drink our favorite drinks to ring in the new year.  We talk about some Christmas news corner topics, reminisce on Boozecast Christmas past, and have a very merry Boozecast gift exchange.  You too can get in on a very special gift.  Listen in and tweet out to get a Boozecast exclusive.  Merry Christmas to all and all a good Boozecast!  We'll be back soon for Season 3 with lots of new drinks and glorious stupidity.  Listen responsibly!!! 
We took it north of the border this week and tried some classic Crown Royal whiskey in some less than classic cans.  Lemon and cola, how can you go wrong?  I'm sure we'll find a way.  Aside from the drink of the day, we discuss monks on meth and find out what type of whiskey Kenny is!  Will we get crowned king by this cocktail or left to feel like the court jester after cracking those cans.  Tune in to find out.  Check us out at to listen and get the links to all our social media.  Email us at if you have questions, comments or just want to say hi.  Listen responsibly!!!
We stumbled across a giant can of booze this week.  We found a can.  Not just any can.  A party can.  A what?  That's right, we got a hold of a giant can just shy of 2 liters of passion fruit infused Cosmicpolitan.  The Cocktail Courier delivered and we took this giant can to the limit.  Was it good?  Was it bad?  Was it 12.5% ABV?  One of those is a yes, the other two you will have to listen to find out.  Check it out at or wherever you listen to your podcasts.  Check out our site for our social media or email us direct at  Listen responsibly.  
We deviate from the horrible normal and try an old fashioned way to drink alcohol....from a bottle!!!  We opened up Bulleit Old Fashioned Cocktail and poured it in with some beautiful Luxardo Cherries and that o so lovely lovely ice.  Guys, it counts.  We didn't have to mix it, we just poured it out of the bottle into glasses.  We also talked about online dating gone wrong, how much a bartender can influence a drink and Kenny takes the "How old fashioned are you?" quiz.  It's a good one.  Don't forget to check us out at for all our social media.  Email us at  Listen Responsibly!
We just missed spooky season but drank a super spooky drink.  We said Zing Zang Bloody Mary 3 times in a mirror with the lights out and took a big taste.  Did it zing zang our wing dang or sing song our ding dong?  Listen in to find out.  We have some spooky news in Kenny's news corner and talk about the pitfalls of recording two Boozecasts in a row.  You don't want to miss this one.  It's so spooky your pants will shit their pants.  Check us out at and listen wherever podcasts are served.  Listen responsibly.  
We got down with the Svedka.  You mother get up come on get down with the Svedka.  Real vodka, real tea, real good or real bad?  Listen to hear how this Swedish drink holds up.  We discuss the consequences of not returning a VHS back to Blockbuster, the future of Mom Water and a special world famous chef kicks off the episode.  You don't want to miss this one.  Check us out at for all our episodes and social media.  Email us at  Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.  Listen responsibly.    
This week we opt out of a Sioux City Sarsaparilla and opt in for something a little stronger. We cracked open our saddle packs and reached for some Ranch Rider Spirits hard seltzer. Did it make us yearn for a life on the range or secure our destiny as city slickers?  Listen in to find out. Check us out at for episodes and social media or find us out wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen responsibly. 
We climbed on top of Ole Smoky and got covered with cheese.  No, actually we ingested some moonshine cocktails.  Two different flavors of these mountain man drinks got tasted.  Do they quench a working man's thirst or do they just plain suck?  Listen in to find out.  We discuss semen allergies, fruity beverages, and so so much more.  This episode is all over the place to check it out and have some fun.  Listen in on or wherever you listen to your podcasts.  All our social media is on our website so tell us what you think, or drop us a line at  Listen responsibly.  
This week we try a very, very confusingly named drink, the Mike's Hard Freeze pack.  We explore the subtle flavors of primary colors such as red, white, pink, and blue.  We talk about the ever growing flatulence marketplace, look back fondly on good drinks we've had in the past, and much more.  Do these hard freezes hit the spot or give us a brain freeze?  Listen in to find out.  Check us out on for all our social media links and drop us a line at to let us know what you think.  Listen responsibly.
It's time for Clubtails ah woo hoo!  We took a trip so daring that we may not have lived to tell the tale.... or maybe we did?  Listen in to hear about some racist bounty hunter, two grown men stumbling through drink recipes, and a brand new feature at the very end of the episode.  Do you dare to tune in the whole way to find out if we meet our demise at these popular drinks squeezed down to a conveniently accessible can format?  Are these Clubtails the cock of the walk or the ass of the industry?  We have answers.  If you have questions, send them our way at or check out for all our social media links and tell us how much you loved/hated this drink.  Nice try covid, you can't stop our wrath.  Listen responsibly! 
Oh my, we are back to a gruesome twosome.  Matt and Kenny explore the world of oversized pumpkins, orange wine, and so so much more.  We open up individual packs of orange wine infused Beatbox Party Pack drinks.  Straight out of the carton to god's lips.  We review each and every one of these wine packed rectangles to find out if we are true winos or if we absolute wine no-nos.  Check us out at for all our social media and let us know what you think.  Our pre packaged beverage containers don't jiggle jiggle, they fold.  Listen in for some orange orange wine.  Listen to our podcast, it really is a laugh fest.  
We decided to bang it out with a threeway again!  Our friend Jordan came out to explore the world of Bang hard seltzer with us.  Did they bang, bing, bong, boop or otherwise give us a sense of the b-word?  Listen in to find out.  We talk about bug phobias, dollar menu items, and most importantly, BANG!  New episodes weekly at midnight on Tuesdays.  Check us out at to listen to episodes as well as access all our social media.  Listen wherever you enjoy streaming podcasts.  Email us at if you have any suggestions, comments, or just want to give us shit.  We'll either listen or tell you to shut the fuck up.  One of those options guaranteed.  Thanks for listening and please, listen responsibly.  
You asked for it.  It's a threesome on this episode.  Our friend Anthony joins us on an adventure to explore the world of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.  Will this south of the border beverage tickle our taste buds or leave us thirsting for something else?  You'll have to listen to find out.  We discuss seltzers in general along with some other tantalizing conversation.  Don't miss this first ever three way Boozecast.  Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts or stream direct from our site at  You can find all our social media links on the site and be sure to let us know what you think.  Email us at  Yippy Pippy, Tasty!!!!
Them booze boys are at it again.  We had the chance to try some world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay's seltzer.  Will Hell's Seltzer turn out to be as delicious as all Chef Ramsay's food or will we be putting our head between two slices of bread to become a couple of idiot sandwiches?  Tune in to find out.  New episodes released every Tuesday.  Check us out at where you can listen to all episodes and get links to all our social media.  You can find us on all your favorite podcast apps as well.  Email us at to let us know what you think.  See you soon!
Wow!  It's been a whole year and we are ecstatic to be back!!!  We are downing some Sonic branded hard seltzer this episode.  We share some memories about the classic midwestern chain and try to relive some childhood flavors.  Will these seltzers hold up to our bubbly expectations or fall......flat.  Listen in to find out.  Check all our previous season episodes as well as all our new ones at   You can find all our social media links on the site and feel free to reach out to us at  Enjoy the show!!!!
We are back for more with a new season of Case by Case: The Boozecast.  We have a lot of new drinks, guests, and more.  We are so excited to kick off a new year of fun.  Let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions by reaching out to us at or check out our website to get the links to all our social media.  See you soon!
We pity the fool who doesn't listen in to this episode.  Before we have tea time, we've got not one, but two Kenny's News Corner stories!  After million dollar football cards and 160 bowling balls, we start sipping some tea.  With 4 flavors to explore, will they "Truly" hold up or do they lie right to our faces?  Listen in to find out.  Get some bonus out of season Halloween candy reviews as well.  Enjoy the show!
GET TO THE SELTZER!  It's crazy hot outside so we picked up some frozen booze pops for this week's case.  Before the taste test, we explore the options of yellow dress vehicle theft and property damage.  Then after biting into some frozen treats, we reminisce about school lunch, bar games, and some other random thoughts.  Will these frozen treats "Truly" be delicious?  Listen in and find out!
Get ready to chumba your wumba as we taste an assortment of Monoco canned cocktails!  Is this selection of 4 flavors as good as the Moscow Mule from Case 2?  Listen in to find out.  Before checking out the cocktails, we discuss 40 year old basement dwellers and their extreme porn collections.  We throw out some Monaco advertising ideas and realize two shots per can catches up with you fast.  Check us out and follow on social media by visiting  Enjoy the show!!!
This week we go to the beautiful can based wine country and dip our toes into the Barefoot Hard Seltzer Variety Pack.  We start off strong with technical difficulties and explore cow murder via iPhone for the news corner.  Then we take some wine seltzer sips back at the bar.  Do we spit or swallow?  You'll find out in this new case.  Bonus wine tasting!!!!!  You'll have to listen to discover that extra mile.  If you want to follow us on social media, check us out at  Enjoy the show! 
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