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Priscilla and Roz discuss the positive impact mentorship has on the college experience. Finding upperclassmen, faculty, and peers who already know how to navigate your institution can be an excellent asset in art school. 
Structure Part 2

Structure Part 2


The second installment of the structure discussion. Priscilla speaks on her experience in her art education internship and tips about working in other educators' classrooms. Rozlin shares how important it is to attend art events on campus. Exiting college gracefully, senior capstone projects, making the most of your last year(s) - oh my!  All happening in the last half of college! 
Priscilla and Roz review how the college class experience differs from high school and how art school courses differ from general courses. They cover their perspective of professor expectations,  syllabi, silly questions, not-so-silly questions, critique, and how to make general education courses work for visual artists. 
Structure Part 1

Structure Part 1


Priscilla and Rozlin speak on how the first few years of art school are structured. They cover what to expect in your first two or three years of school and why a relationship with your academic advisor is so important. 
Why Art School?

Why Art School?


Priscilla and Rozlin discuss the reasoning behind their decision to attend art school and how you might go about making yours. Plus an art history sidebar about Lee Krasner. 
Priscilla Walsh and Rozlin Opolka, two recent visual art school graduates share their hopes for BFAlmost- the podcast about navigating and understanding art school. 
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