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Author: Gary Nowak

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A podcast where I speak with people about their career path. Focusing on their decisions, success, advice, key traits, career moves, mentoring and listening to interesting stories. This podcast is an interesting perspective on how careers can take a linear path to success, but all often career paths take a zig-zag path. Fun Stuff to learn about. Enjoy!
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Career BackgroundCentral Michigan University Alumni MIS and Accounting Heaps of Credentials from the University of MichiganSolid career in consulting with Equaterra and KPMG HighlightsSearching for the next phase of his careerStudying Management Information Systems early onGreat first job story, awesomeThe big houston move, loved itWonderful start up company story and wooing a clientAnother Enron impacted individualHaving to let your team of 7 goCompany cultural differencesThe Mark Toon Impact on hisSeeing you being relaxedBeing an approachable professionalStanding up for your employeesDoing what's rightThe great guys from MichiganDave brown looks out for youWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career BackgroundTroy University Journalism and Public Relations News Writer @ Troy ProgressFeatures editor @ Troy MessengerFreelance Writer and PhotographerSouth Alabama Cooperative Marketing and member Services / Communications Over 21 years Author of 3 books When in Doubt, Delete ItGet Noticed / Get HiredCulture Secret HighlightsGreat first job working with his dad in a beauty shopEarly receipt for chocolate milk and grilled cheeseBeing in the Electric Co-Op world for 25 yearsHas her own businessWorking with sorority young ladiesReleasing her 3rd book in late April 2023 Cultures in organizations and the Value culture Won a competition in 7th Grade and earned $15Radio News / Weekly newspaper (doing everything) / Daily Paper features editorBeing famous in her hometownAdding behavior to ValuesMeeting Laura the PR person at the Electric Co-OpDoing anything on the Co-Op job, I mean anythingDon't ever throw an opportunity awayGreat advice - I'm gonna stay out of your way to get the job doneHas written 3 books inside of 4 yearsGetting the "Stet" commentBeing a good journalist "Learn how to listen"Best career decision - leaving the bad bossWant to be a guest? Email me at!
 Career BackgroundCollege career he attended Purdue University for Mechanical Engineering Michigan State for his MBA University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business As you will here his career has been one of leadership through change with some great opportunitiesMost recently he is at Butler University Executive Director focusing on organizational learning and professional development Highlights:Mechanical engineering at PurdueMeeting his match in collegeGetting bored in a narrow focused jobLearning the importance of sales early onTaking advice on going to Michigan StateFilling the void with the MBA programHybrid Electric vehicle contest"So what is the goal of this competition?"Increasing his negotiation skills"Tell me about the vehicle"Getting bored vs. getting stretchedSome spirited conversationsBeing recruited by Bright PointHaving an entrepreneurial spiritRefurbished phones and computers, being early to the gameKeeping in touch with your networkFilled the vacuum when it was neededSeeing the pattern before it shows itselfNorthern Michigan Want to be a guest? Email me at!
Leslie's Resources For You: - To learn her work, visit To learn about how to overcome food obsession, visit To learn about executive weight loss coaching, visit To learn about her proprietary methodology Lean Instinct Formula™: To join her free masterclass The 5 Winning Keys To Unlimited Food Freedom While Gaining A Head-Turning Body, visit: HighlightsAttended Bard College in NY Fascinating story on how she chose this college Worked at PwC in China and New YorkHR Officer at Thermo Fisher ScientificAlso worked in Human Resources at Fiat GroupHighlightsFirst job and getting taken down to the local police office in ChinaBeing a weight loss Executive coachDreaming of going to university in the USGetting inspiration from her AuntDiscovering Financial aid for international studentsPersistence in applying to US UniversitiesBeing made an example in front of the other studentsThe cultural divide and barriers encounteredCultural shock in Shanghai for a Chinese girlLosing clarity over time while workingBeing authentic to yourselfFinding her entrepreneurial selfWho you get advice from is extremely importantToo many Weirdo's here, I need to move onReally proud of being a calming influencerYou can also follow her on Tiktok ( and LinkedIn (, and follow her Facebook Page ("Want to be a guest? Email me at!
HighlightsStill on the books for his first job which only had 4 shifts / Music is in his blood - Wanting to be in an 80's glam band in 2008 /  Not going to Uni just after High school / Getting the itch to discover America / Spending 90 days to discover all parts of the US / Seeking out unique experiences / Call center highlighted his resiliency and drive / Getting lost and trying to figure it out / The $50k personal loan was a life changer / Getting into Berkeley with "The Extremist" by Joe Satriani / Best time of his life was at Berkeley / "Start a Band" Brad Paisley with Keith Urban / Getting a job at Berkeley answering phones / Chandler McLeod gig and being first in and last out / Not tapping out until the debt was paid off / The realization he found in Nashville / The impact of a great man named Clinton Career Background:Specialized in workforce strategyCurrently a consultant @ EY in MelbourneSpent just under 3 years at TelstraChandler Macleod groupNational Australia BankWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Best selling author of her book "The Cancer Channel"COO for a start up in SF AdentroEbay for over 14 yearsConsultant at AccentureStarted her career at Chubb in LA and spent time in NYCEducated at - Occidental CollegeCornell for the MBALe Cordon Bleu Ottawa culinary institute Highlightswhat to do during "down time" her YMCA GigHaving PhD Parents and loving learningTalking her way into numerous jobsWhat is this Management Consulting all aboutMBA at Cornell and NO interest in Wall StreetCross country move with Accenture and EbayGoing it alone without mentors on some heavy decisionsSuffering from the Princess ComplexThe impact of her parentsDrive across AmericaThe power of the SabbaticalsCulinary School on a SabbaticalBeing a learnerTrain ride from New York city to AlbanyWriting her first bookAfter quitting no looking for a job for 2 monthsHigh sense of urgency and driveBacking a colleague into a cornerGiving more grace AND spaceWhen the student is ready the teacher appearsIf you treated your friends like you treat yourself, you wouldn't have any friendsFalling in love with reading againWhy Not?Brian Stevenson ConversationWant to be a guest? Email me at!
BackgroundCollege at Cornell Played footballStudied Electrical EngineeringWorked at great companies Arthur AndersenOracleFord Motor CompanyCurrently at TomTom as their PM Automotive In-Vehicle Software Engineer Highlights:Working at Grandpa's BarFather Murphy and breaking his heartVery pragmatic and being a problem solverBeing Supremely confident in the early yearsWorking in a start upBoomeranging to Arthur AndersenThe power of relationshipsConnect with others outside of workBeing hit at Andersen by Enron (join the club)Switching over to Oracle and am I a good sales personGreat sales = be a good listenerFinally making his way over to Ford Motor Company Want to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:CEO of the Churchhill Leadership Group Global Coaching organization President and Board Member - Leadership and Team DevelopmentAstraZeneca for over 22 years National speaker management leader Regional Sales Director Strategic Brand Planning Manager HighlightsStarting work at 7 years old in the Corner ShopLoving science when youngerSandwich course at university 2 year school 1 year work 1 more year school Went into the pharmaceutical industry  for a carLoving sales and communicating with peopleQuantity of of activity and quality of conversationsGetting lucky to find an industry that worked, especially salesWhat to do with you live "stay curious", heaps of other great perspectiveThe Portland TrailblazersBeing practical with your decisionsFigure out patterns to successFinding your strengthsThe love of mentoring and situational mentoringChanging up mentors to reach successTaking multiple jobs and rolesHaving a husband that is able to see the potentialBeing well rounded vs spiking in your careerSeeing the potential in others and aligning accordinglyThe power of coaching and seeing others growBe like WaterWant to be a guest? Email me at!
I'm your host Gary Nowak and today I've got an interesting one for you with my guest Nando Ateho who during our conversations gives us some great insight into his background and current entrepreneurial mindset.Career Background:Comes from a family of EntrepreneursHis work consists of creating a culture of mutually beneficial relationshipsIdeas Nando Lives by: Kaizen- The continuous journey of becoming the best version of yourself. -The Toyota Way Work harder on yourself than you do at your job-Jim Rohn We are the some of the people we most spend and give our time to. – Mr. Simsek Other’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality – Les Brown Lead me, follow me or get out of my way – George Patton Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food-Hippocrates We must love our lives and use work as the necessary leverage we earn to achieve our inspirations. – Me.  HighlightsBox of snickers to sell and paying the VIGEmotional motivation and connectionMaking $100 selling stuffInstinct to be entrepreneurial, it's in the genesTrying to connect the childhood to current dayEntrepreneurial family from grandmother on downExercise = mental health, better marriageSexual Transmutation conversationHealthy dose of vanityMom is a warrior and a bad assIndividual Kid Birthday TripsICLC for the kids (Imagination / Communication / Leadership / CreativityUltra runnerFirst car was a mistakeWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Founder and CEO of Avanti SearchRecruitment experience with: Accolade Wines Class Ltd Wolters Kluwer NSW Dept of Industry Apprentice Australia ContestantAmbassador for: Ferrari Australian Grand Prix Corporation Miss World Australia 2006Her Company - HighlightsBest first job ever Miss World Australia 2006Looking for a way to get into charity workFinding excitement in recruitmentCreating a company that aligns with her valuesTaking care of the family with an unwell MotherBuilding up confidence early on and taking that with her throughoutBeing discovered through her great interview skillsAn interview is just a conversationKey skill is her listening abilityHearing impairment is her super powerAligning career to her valuesCommunicating with ExecutivesCoaching candidates on their career experience and imposter syndromeAsk for a water, coffee or teaAdmitting your nervesOverdelivering on contentThe "Golden" interview questionAvanti Search is her own company with high touchGreat perspective on her successVenice to VegasSummertime in New DelhiWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Currently President and CEO of Axion MedicalBoard member with: Bottlenose ESSI Advisor to Private Equity and Venture capitalistsEquaterra for nearly 8 yearsFounder of Morgan Chambers in the UKHighlightsHard working family and the oldest of 6 kidsCommunity College degree / Great visualPower plant engineering degreeSemi autonomous robot workExtremely technical background out of CollegeKilling two sacred cows at onceCitigroup came calling early onThe drive for $$$Learning outsourcing at the very beginningGaining cultural experience early on as an independent contractorOutworks everyone elseLoves the English languageMassive advice from Mom - Understand peopleEQ = Understanding or caring for peopleBest advice - Question everythingSecret to success "Live in the Gray"Speed in decision makingGet over yourself and ALWAYS Be yourselfConstant knocks on his door for opportunitiesChoose your partners wisely and monitor the allianceContention unattended becomes conflictEngineering, Outsourcing, Ad AgencyOrganic career choices with good decisionsNever selling his soulWorld Class Philly Cheesesteak sandwich maker / Comfort Food Want to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Coca Cola in various role SVP Customer Excellence VP of the West Zone National Team leader with sales associate recruiting National account executive Florida State University majoring in Advertising CommunicationHighlightsBeing a Seminole vs a GatorNo idea on the major, sound familiarSales career began early with convincing her dad of a way out of government workPodcast host with Origin storiesFind your own authentic pathHead / heart / gut conversation - where to listen"Everyone will let you down" commentYour choices create our outcomesPeople and soooo generousThe informational interviewsThe Coke interview and starting with then in CaliforniaThe 12 to 1 ratioBeing a successful woman at coke for 33 yearsWe all have Plot twists that happen in our livesPaying attention to Quiet the voices in your headStopping is a great thingAlways check in on your career pathWe've got your backGreat proud momentBest career move had an element of regretTrust yourselfWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Senior Program Manager at IntuitRecent MBA graduate from UC Davis in CaliforniaFashion Industry experience with: Talent program Manager @ Zuri Model and Talent Talent Director at Tadashi Shoji Project Manager Find her photography here -!/page/40627/homeHighlightsDel Mar and love of fashionYearbook staff in high school and getting encouragementTaking a camera everywhere she went6 months in Italy taking photosFinding a job in a haunted museumWorking for Dr. J's while in San DiegoBeing on the cutting edge of online fashion sales and ecommerceNikki Minaj shootHoning her creative and business sensesMoving from start up to an established fashion designerBuilding up the photo studio, website and photo requirementsMoving to LA and working as a talent agentDoing photography as a side hustleLooking for stabilityTalent recruiting is talent recruiting, so the switch to IntuitThe need for stabilityHaving an impact and not knowing itPivoting from The Fashion industry to IntuitGetting the most out of her MBAWorking on recording her entire family for this podcast Want to be a guest? Email me at!
I'm your host Gary Nowak and today I've had the great honor of reconnecting with a former colleague and extremely successful consultant @Greg TuckerCareer Background:Award winning CXO, CMO, Chief Customer Officer Chief Journey mapper, heling companies better understand the customer journeySelf employed with his highly successful consulting company for over 10 yearsHeld positions with great companies like Clorox, AAA, Copart, CSC Index and mercer Management ConsultingEducation Undergrad at Kansas State in Mechanical Engineering MBA from Stanford University in Strategy & Marketing Operations HighlightsGreat first job, those were the days and being the #1 StickerGrowing up in Middle AmericaStudied Engineering but always knew in his heart he would be a businessmanMaking Stanford wait for himDoesn't like working outside all that muchEngineering to business subjectsKansas to New York to the BayWine thread throughoutShifting between industry and consultingWorking for some major clientsGetting the best thinking in the roomConsulting is like fixing a gourmet mealAsking a consulting questions to consultantsHow coming from a farming family helps you become a practical consultantHiring people smarter than yourself"Live in the Question"Listening in a conversation for Context / Process / ContentTurn the data around to the client and ask a questionGetting a "Big Bang Theory" & "Ozark" references into the podcastBest advice is asking a questionCustomer Experience deep dive conversationMissing out on working with 2 high profile individualsBeing surrounded by great leadersChris Botti Stalker listGetting out of your wife's wayWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Currently CEO of her own consulting companyMicrosoft for over 11 years in Learning and DevelopmentWorked for: Dell in Canada Sherry Tetley and Associates - Mngt Consulting Baxter International GSK - GlaxoSmithKline HighlightsWorking as Veterinarian assistantMedical micro biology majorBringing two horses to universityBecoming a Pharma RepLoving bringing something useful to the medical communityBuilding relationships with doctorsHearing what people are saying and also NOT sayingAsking the tough questionsMoving to another company to get more experienceThe complex challenges of running a company end to endSticking with it, based on her commitmentCareer pivot from Pharma to technologyDad was a mentorWorking for Dell and MicrosoftAlways keep your eye on the market place to determine your worth and opportunitiesGreat advice for the younger generationNetworking advice Be your own advocate and create your own board of directorsReally value one on one leadershipWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Author of the book "The Career Toolkit"MIT Graduate and an engineer by backgroundChief Technology Officer at several companiesFaculty at MITCreator of the "brain Dump" App "Why don't you teach the chess class"Book "The Career Toolkit" 10 Topics / 10 chaptersLearning the intangible skills to go along with the technical skillsGiving content to MITHelping people reach their potentialGraduate degree in CryptographyPolitical volunteer for ClintonNever ever have software based votingNot knowing what to do, he "Hid" out at MIT as research staffHow to think about looking for a jobLook at the job not the title, dig deeperLooking at your career like a chess matchRunning towards is better than running awayLook for material changes at your companyBuilding your career planDon't "Drift" with your careerField testing his bookBe open to randomness and opportunitiesFocusing on the outcomeHates consultingCompetitive dance careerDiscount all advice you are givenSabbatical 5 months prior to 30 years old Want to be a guest? Email me at!
Career Background:Employee engagement and Career transition coachIndependent consultantCertified movement therapy practitionerFounder and president of Lean in Regional LeaderSocial EntrepreneurCustomer expert strategistHighlights:Day 1 working with the CIOHigh touchEngineer to certified movement therapy practitionerLiving the scripted life initiallyGoing through career and ticking boxesBeing a woman in the technology industrySignificant career pivotThe art of communicationBeing a somatic leadership coachThe 5 levels of well beingQuick somatic experiment9 month program for a brand new programGetting coaching support to move forwardLiving by design not by defaultBeing in hustle modeMost proud of experimentingBus conductor / teacher / news caster Want to be a guest? Email me at!
 Today I was lucky enough to catch up with my good friend and all around good guy John Masley.Career Background:KPMG Executive for over 18 yearsAlso worked for great companies like:SourceNet SolutionsNational Tech TeamPMH CaramanningUniversal Computer systemsHighlightsMowing lawns and working at a golf courseKey takeaways = RelationshipsBeing from the MidwestCommunity empowered to handle issues (the old social media)Picking a university that fit his style1991 and heading into banking or so he thoughtMentoring Two way street It's EVERYTHING  to his successUsing humor in his business practice and the possible trade offBeing the "Experiment" to his consulting gigHaving a Service Provider RoleCustomer first mentality, compassionate, empatheticBest Advice = Be Present, don't be distractedTips for being presentLogging 2 million miles on the road and now loving WFHEmpowering others now and building your legacyBeing very philanthropic and making an impactRick Bertheaud Tribute Leverage your relationships and ask for an introduction Want to be a guest? Email me at!
HighlightsAnother babysitting job / Extremely responsible as a young person / Yo Adrienne is a real thing / Her life is a foreshadow / The big tall bar = Corporate Trainer / College Professor / Thinking IO Psychology was the path / Graduating at the dot com bust and trying to find work / First job being the most boring thing ever / NOT listening to her C-Level dad / Taking an MBA at an awesome small private School University of St. Thomas / Tap on the should at Target for a corporate training role / Great job that provided autonomy, creativity and follow her natural strengths / Having autonomy, mastery and purpose / Mom the armchair psychologist and giving personality tests to future boyfriends / Managing her drive and intensity with Mom's help / Taking  a career changing job without the prerequisite experience needed / Being caught in a blocking role / Starting Amazon with confidence / Taking and turning down Dad advice / 3 massive inflection points in her wonderful career / Getting a Jaguar commitment that didn't come throughCareer Background:Currently an Executive Coach / Senior Facilitator / Owner nearly 5 years nowExecutive Coach at Reverb for over 4.5 yearsSenior Facilitator @ SOARAmazon for 3.5 years 11 years at TargetWant to be a guest? Email me at!
Today my guest Damian Carnell is a guy who figured it out early in his career about what he wanted to do and the impact he wanted to make. Career Background:Executive Compensation FocusFounder of CORPGRO Worked for great companies like Towers Watson for over 22 years Aon Hewitt EY SeniorHighlightsFirst job in pub and getting along with your co-workers is importantBeing sponsored after high school by an Engineering companyGet the right work life balance early onGetting Big 4 experienceEnding up in Hong Kong and "being" the Insolvency departmentRose Chan - Kung fu masterComparing working in the UK to HKGet a Magna Carta lesson HEREHitting the high powered 80's and changing career focusBoutique consulting firm owned by a large law firm (Clifford chance Law Firm)Getting deep into employee ownership and compensation modelsJoining Willis Towers Watson and the world of executive compensationGetting the question "How does it feel having spent the best part of your professional career doing something that doesn't work?"Key to being a great consultantNot knowing the answer to a questionGetting put on the spot during a compensation discussionA multi millionaire still living with his motherIntegrity discussionWant to be a guest? Email me at!
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