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Watch the video! the News blog post for September 23, 2022:’s that New iPhone 14 Pro? Apple Watch Fig NewtonPreparing for AirPods ProiOS 16 Tips Upon TipsBrett’s iTip: See Full-Size Cover Art on Your Lock ScreenJeff’s iTip: What Do All the Status Icons on Your iPhone Mean?Jeff’s Review: iPhone 14 Pro -- a new island, better camera, life-saving, and moreRajesh Pandey: iPhone 14 Pro provides up to 38% faster 5G speedsJohn Gruber: Apple Watch UltraMichael Frank: Apple Watch Ultra Review: 5 Key Features That Can Lure Garmin and Suunto DevoteesiJustine: Apple Watch Ultra is HERE!Liz Plosser: Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Ultimate Sports Performance Watch Does It AllJoe Rossignol: AirPods Pro 2 Reviews: Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation, and Battery Life TestedJason Cross: 16 hidden iOS 16 features you need to find!Podfeet: A Few iOS 16 Tiny DelightsJohn Voorhees: iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets: The MacStories RoundupBrett’s iTip: You can See the full cover art of your music on the Lock Screen by tapping the compact album art, and tap it again to make it compact. I’m a visual guy so this makes me so happy! Jeff’s iTip: What do all the Status Icons at the top of your iPhone mean? This page from Apple explains them all! Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for September 16, 2022: Jeff on a Dynamic Island, Brett on a Static PeninsulaNot Turning 16 Yet … but 15.7!iOS 16: Stop Seeing DoubleiOS 16: Happening HapticsiOS 16: More Merits for MailiOS 16: Personal Space for Your AudioSneaky Jamaica TrademarksIs that a Yak? The eDEETS on eSIMEight Wonders of the WatchesWatch Your Nine!Donations for St. JudeBrett’s Favorite iOS 16 Tip (so far)Jeff’s Favorite iOS 16 Tip (so far)Michael Potuck: Duplicate iPhone photos: How to delete with the built-in iOS 16 toolJason Cross: iOS 16’s haptic keyboard is the best feature you haven’t found yetAustin Mann: iPhone 14 Pro Camera Review: ScotlandJared Newman: iPhone 14 eSIM explained: Why Apple wants to kill physical SIM cardsJeff: Why lawyers will love the 2022 models of the Apple WatchAlex Guyot: watchOS 9: The MacStories ReviewBrett’s Favorite iOS 16 Tip (so far): See what’s using Location Services from the Control Center by tapping the navigation icon at the very top. You could previously find this information in the Settings app, but this is much more accessible.   Jeff’s Favorite iOS 16 Tip (so far): The Photo Shuffle option in Lock Screen Wallpaper - you can customize the photos that shuffle through on your Lock Screen and the shuffle frequency. Looks like you’re only limited to 16 photos and unfortunately the Depth Effect won’t work on them :(  Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! New iPhone 14’sUltra-Cool, Ultra-Tough, Ultra WatchHave You Heard It’s More Pro? iOS 16 Released on MondayApple Watch Video - Dear Apple Jeff’s Post: Why lawyers will love the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14John Voorhees: Apple’s iPhone 14 Lineup: The MacStories OverviewAlex Guyot: Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra, and SE: The MacStories OverviewJonny Evans: What’s new in the new AirPods Pro introduced with iPhone 14?Jeff’s Post: Why lawyers will love iOS 16 (iOS 16 available for download on Monday)Brett Burney from Jeff Richardson from Support the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for September 2, 2022: Next Next iPhoneExtensive iPad Pro DisplayBiking with an Apple WatchApple Watch KidsUSB UncertaintyClippy RevivalHankie TriviaBrett’s iTip: Checking Battery Levels for AirPods ProJeff’s Apple Watch Band ProblemJason Snell: The iPhone 14 will be brilliantly boringDavid Snow: iPad Pro extends brilliant 5K display through Sidecar [Setups]Michael Chen: Paralyzed mountain biker says Apple Watch saved his life after Jamul crashKalley Huang and Brian Chen: An Apple Watch for Your 5-Year-Old? More Parents Say YesEd Hardy: USB4 2.0 jumps past Thunderbolt to an amazing 80 GbpsBenjamin Cassidy: The Twisted Life of ClippyTodd Spangler: Tom Hanks Is Launching a Trivia Game Exclusively on Apple ArcadeBandbreite app’s iTip: Been doing a lot of traveling, which means I’ve been using my AirPods Pro a LOT during flights, working in coffee shops, and many, many phone calls and Zoom calls … to the point where I get nervous my AirPods are going to run out of battery. You can check the battery charge status by opening the AirPods case next to your iPhone, but I don’t like waiting a few seconds for the status to pop up. I prefer to add the large battery widget to my Today screen so I can quickly swipe to the right and see the battery status of my iPhone, Apple Watch, and my AirPods Pro … but only if they’re open and connected to my iPhone, or in my ears. Jeff’s Apple Watch Band Problem: While I have a number of Apple Watch bands in my personal collection, my absolute favorites are the Milanese Loop and the Solo Loop (my review here: I’m also checking out the Bandbreite app Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for August 26, 2022: 7 x 2 = iPhone 14Parental Photo PrudenceSmart Locks and Smart ShadesReviewing a Stylus in StyleBlacking Out on GamesFive Days at MemorialBrett’s Site: QRCode-Monkey.comJeff’s Gadget: A Speaker in Your ShowerJeff’s Post: Apple to announce new iPhones on September 7Kashmir Hill: A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal.Jason Snell: I got a new Smart LockAndrew O’Hara: Architectural honeycomb Serena Shades by Lutron review: A great HomeKit additionEd Hardy: This iPad stylus steals Apple Pencil’s best feature [Review]Brent Dirks: Close Your Eyes and Enjoy the Audio-Only Adventure Pitch Black - A Dusklight StoryBrett’s Site: There are several QR Code generators online but one I usually recommend is QR Code Monkey It’s completely free and gives you all kinds of options to customize a unique QR code that you can download and use anywhere!Jeff’s Gadget: A Bluetooth speaker in your shower. I have reviewed a couple of options for this through the years, but you can pick up an inexpensive option from Amazon today to enjoy news and tunes in the shower.Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for August 19, 2022: Tiny Dot, Important Update!14 Days to iPhone 14?Personal Private PhotosStand Up and Be CountedA Life-Saving WatchWhaddaya Know About AdonitScribbling in Word with a StylusBrett’s iTip: Tap and Hold on the Weather App MapJeff’s iTip: Manage Email Notifications using VIPsAndrew Cunningham: New macOS 12.5.1 and iOS 15.6.1 updates patch “actively exploited” vulnerabilities [Updated]Mark Gurman: Apple Targets Sept. 7 for iPhone 14 Launch in Flurry of New DevicesJoanna Stern: From iPhones to AirPods to MacBooks: The Apple Gadgets You Should—and Shouldn’t—Buy Right NowTatum Hunter: From W-2s to nudes, here’s how to hide sensitive photosPrivate Photo Vault App Eastzer: How the Apple Watch Saved My Life -- and Could Rescue YouEd Hardy: Adonit’s inexpensive new iPad stylus offers on-tablet wireless chargingJoe Rossignol: Microsoft Office for iPad to Support Apple Pencil's Handwriting-to-Text Feature [Updated]Brett’s iTip: I didn’t realize how much I would be checking the weather when I’m on vacation, but I’ve visited the default Apple Weather App a lot. Apple acquired the Dark Sky weather app in March 2020 (and they are sunsetting it by the end of 2022) and I’ve been perfectly happy with the Weather App in iOS 15. Pretty much everything in the Weather App is obvious and intuitive, but one thing I didn’t know you could do is enter the map, move around / zoom, and then tap and hold on a location to get info about that specific location! Jeff’s iTip: Manage email notifications on the iPhone using VIPs. First, you need to identify people as a VIP so go to the Mail App and tap at the top left to go to Mailboxes.  Tap Edit at top right and enable VIP. Tap on the info button to see who is currently a VIP or add someone new. Next, to set notifications go to the Settings app, select Notifications, then Mail, then Customize Notifications.  Decide how you want to be notified of new emails on your accounts – either badges or alerts or both.  I select badges.  Then decide how you want to be notified of new emails from a VIP.  I have Alerts turned on, with sound set to vibrate only.Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for August 12, 2022: Penchant for PencilsA Storm of Apple TV+ NewsHoney, I Shrunk the Cell Phone PlanApple Watch Wonders!Wide Spectrum MicrophoneDon’t Get Short with ShortcutsiFun iPhone Photo Tips!Brett’s iTip: Apple Watch Water LockJeff’s iTip: Apple Watch Battery GraphJack Purcher: Future Apple Pencil may gain new 'Sliding' and 'Rolling' Touch Gestures Controls and moreTatum Hunter: Married and on your parents’ cell plansLisa Eadicicco & Jason Cipriani: Make Your Apple Watch Work Better by Changing These SettingsBrenda Ramirez: Use Your iPhone's Hidden Microphone Effects to Improve Your Audio in FaceTime, Zoom, and Other Video Calling AppsMatthew Cassinelli: 12 ways to get the most out of Shortcuts for iPhoneApple Video: How to Shoot & Edit Dramatic Summer Light on iPhoneBrett’s iTip: I finally went swimming with my Apple Watch ON! So I’m sharing a couple of tips on the “Water Lock” feature of the Apple Watch (make sure it’s Series 2 or higher!!). You can manually turn on Water Lock from the Apple Watch Control Center or frankly the easiest way for me was to start a swimming workout and that automatically puts the Apple Watch in Water Lock mode. While in Water Lock mode, you can’t tap the screen (something about the water interferes with this) but pressing and holding the side button will still dial emergency services where possible. And you can pause your swimming workout by pressing the Digital Crown and Side Button at the same time - and this is a good way to dry off first before you unlock the Apple Watch. To get out of Water Lock, do the oh-so-fun twisting of the Digital Crown to have the Apple Watch expel excess water with sounds and vibrations!Jeff’s iTip: There is a “hidden” battery graph in the Apple Watch Battery Settings that allows you to see charging details. You must be running at least watchOS7 and just simply visit the Battery page in Settings. The graph here is similar to the one that you can see on your iPhone Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for August 5, 2022: Stage Managers?Hybrid ChargingSolo iPhone PhotosTurn the Lights Down Low (Automagically)Luck, Serpents, Horses, Mankind, and More!Apple Store Tours from Milan to NYCBrett’s iTip: Control Access to Information on the iPhone Lock ScreenJeff’s Tip: Migration Assistant on a Mac mini: BYODKMJason Snell: Gurman: iPadOS 16 Launch DelayedDavid Sparks: The New Anker 65W Portable ChargerHarry McCracken: 6 things I learned by going all in on iPhone photographyMichael Potuck: Wemo Smart Dimmer with Thread arrives exclusively with HomeKit connectivity; neutral not requiredJason Snell: A HomeKit Dimmer My Outdoor Patio LightsAndrew O’Hara: Eve Motion 2 Review: New capabilities make up for a boring designJace Lacob: The best Apple TV+ shows to watch right nowThe Apple Store Time MachineJeff’s Pictures from Apple Stores in Milan and Bologna, ItalyBrett’s iTip: Control access to information on the iPhone Lock Screen. Let’s say you regularly set your phone down on a table or desk where other folks can see it, which means they can see any notifications or messages that appear on there too. But you can disable some things from being accessible or viewable from the Lock Screen by going to Settings - FaceID & Passcode, and scrolling down to “Allow Access when Locked.” I turn off access to Control Center when locked, but usually leave on the Notification Center. The only thing you can’t do is turn off access to the Camera - that will always be available from the Lock Screen by swiping to the left. Jeff’s Tip: Migration Assistant on a Mac mini: BYODKM. Enable Accessibility Keyboard on a Mac: Brett Burney from Jeff Richardson from  Support the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for July 29, 2022: Tons of FeaturesMulti-Stop MapsTracking the Sleepy HeadsConfusing Power to the PeopleHide and Seek AirTagsIn the Deals!Brett’s iTip: Setting Up a Simple “Focus”Jeff’s Site: www.howmanyofme.comM.G. Siegler: Three Features Make iOS 16 GreatJason Snell: Scrubbing through iOS 16’s Music appJason Cross: Dictation in iOS 16 is so good you’ll want to use it every day–here’s howJohn Voorhees: The 2022 MacStories OS Preview Series: Maps and CarPlayAmanda Leicht Moore: Three new Maps updates to help plan your next adventureChance Miller: These are the best applications for sleep tracking with Apple WatchJason Cross: Apple’s new M2 MacBook Air chargers tested: Twice the ports or twice the speed?Chris Gonzales: Anker’s New “GaNPrime” Multi-Device Charger FamilyJuli Clover: Review: Belkin's Updated 3-in-1 Charger Adds Fast Charging for Apple Watch Series 7Allison McDaneil: 7 unique ways to use AirTag (safely)Brett’s iTip: Setting up a Simple “Focus.” I finally set up a Focus mode on my iPhone and Apple Watch for when I’m running outside. When I run, I like to have music playing a certain BPM and while I don’t have a lot of notifications it seems like they all pop up when I’m running and interrupt my music. I finally went into Settings and created a simple Focus that turns off all notifications EXCEPT any that come from my wife, my kids, or my mother, and any notifications from 3 specific apps. Everything else can wait! And I usually turn on this Focus by swiping up on my Apple Watch which engages on my iPhone as well (make sure you have “Share Across Devices” turned on in the Settings). Jeff’s Site: How Many Of Me Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for July 22, 2022: Lots of Twenties and Twos15.6 Update is (Mostly) A.OKGame While You CanA Search Warrant for Your FaceSpying on HomeKitMinnie Mouse Might Save Your LifeBrett’s App: AllTrailsJeff’s iTip: Using AirPods with WindowsJosé Adorno: iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 now available to all users, here’s what’s newJeff’s Post: AirTag battery replacement: avoid bitterant coatingsThomas Brewer: The FBI Forced A Suspect To Unlock Amazon’s Encrypted App Wickr With Their FaceGlenn Fleishman: How to set up security camera activity zones in Apple’s Home appRachel Cericola: Why We Don’t Trust Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video—and You Shouldn’t EitherBen Lovejoy: HomeKit-compatible Eve motion sensor v2 gets Thread support and ambient light sensorKen MacLeod: Apple Watch helps diagnose deadly tumor, saves Maine woman's lifeMichael Potuck: iPhone allegedly stops bullet, saving Ukrainian soldier’s lifeBrett’s App: AllTrails app - Free! Or $29.99/year for ProRecently got on a kick to do some more hiking and walking outside, and so pulled up the AllTrails app I had downloaded a few years ago. Great way to find nice trails for walking, hiking, biking, dog-friendly paths, etc. Plus the best part is all the reviews that people post giving you helpful advice about each trail. You get basic info about the trail like length, what’s allowed, and how long it should take to walk it, along with easy/moderate/hard labels. Plus you get a full map of the trail. The free app is probably just fine for most folks, but upgrade to Pro for unlocking more map details and downloading offline maps. Jeff’s iTip: Using AirPods with Windows. First it’s helpful to keep Settings pinned to your Taskbar so that it’s easily accessible when you need to connect your Windows computer to your AirPods. If you need to check the battery status of your AirPods Pro when they’re connected to your Windows computer, you can do that on your iPhone. Also be careful about removing one from ear because it can jump over to your iPhone or iPad and then you would have to re-connect to your Windows PC. Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for July 15, 2022: Back and Travel Tips!MagSafe Battery Pack ReviewAirTag! You’re It!iSweet 16Making Much of My MiniPicture-in-PolicyWatch of Hard KnocksBrett’s iTip: Change the Tab Bar Layout in Safari on your iPadJeff’s iTip: AirTag Replacement Batteries: Avoid Bitterant CoatingsJeff’s Review: MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple -- small, lightweight solution for additional iPhone power when you are on-the-goGlenn Fleishman & David Price: Best AirTag key rings, bag tags, holders & accessoriesDavid Sparks: Four Months with the Nimalist AirTag WalletFrederico Viticci: A Month with iOS and iPadOS 16: A New iPad EraJason Snell: One small reason why I won’t be upgrading to an iPhone 14Ed Hardy: YouTube picture-in-picture finally rolls out for all iPhone usersApple Watch Series 7 Video - Hard KnocksBrett’s iTip: Change the Tab Bar Layout in Safari on your iPad - Separate or Compact. Separate takes up more space but offers a more familiar-looking appearance with the address bar displayed above your open tabs. Compact takes up less space by having your currently viewed tab act as an address bar, and also matches the Tab Bar's color to the site you are viewing. Make the change in Settings - Safari. I’ve been preferring the Compact layout, but it still seems like I’m having to get used to it.   Jeff’s iTip: AirTag replacement batteries: avoid bitterant coatings. The battery in an AirTag should last about a year. When you are alerted that it is time to replace the battery, you use a standard CR2032 battery.  Because this battery is so small, a child might think that it is something to put in their mouth and swallow, so some battery manufacturers now add a non-toxic bitter coating to the battery to deter a child from swallowing the battery once it is placed in the child's mouth.  Unfortunately, CR2032 batteries with this bitterant coating might not work with the AirTag, as Apple warns in this support article: I can confirm, based on my recent trip to Italy, that batteries with this bitterant coating are problematic in an AirTag!  Here is what I purchased: Burney from  Jeff Richardson from Support the show
Download the PDF with all the links: the video!’s All In the Know!What We’re Covering…Tripit and Tripit Pro (app)MagSafe Duo ChargerApple’s MagSafe Battery PackBattery Packs with Built-In CablesAnker PowerCore 10000 PD ReduxAnker PowerPort seriesCharging your iPhone from your Mac or iPad Satechi 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall ChargerWeather on the Way (app)iExit (app)Weego Jump Starter 22CarPlay Tips (screenshots and customize layout)Flight Trackers (apps)Twelve South AirFlyBoarding Pass Tech TipsFlipster for Digital Magazines (app)Digital Books on Hoopla or Libby (apps)Download Movies/TV Shows from Streaming Services Before you LeaveCameras and Motion DetectorsUse a VPN like TunnelBear1Password Travel ModeForeign Languages and Translation AppsTomToc case for iPad that fits the Pencil as wellOn/Go at-Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-TestAnything from Tom Bihn (especially the Snake Charmer)Glif + Hand Grip + Wrist Strap by Studio NeatiPhone JD TripIt Pro ReviewMagSafe Duo Charger from Apple Store or Apps in Law Amazon link Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack from Apple Store or iPhone JD Amazon link iPhone JD Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux Review Anker PowerPort series from iPhone JD Amazon linkiPhone JD Satechi 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger ReviewiPhone JD Weather on the Way App ReviewiExit (app)iPhone JD Weego Jump Starter 22 ReviewiPhone JD Twelve South AirFly ReviewiPhone JD Flipster for Digital Magazines App ReviewiPhone JD eufyCam 2 Pro ReviewMotion detectors in your home, such as the Eve MotioniPhone JD Google Translate Review TomToc case for iPad that fits the Pencil as well from Apps in Law Amazon linkiPhone JD On/Go at-Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test ReviewSnake Charmer from Tom BihniPhone JD Glif +Support the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for June 24, 2022: Programming Note: We’re taking off for July 1 but tune in on July 8 for a SPECIAL EDITION focused on travels tips & gadgets!Coming Soon ... Special Edition with Travel Tips!How Many Traffic Lights Can You Click? iWorking on UpdatesSwimming with Your Apple WatchPower to the AdapterFor All TV KindHi Siri, Don’t Be My Mother!Brett’s iTip: Add Music to your Apple WatchJeff’s iTip: Turn on Sounds on your Apple WatchJoe Rossignol: iOS 16 Will Let iPhone Users Bypass CAPTCHAs in Supported Apps and WebsitesJuli Clover: Apple Updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote With New FeaturesZac Hall: Apple Watch becomes ultimate lifeguard after calling 911 for swimmer trapped in cold riverArin Waichulis: Is Apple’s new dual USB-C compact power adapter worth the price?A. Khalid: Amazon's new pitch: let Alexa speak as your relatives from beyond the graveBrett’s iTip: Normally I play all my music from my iPhone and use my Apple Watch to simply control the music, but I recently stumbled on this clever tip that lets me load music locally on to my Apple Watch and play it directly from there! I originally had “Recent Music” toggled on and the storage space on my Apple Watch was full - but then just added the albums I really wanted. This seems to only work with Apple Music (although I don’t believe you have to be a subscriber, just have the music stored in the Music app). Also note that the music won’t actually be transferred until the Apple Watch is being charged.   Jeff’s iTip: Turn on Sounds on the Apple Watch. I usually have my Apple Watch muted throughout the day just because I don’t want to annoy people around me with extra noises and alerts. But recently I tried the new WatchTube app for my Apple Watch and couldn’t hear the audio until I swiped up on Watch to reveal the Control Center and turned un-muted the audio. Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for June 17, 2022: a Little Bit More from WWDC…Keeping a Close Watch on the Apple WatchAlso Watching Apple TVShow Apple the Money … LateriPad Enter Stage RightHomeKit RentalsPasskeys Explained BrilliantlyBrett’s Fun Site: Introducing the Floppotron 3.0Jeff’s iTip: Pin a Conversation in MessagesJeff: Best new features in watchOS 9Jeff Dengate: The 7 New Features That Might Make You Ditch Your Garmin for an Apple WatchJoe Rossignol: What's New in tvOS 16 for Apple TV: Features and EnhancementsPeter Butler: iOS 16's New Apple Pay Option Lets iPhone Users Buy Now and Pay Later: How It WorksJohn Gruber: There’s a Privacy Angle on Apple’s Decision to Finance Apple Pay Later on its OwnDavid Sparks: Initial Thoughts on Stage ManagerMatthew Panzario: Apple resizes the iPad’s workflow with Stage ManagerBradley Chambers: HomeKit Weekly: Even renters can enjoy smart home products that are easy to install… and removeBrett’s Fun Site: I can’t stop watching the Floppotron 3.0 - it’s incredible! First, the brilliance of Mr. Pawel to create such a monstrosity. And second, just hearing those sounds again, albeit in an orchestrated way, takes me back. Lot of nostalgia involved here. Jeff’s iTip: Pin a conversation in Messages. You can pin up to 9 conversations at the top of your Messages screen so you can quickly access your family and friends. This initially came out in iOS 14 and just keeps getting better!Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for June 10, 2022: Worldwide Wow! Developers ConferenceM2 HardwareBravura VenturaiOS Sweet 16iPadOS Even Sweeter 16Two More Things…Brett’s Dub-Dub PicksJeff’s Dub-Dub PicksJason Snell: The pandemic forever changed WWDC–in the best way possibleDavid Sparks: A Few Thoughts on Apple’s WWDC AnnouncementsJeff: Why lawyers will love iOS 16Jeff: Why lawyers will love iPadOS 16Federico Viticci: iOS and iPadOS 16: The MacStories OverviewJuli Clover: iOS 16 Lets You Easily Fix Duplicate ContactsZac Hall: iOS 16 introduces built-in duplicate detection for PhotosJuli Clover: iPadOS 16 Adds Handwriting Straightening Feature to Make Your Writing NeaterBenjamin Mayo: iOS 16 adds landscape Face ID unlock ability for select iPhone modelsDan Moren: WWDC 2022: Passkeys hit primetimeJohn Voorhees: Apple Provides a Sneak Peek at the Future of CarPlayDavid Price: The most exciting WWDC announcement will need years to get rightBrett’s Dub-Dub Picks: CarPlay - this will take a while but I can’t wait!Editing and Un-Sending MessagesContinuity camera with my iPhoneJeff’s Dub-Dub Picks:Powerful iPad features for power users, such as customizable toolbars, including features that take advantage of the M1 chip (Stage Manager, external displays)Home app interface improvements and HomeKit improvements with MatteriCloud Shared Photo LibraryMaybe Lock Screen? Too early to tell.Brett Burney from Jeff Richardson from Support the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for June 3, 2022: Have a Donut!Dub-Dub Excitement!Home Screens & Field Guides!Magnanimous MagSafeCan a Laptop Replace My iPad?Plant-Based Digital DietShame on Tim and His CoffeeStylus WarsBrett’s iTip: Password Protect your Keynote PresentationJeff’s iTip: Force Quit an Apple Watch AppJason Snell: My WWDC 2022 wishlistMeet the 2022 Finalists for the Apple Design Awards Jeff’s iPad and iPhone Home ScreensJeff’s Review: Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide by David SparksSimon Jary: Best MagSafe chargersFederico Viticci: Rediscovering the Mac - An iPad User’s Journey into macOS with the M1 Max MacBook ProAndrew O’Hara: How to identify plants and flowers with your iPhone cameraJon Brodkin: Tim Hortons coffee app broke law by constantly recording users’ movementsKenny Wassus: Stylus Wars 2022: Apple Pencil, Surface Pen and Samsung S Pen ReviewedBrett’s iTip: Password protect Pages, Numbers & Keynote files on your iPhone or iPad. If you need to secure a Keynote presentation with a simple password you can tap into settings and select “Set Password” to add a password. You can type a hint if you’d like and decide whether you want to use FaceID or not. If you send the file to someone else they’ll need the password to open it (and so will you!). To remove a password, you’ll have to enter the password first and turn OFF “Require Password.” Jeff’s iTip: Force Quit an Apple Watch app: Open the app, if it is not already openPress and hold the Side Button.When the Power Down menu appears, release the Side Button.Press and hold the Digital Crown button until the app goes away and the watch face returns.Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for May 27, 2022: Graduations!Apple Privacy Made Public11 Years of 5GBiPadOS OutlookHomePod OutlookSelf-Repair Self-AssessmentStreet View HistoryTrailing AirTagsA “Dashboard for Your Health”Brett’s iTip: Double-Tapping your Apple Pencil Jeff’s iTip: Using the iPad as a White Board at HomeClaire Stern: Apple’s Jane Horvath Is Here To Protect Your Online PrivacyDavid Sparks: Eleven Years of 5 GBMichael Simon: iPadOS 16: These are the new features we hope to see at WWDCJason Snell: How the HomePod can be Apple’s new iPod: Fun, popular, and simpleBrian Chen: I Tried Apple’s Self-Repair Program With My iPhone. Disaster Ensued.John Gruber: The Grave Insult of Being Sent the Proper Tools to Perform a Complicated TaskAbner Li: Google Maps Street View gets historical browsing on Android & iOS, Studio tool, compact cameraRoss Feinstein: The airline couldn’t find my luggage — luckily I had Apple AirTagsCBS Sunday Morning (David Pogue): Tracking your health data through wearable devicesBrett’s iTip: Double-tapping your Apple Pencil for easy erase access! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my 2nd Generation Apple Pencil for taking notes on my iPad (mainly using Notability) and one of my favorite little tips is simply double-tapping the Apple Pencil to quickly switch between the writing pen and the eraser! It’s so quick and easy, and doesn’t require me to lift my finger to tap another option, etc. There are other double-tap options under Settings - Apple Pencil but I very much like the immediate toggle between pen and eraser.   Jeff’s iTip: iPad as a White Board at Home (using GoodNotes). We use it for homework at our house, but you can use this for anything! For example, you can just put up a blank background and then take notes, and share those notes with others. Here’s a bonus tip when using GoodNotes and accessing the “lasso” tool” - you can customize what you grab with the lasso tool by tapping the tool and toggling on or off the following: handwriting, images, text boxes, and comments. When you’re done with the note you can export it as a PDF to share it around. Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for May 20, 2022: the Road Again…A Headset in the Making? Door DetectionAmbiguous Fee IncreasesHigh-Flying Wi-FiCheap Passwords!Costco Could Cost YouAuctioning Off Your DataBrett’s iTip: Text Message Forwarding from your iPhoneJeff’s iTip: COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro Earbud TipsMark Gurman: Apple Shows AR/VR Headset to Board in Sign of Progress on Key ProjectJohn Voorhees: Apple Marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day by Announcing Upcoming Accessibility FeaturesAllison Johnson: Verizon customers’ bills are going up starting in June for... reasonsJosé Adorno: Report: These are the airports with the fastest free Wi-Fi in the world, US tops the listValentina Palladino: 1Password knocks 50 percent off Personal and Family plansJuli Clover: Costco Now Selling Discounted Apple News+, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade SubscriptionsBrett’s iTip: Many times I prefer to reply to text messages on my iPad or Mac with a keyboard instead of tapping a reply. By default, all iMessages are synced across my devices but not all the SMS/MMS messages. These messages only go to your iPhone, but you can go into Settings - Messages - Text Message Forwarding and toggle on your other Apple products to make sure ALL your messages are synced across all your devices.  Jeff’s iTip: COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro Earbud Tips. I wrote my initial review of these earbud tips about 6 months ago but they started to show some wear, so I purchased a 3-pack from Amazon since they have been the best tips that I’ve used on my AirPods Pro ($25 at Amazon).Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from Support the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for May 13, 2022: 13thDon’t Stop the Music!Shortcuts FTW!Speedtest MapsLocation Based EmergenciesJeff’s iPad Issue (and Fix)Jeff’s iPhone Issue (and Warning!)Brett’s New Apple Watch Solo Loop BandSelf-Repair WorkoutBrett’s Apple Watch Tip: Apple Watch Nightstand ModeJeff’s Apple Watch Tip: Apple Watch Theater ModeApple Press Release: The music lives onLeander Kahney: An illustrated history of the iPod and its massive impact [Updated]Stephen Hackett: The U2 iPodSaturday Night Live Weekend Update skit with “Steve Jobs” announcing multiple iPodsJohn Voorhees: Introducing the 2022 Automation April Shortcuts Contest WinnersBen Lovejoy: Ookla’s Speedtest maps come to iOS and give a more realistic picture of latencyAllison McDaniel: AT&T becomes first US carrier to support 911 location-based routingQuinn Nelson: Using Apple’s Tools to Fix My iPhoneBrett’s Apple Watch Tip: Just got a MagSafe Duo charger from Apple (I’ll report on that in a future episode) and was excited to try out the Apple Watch Nightstand mode, thinking it would keep the watch on all the time … it doesn’t. In order to see the time, you’ll need to either move towards the Watch or tap it, which isn’t always easy to do in the dark. But previously, I would have my iPhone sitting next to me and have to pick it up, so this is better. Just nice to put the Watch to use while it’s charging overnight. Jeff’s Apple Watch Tip: Apple Watch Theater Mode - This turns on Silent Mode and the screen stays dark until you tap or press a button. You can also wake your watch screen gradually by turning the Digital Crown. How to open Control Center:  Touch and hold the bottom of the watch face. Wait for Control Center to show, then swipe up. You can open Control Center from any screen.  To close: Swipe down from the top of the watch face, or press the Digital Crown.Brett Burney from http://www.appsinlaw.comJeff Richardson from http://www.iphonejd.comSupport the show
Watch the video! the News blog post for May 6, 2022: 50th To Us!Don’t Use Your Dog’s Name as Your PasswordUnlimited CoercionAirTag Bargain!FUN VIDEO #1: Skywalker SoundFUN VIDEO #2: Apple Fitness Studio Tour!Keynote Remote: Better Late Than Never!Brett’s iTip: Setting Up TouchID for a New iPad AirJeff’s iTip: Copy Only Part of the Text in an iMessageCorin Faife: Apple, Google, and Microsoft will soon implement passwordless sign-in on all major platformsLily Hay Newman: A Big Bet to Kill the Password for GoodAdam Engst: How to Help a Friend Whose Email Has Been Hacked to Send Scamsxkcd: Password StrengthChance Miller: AT&T increasing prices for wireless plans, here’s who will be impactedApple: Behind the Mac: Skywalker SoundiJustine: Apple Fitness+ Studio Tour!In the News Episode #9: Apple’s Watching Out for Your Heartbeat!Apple: Use Keynote Remote to control your Keynote presentationBrett’s iTip: First the most important reminder - you can’t have TouchID WITHOUT a passcode - you still ALWAYS need a passcode. When I used TouchID on an iPhone, I really only used one thumb, but with the iPad Air it makes sense to have multiple fingers for TouchID depending on the way that you’re holding the iPad. You can go into Settings - TouchID & Passcode and add more fingers, and even rename the fingers that you’ve used for TouchID. You can even add a family member’s finger to unlock your iPad. Jeff’s iTip: You’ve always been able to copy an entire text message by tapping and holding and selecting “Copy” from the pop-up menu, but that copies all of the text in the message. If you only want to copy part of the text, create a screenshot of the text message and then in the screenshot drag your finger across the text to select and copy it - this works because the iPhone recognizes the text through the Live Text feature. (Hat tip to the Connected podcast #396) Brett Burney from Jeff Richardson from Support the show
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