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Season 2 of Architects of Change is back to celebrate the mavericks championing positive change in their industry, organisation, society and the world. In these change-centric discussions you’ll find hands-on advice from inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators, and serious up-and-comers, every two weeks on Wednesdays.
26 Episodes
It’s the 21st century and everything is customer-first. So how do businesses collaborate successfully to benefit the ecosystem and their customers? We chat to John Lyons, Partner at PwC, and Andrew Dapre, Global Partnerships Lead at Microsoft, about how partnering has many perks.  
How does the CEO of a North American credit Union relax? How did she get to where she is today, and what’s the surprising advice she has for those looking to succeed in finance? In this special North American episode Nina Mohanty speaks with Carrie Forbes, CEO of League Data about success, failure and her passion for the arts.
Data is the most valuable commodity in the world, and the world wants ever-increasing personalisation and top-tier customer experience when working with data - but how does the world continue to achieve this, whilst ensuring products are both optimised, but more importantly secure? In this episode, we speak to Bronwyn Boyle, Chief Information Security Officer at Mambu, to discuss cyber security measures, education, and initiatives; and the responsibilities that both customers and companies have when it comes to using and innovating modern technology. 
Jay Haynes, founder of and Kevin Trilli, CPO at Mambu, who also happen to be live music fans from way back when explain how innovations in technology, and a revolution in product roadmapping can help revive fan-economies and ensure that creativity and innovation don’t come at a cost to customer centricity. 
How and why has ‘customer-centricity’ become so synonymous with fintech, and have we yet reached the sweet spot between technology and personalisation? We sit down with Chief of Staff to Mambu’s CEO Sabrina Dar, and innovation specialist Pete Trainor as we dig into the intersection of health & wealth.
SMEs are the backbone of our economy, making up 90% of businesses worldwide and employing more than half of the global workforce. Yet despite their huge input, their path to success is rarely easy. Join us as we delve into SME’s evolving landscape and the barriers they face with New10 leadership team member Astrid Joosten and Richard Lim, CEO of Retail Economics.
With so many changes to the way we work, people are asking what employers are doing to ensure they’re moving with the times. As employees get bolder in their demands for support and flexibility, host Emma Lindley chats with Mambu’s Chief of People Charlie Johnston and Biba Binotti CEO and Founder of Global Warriors about how companies need to pivot.
What would you do differently ten years ago if you had understood your finances the way you do now? Budgeting has such a big impact on people’s lives, yet we rarely talk about it and it is still not part of the school curriculum. In this episode, host Nina Mohanty chats with CEO of P.F.C., Sweden’s first neo bank, Kevin Albrecht and Conversation of Money founder and financial expert Peter Komolafe about the value of budgeting, saving, and investing.
What does the future of banking look like? What role will AI play? We answer these questions and so many more in this podcast episode. Our host Emma Lindley delves into ubiquitous banking, and explores the battle between traditional and challenger banks with Ben Snowman, VP Partnerships & Advisory at Mambu and Google Cloud’s Director of EMEA Financial Services Solutions, Georgina Bulkeley, while also touching on the recent Mambu and GCP report; ‘The Bank of the Future’.
With new competitors arising daily – from fintechs and neobanks to embedded solutions, it’s getting harder to predict the future of banking. But one thing’s for sure, digital transformation is the key to our financial evolution. Join host Nina Mohanty as she chats with Harry Seip, Partner at McKinsey & Company Bangkok and Abhishek Chakravarty, Mambu APAC Regional Director about a new IDC whitepaper highlighting the benefits of a ‘multicore’ approach for Southeast Asian banks seeking rapid digital transformation.
Fintech is no fairy tale, but it is life changing. Hear all about this from Carolina Brochado from EQT Growth and Mambu’s VP of Marketing Laurel Wolfe in our latest podcast episode hosted by Nina Mohanty. Together they delve into the latest market trends, investment booms and busts and discuss why diversity will become a reality as the growth of female-focussed fintechs continues. 
In this one-on-one conversation we’ll hear from Xavier De Pauw, Founder and Co-CEO of kennek, a connected and scalable lending infrastructure - which just launched a new plug and play lending offering. What is the seed that planted the idea for the company? And what sparked its rapid growth since 2021? 



As COP26 comes to a close, governments around the world have pledged to do more to limit climate catastrophe. But what role does the global finance sector play in reaching the global goal of keeping global heating below 1.5℃? In this episode, Nina sits down with Mambu’s own Director of Sustainability Anna Krotova; Siobhan Cleary, Senior Specialist from the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative; and Marianne Haahr, Executive Director of the Green Digital Finance Alliance to discuss sustainability in finance. Together, they discuss whether finance is doing enough and how tech-enabled solutions might add a helping hand to getting us closer to net zero.



From banker, to consultant to author, Meaghan discusses the book launches of former bankers and consultants, Alessandro Hatami, Theodora Lau and Duncan Knowles. 
In this timely episode, we explore one of the hottest topics in digital finance - the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Meaghan sits down with Radhika Lipton, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Mambu and Matt Homer, Deputy Executive in Residence at NYCA Partners to discuss perspectives and approaches for traditional finance companies to compliance, consumer education and DeFi. The potential of the underlying infrastructure of DeFi and blockcains is talked through, with thoughts on how cryptocurrencies can play out as an investment vehicle.



Peter Drucker famously wrote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In this episode, Nina sits down with Sofia Nunes, Head of Culture at Mambu and Sophie Theen, Chief People & Customer Operations Officer at Oakam to discuss if Mr. Drucker was right. Together, they explore the ins and outs of how culture at a startup begins and where things go wrong. They delve into advice for budding entrepreneurs and best practices for building truly inclusive, diverse cultures.
Fintech Law

Fintech Law


Working in fintech law may be the most exciting place to be in legal. The impact and growth of fintech across nearly every segment of the banking world have catapulted legal teams into unchartered water. Combined with European regulations such as PSD2 and GDPR,  keeping up with state and federal regulations in the US, and the ever-changing world of crypto, the dichotomy between innovation and regulation keeps legal teams on their toes. In this episode, we speak with Katie-Fry-Paul of Taylor Wessing and Dara Tarkowski, renowned legal expert to discuss key trends and what the major differences are when it comes to legal and regulation between the US, UK and Europe.
Fintech Marketing

Fintech Marketing


Nina sits down with Mambu's VP of Marketing, Laurel Wolfe, and Lucy Woolfendon, Founder of the Part-Time CMO to discuss fintech marketing. They talk about the infamous claim that fintech startups "have no marketing budget" and discuss the rise of influencer and celebrity marketing within financial services. Stay tuned in to hear their discussion on managing multiple competing stakeholders in an organisation and staying focused on the right KPIs. This is a must-listen episode for any fintech marketeer or anyone interested in fintech!
Relationship Banking

Relationship Banking


What is the future of SME banking? While most new banks are betting on technology to cater to the unique needs of the small businesses, a handful are betting on good old-fashioned relationship banking. Regardless of the approach, small businesses are at the heart of any society and economy, and the new waves of SME-only banks are making strides to make the lives of business owners easier. In this episode, Meaghan moderates a debate with four change-makers in the business banking world: Team Human features Jason Oakley, CEO of Recognise Bank, and Elliott Limb, CCO of Mambu, and Team Tech features Jessica Holzbach, Co-Founder Penta, and Michael Nuciforo, CEO & Co-Founder Thrive.



Data makes the world go round, and in Episode 6 Meaghan sits down with two leaders in this space seeking to make positive change at the organisational and global level. Bruce Pon, Founder and Board Member of Ocean Protocol and Aidan Millar, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at DNB discuss how the democratisation and flow of data has created countless opportunities to better the world, why Blockchain and DLT are the future technologies, and the role of the bank as an identity provider. Bruce and Aidan share what their dream use cases are in the centralised and decentralised data spaces, and what keeps them up at night. 
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