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Alone in the Dark Horror Movie Podcast

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Lock your doors, but tell your friends to tune into the horror podcast party with Mike and Matty that never ends! We ruminate and reminisce about great horror films that have inspired us throughout our lives. The door's always open- come on in! Just turn the lights off first.....
71 Episodes
Ep. 67 Summer of Slashers 2

Ep. 67 Summer of Slashers 2


Summer’s just about over, but before you pack away those bathing suits and flip flops you’re going to wanna FALL right into our new episode: Summer of Slashers 2! Let Mikey and Matty take you back with them as they wax nostalgic about more of your favorite slasher films. A bloody good time is guaranteed for all… Summer of Slashers 2 Sleepaway Camp 2 Jaws 2 Madman Friday the 13th Enjoy! Consider supporting us at
For this special episode join Us, along with our good friends the Horrordads! as we travel back in time back to the glorious 1980’s! We discuss defining scenes from some of the decade’s biggest films. Which scenes would you pick from to represent these films? Let us know and buckle up.  When this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit! Consider supporting us on Patreon -
Flip the tape over again! We give you 20 more horror soundtrack songs from some of our favorite horror films. Time to make a playlist!  Please consider supporting us on Patreon
Join us as we talk all things that came out of Freddy Krueger's mouth in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Let's do some lines with Freddy! Get you baggie and razor blade and start snorting!  Consider doing us over at Patreon
Ep. 63 Back from the Dead

Ep. 63 Back from the Dead


Join us while we talk about our favorite themed back from the dead horror movies!  Here are our lists Matty 5. Anna and the Apocalypse 4. Maniac Cop 3. Dead Heat 2. Re-Animator 1. Pet Semetary Mikey 5. Warm Bodies 4. Flatliners 3. Day of the Dead 2. Happy Death Day 1. Night of the Comet  Room for one more - Matty (Death Dream), Mikey (Rocktober Blood) Let us know some of your Back from dead must see horror films.  Love our podcast? Consider supporting us over at Patreon -
On this episode we discuss all things creatures. Also this episode introduces our new announcer Mr. Kevin Kane and our new segment - Room for one more. MATT 5. Tremors (1990) 4. The Cabin in the Woods (2010) 3. The Descent (2005) 2. The Mist (2007) 1. The Blob (1988) Room for 1 More - Killer Klowns from Outer Space MIKE 5. Brain Damage (1988) 4. Pumpkinhead (1988) 3. Phantoms (1998) 2. Jeepers Creepers (2001) 1. Cloverfield (2008) Room for one more - Critters Consider joining us over at Patreon -
Merry Christmas. Matty and I brought back the Horror Naughty List - The 2nd Stocking. Join us this Christmas where we talk all things bad girls and bad boys in horror. We hand out some presents as well. It is Christmas after all and everyone deserves a present! Consider supporting us Patreon -
Celebrate our 60th episode with us while we talk about of 60 most memorable lines in horror.  Consider supporting us on Patreon - 83JL0AYSKp07Bat3imTq
Ep. 59 Class of 81

Ep. 59 Class of 81


Class of 81! What an amazing year for horror. In this episode we discuss 5 films from the year 1981. My Bloody Valentine, Evil Dead, Happy Birthday to Me, American Werewolf in London and Friday the 13th Part 2. Join us as we flip the pages in the yearbook of the Class of 81!  Consider supporting us on Patreon -
Happy Halloween! Finally we give you the Halloween 2 commentary. Sync it up with the movie or don't, either way, enjoy this entertaining ride through Haddonfield on more of the night he came home!  Show Note - there is a part where Matty's phone disconnected and there is about 10 to 15 seconds of silence. Just a heads up.  If you love the podcast please consider supporting us on Patreon -
Happy Halloween! On this episode we talk all things from the magical Halloween anthology film Trick 'r Treat. Matty and Mikey give their 10 favorite moments from the movie and dissect what makes them so great!  Please consider joining our happy family over at Patreon
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To kick off the 2020 Halloween season we give you our top 5 Halloween feels from movies and tv. We are lucky to be joined by Chris LaMartina the director of the WNUF Halloween special. We talk with Chris about the making of the movie plus he fills us in on the status of the sequel,  the WNUF Halloween Special part 2. Go check out his Gofundme. Enjoy! 
Ep. 55 Waterfront Horror

Ep. 55 Waterfront Horror


Dive into our latest episode where Matty and Mikey make the treacherous journey into waterfront horror. It doesn’t matter where you choose to listen, you WILL GET WET...
Join Mikey and Matty for a talking points kinda episode where they deep dive into Freddy's Revenge to decide if it is the best sequel in the Nightmare series.
Ep. 53 Horror Moms

Ep. 53 Horror Moms


Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there but in this podcast we give our top 10 Horror Moms.
Ep. 52 The Fog Commentary

Ep. 52 The Fog Commentary


John Carpenter's The Fog Commentary
We give our top 10 horror soundtrack songs.
We reminisce about the podcast and give 50 of our favorite moments.
Matty and Mikey give their top 5 horror gateways. These are things that influenced us when we were kids and made us love horror. Enjoy!
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I see it coming to shudder oct 5th.

Sep 28th

Mario Evans

is y'all guy do Halloween 3 season of witch commentary soon

Jul 25th
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