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Episode 7 of the Oddities Podcast now streaming! Hosted by Christine, Ducky, and Patsy. Sponsored by @proudmarynetwork. In this episode, we’re joined by @tommyoddity who gives insight on the art of taxidermy plus navigating both creating and collecting oddities. Link in bio ✨
This week we're catching up! It's been a crazy time for the Oddities crew, so we wanted a friendship episode where we catch up with each other and share some of the current events we've been following lately. Join us for a session of life updates, mysteries, mammoths, and aliens. Sounds odd, doesn't it? ;) 
Episode 5: Cults

Episode 5: Cults


The topic is cults and we dive into some really interesting subjects like a 12th-century heretical sex ritual using skulls, terrorist attacks committed by the infamous Aum Shinrikyo, and a unique twist on cult mentality through medical study.Sponsored by @proudmarynetwork.
Episode 4: Hauntings

Episode 4: Hauntings


This week Patsy, Christine, and Ducky speak to the ooky spooky with stories about old family rivalries, witches, and curses- an ugly vase that kills- and Japanese ghostly folklore. 
Episode 3: Gender

Episode 3: Gender


Ecstatic to bring y’all Episode 3 of the Oddities Podcast where we have an earnest and engaging conversation with Mx. Lex Horwitz. As a trans-non-binary Jew, activist, and educator, they bring a delightful approach to gender through language. They recently collaborated with Natracare to create content for an impressive zine called Shades of Red: The Gender Issue. In Episode 3, we learn more about the content they contributed and an overall dialogue for gender & how to be more inclusive. Get into it!
In this episode, the Oddities squad discusses true crime stories that hit a little too close to home.  
Episode 1: AB/DL

Episode 1: AB/DL


Join Christine, Ducky, Patsy, and their special guest “A” as they discuss what it means to belong to the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community. It's time to bash sex stigmas and get to the root of one specific kink and fetish. 
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