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Bank Statements is a podcast for community financial institutions (CFIs) that are part of the FHLBank cooperative. This podcast offers CFIs solutions, strategies and insights for members dealing with the ebbs and flows of liquidity or affordable housing initiatives in their communities. 

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23 Episodes
In this episode of Bank Statements,  community investment officer Kylie Mergen and community programs manager Mark Ward about the new 2023 Native American Housing Initiatives Grants Program. Learn about this new, voluntary grant program offering $1 million to support housing initiatives for Native American tribes and tribally designated housing entities. 
In this episode, we speak to Steven Townsend, CFA, from our Capital Markets team about the May Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's comments and why the Fed may finally be at the terminal rate after a year of hawkish rate hikes.
In this episode of Bank Statements we speak to Joel Zeff, national speaker, humorist and emcee for FHLBank Topeka's 2023 Annual Management Conference (AMC). The AMC was created 25 years ago as a way to bring our district together to swap strategies and stories. It continues to be known as a small conference with industry renown experts, big name speakers and small fees. Join Joel and and host Jessie Homerding as they discuss what they are looking forward to at this landmark conference and Joel shares some encouragement for handling changes in the current financial climate. Register by midnight, April 11, 2023, to enjoy the 25th AMC. The AMC is April 19-21, 2023.AMC Registration >>>
In this episode of Bank Statements, we speak to new community investment officer Kylie Mergen and Colorado regional account manager Rusty Davis about the 2023 Homeownership Set-aside Program (HSP). This episode centers around FHLBank Topeka's new HSP for high-cost areas in Colorado. Kylie and Rusty discuss the guidelines for both HSPs and FHLBank Topeka's continued efforts to help members make homeownership a reality in their communities. Training for the 2023 HSP >>>For more information reach out to Rusty Davis at or
For our season three opener, Steven Townsend CFA and Sarah Harp, CFA join host, Jessie Homerding for reactions and commentary about the January 2023 FOMC meeting. In honor of the Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl there is bonus super bowl predictions and commentary. Don't forget to listen for the hidden movie quote. *This episode was recorded on Friday, Feb. 3, 2023.
Join Sarah Harp, CFA and Steven Townsend, CFA from our Capital Markets team as they recap and comment about Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell's notes from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting.
2022 #500forGood

2022 #500forGood


In this episode of Bank Statements we discuss FHLBank Topeka's #500forGood campaign. Since 2018, we have invited members to tell us how they would use $500 to help their communities. 
In this episode of Bank Statements we talk to Dale Sheller, Senior Vice President of the Financial Strategies Group for The Baker Group and one of the key presenters for FHLBank Topeka's 2022 Regional Meetings. Dale provides a sneak preview of his regional meeting presentation and discusses deposit, loan growth and marginal cost of fund trends for regional community financial institutions.
In this episode of Bank Statements we take a closer look at the most recent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting with FHLBank Topeka's Director of Investments and Balance Sheet Strategy, Steven Townsend and Portfolio Manager, Sarah Harp.Listen as Sarah and Steven discuss notes from the meeting and reactions from market and Fed governors since the meeting's conclusion.
In this episode of the Bank Statements podcast learn about the quarterly district economic updates and trends reports available on our Financial Intelligence site 
In this episode, we introduce Tony Venditte, our newest Regional Account Manager based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Tony talks about our first in-person conference since 2019 and what he's been hearing from our members during visits.
In this episode of Bank Statements we speak to Jessica Puvogel and Kristen Combes about the 2022 Homeownership Set-aside Program (HSP). Jessica and Kristen walk us through common mistakes they see during the HSP round and what to do to avoid these delays throughout the HSP application process. 
Join FHLBank Topeka for the second season of Bank Statements. In this episode, host, Suzan Saville introduces our Oklahoma Regional Account Manager, Drew Simmons, and talks to him about comments from the December 2021, Federal Reserve board meeting. Drew discusses scenarios to consider for future rate hikes.Download Drew's companion white paper to this podcast below.
We conclude our first season of Bank Statements with FHLBank Topeka's Congressional Relations Officer, Ryan Gilliland. Listen as Ryan speaks to host Suzan Saville about why the impending debt ceiling talks bring more fear and uncertainty than a government shutdown, the non-issues with cannabis banking and the precedents set by changing FHFA directors. 
On this episode of Bank Statements we welcome our new host Suzan Saville, FHLBank Topeka's Director of Sales. In her premiere episode, Suzan talks with producer, Jessie Homerding, about excess liquidity, the surge in public unit deposits and how FHLBank Topeka may be able to offer solutions to these issues.
Join us for our most exciting podcast to date as we speak to Joe Sullivan, CEO of Market Insights. An extremely popular speaker, Joe shares his research and expertise about emergence of buy now, pay later fintechs and how community financial institutions can compete with a sprinkle of empathy and transparency.
This week we look at the markets, investing strategies and the transition to SOFR with Chief Financial Officer Jeff Kuzbel and Portfolio Manager Steven Townsend.
In this episode of Bank Statements we introduce our regional account managers (RAMs) and discuss what they are seeing and hearing from member community financial institutions (CFI) throughout the tenth district. While excess liquidity is a consistent theme across the district, the focus and strategy of many institutions are different. Learn how agriculture focused CFIs in Nebraska are competing with Farm Credit by incorporating blended funding into their balance sheet management or the ingenuity and resilience of CFIs in Colorado.Want to know more about your blended funding options? Download our most recent Financial Intelligence article, Strategies for Success.
In this episode of Bank Statements we speak to Kylie Mergen, Director of Financial Services, about the use of eSignatures and eNotes in pledging collateral to FHLBank Topeka. Kylie explains the importance of utilizing the Mortgage Electronic Registry System  eRegistry  for tracking eNotes and how to set your community financial institution up for a successful future with eSignatures and eNotes.FHLBank Topeka's eNotes GuideMERS eRegistry
Our Housing and Community Development program is a huge benefit of being a part of the FHLBank Topeka cooperative. In this episode of Bank Statements Trent Meyer talks to Tom Thull, Community Investment Officer, and Jane Harrington, retired Executive Director of the Colorado Community Land Trust and form member of our Affordable Housing Advisory Council. Tom and Jane discuss the basics of affordable housing and offer tips on how to utilize affordable housing funds to assist with economic development in your community.
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