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Chris Cathers and John Gamades bring you Grit Meets Growth... The podcast where we explore the power of getting uncomfortable, making things happen, and creating a magnetic life. Are you ready?

Chris Cathers is the co-founder and CEO of Octellient, an information security expert, advisor and coach, and a cancer survivor.

John Gamades is a co-founder and partner at the marketing agency OrangeBall Creative and the author of the Depth Not Width blog.

Both are proud husbands, dads, and leaders in all they do. Having experienced adversity, challenges, the pressure of being entrepreneurs, Grit Meets Growth is the authentic and raw sharing of their journeys.
5 Episodes
Welcome to Grit Meets Growth! In Episode 5 we're unpacking:• The power of having tough conversations• Learning to be an active listener• Allowing things to get quiet• Goal-setting and keeping your goals front-and-center• Embracing outside perspectivesCurious? It’s all right here in Episode 5…
Welcome to Grit Meets Growth! In this episode we're talking about elevating our mental nutrition, creating momentum, and making the most of our days in all areas of our lives. We’ll dive into:• Controlling what we consume• Taking full advantage of today• Sacrifice, pressure, pain vs. results• Giving one percent more• Creating your daily list• Watching out for our friends, family, and ourselvesCurious? It’s all right here in Episode 4…
Welcome to Grit Meets Growth! In this episode, we're unpacking the lessons learned on a bucket list motorcycle trip including: • Getting your head in the right place• Expecting the unexpected• Adjusting to things as they happen• Dealing with breakdowns in life• Watching out for your friends• Anticipating life's obstacles• Taking time to unplug and reboot• Dodging dead armadillosCurious? We'll dive into all of that and more in Episode 3.
Welcome to Grit Meets Growth! In this episode, we're exploring how we define success and failure, reframing our definitions of both and diving into how they intersect with each other. In addition, we'll share some thoughts on being a giver in all you do and living with gratitude, as well as how living a grateful life has gotten us through some dark places. If you're ready to dive into these topics and challenge your own definitions of success and failure, then you're in the right place.
Episode 1 - Origins

Episode 1 - Origins


Welcome to Grit Meets Growth! This episode provides some background into our "why" and a little insight into how we think, what we'll be talking about, and the way we define grit, growth, and creating a magnetic life. If you're ready to get a little uncomfortable and make things happen both personally and professionally, Grit Meets Growth is for you!
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