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The final teaching in our 5 part series. This week - Peace after The Cross
He is Risen!!  - This week - The Person on the Cross
This week - The Power of the Cross
This week - The Presence of the Cross
Join us as we launch our Easter 2021 5 part series "Come to the Cross".  This week - The Path to the Cross
The difficult story of Hagar and Ishmael and what we can learn from it.  
Looking at the life and story of Abraham - some stuff you may not readily associate with the "Father of Faith" 
This week we look again at this story and talk about the issues of human creativity, diversity and the unity found in the gospel. 
So much to see in the context of this event. Join as we dig deep and learn what God may still be teaching us. 
How God saves the righteous and how they respond.  
In chapter 2 we are introduced to some new aspects in the character of who God is.  We pray this encourages you! 
The truth of these 2 verses in chapter 1 of Genesis affect us all deeply. Join us to find out how and why.
Looking again at Chapter 1 of Genesis and picking out a few nuggets of truth that we pray will be an encouragement to you. 
Join us as we launch a new teaching series called: "In the Beginning" 
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