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Gareth is a self professed "normal guy" who enjoyed a physically life, playing social rugby and staying on his feet all day as a working dad. 6 Years ago a serious car accident left him having to learn to walk again and having to manage a recovery which included the development of osteoarthritis. Gareth now volunteers for Versus Arthritis and and is enthusiastic about helping others stay active and adapt to life with arthritis. 
Joyce is 70 years old and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 30 years ago following a sporting injury sustained in a Judo class. Joyce first discovered Tai Chi when attending a Buddhist retreat and immediately felt the physical and mental benefits of the lower impact, mindful form of exercise. Joyce has since become a volunteer Tai Chi instructor, putting on classes for other people with arthritis in her local area on the west coast of Scotland.In this episode Joyce speaks to Alex about how she has learnt to move at her own pace and how Tai Chi differs from other more typical forms of exercise.NOTE: Audio is occasionally choppy in this episode but there is still so much great wisdom and advice in amongst the occasional small jump. 
Louise has fibrolmyalgia and osteoarthritis. The pain caused by her conditions prevented her from leading an active life, led to unwanted weight gain and to a reliance on painkillers. Upon withdrawal from the medication, Louise found pacing in hospital helped with the symptoms – she hasn’t stopped. Listen to the full episode to hear Louise’s story, as well as her tips and advice on how to navigate pain and movement. 
Alex is 25 years old and Sammy is 24. What they have in common is that they were both diagnosed with arthritis at an age which many in society would consider ‘too young’. They share their very different diagnosis stories, as well as their tips on speaking to others, busting stigmas and adapting to adult life with arthritis.  If you have questions about your condition, you can visit for more information.
Yvonne was first diagnosed with arthritis at age 11. Now 64 years old and diagnosed with widespread osteoarthritis, Raynauds and Sjogren’s syndromes and fibromyalgia she has learnt  a lot of about living life with arthritis. Yvonne shares her diagnosis story as well as her tips on speaking to doctors, relationships at home and more! If you have questions about your condition, you can visit for more information. 
Tom is 30 years old and was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in just December of 2020.  Alex chats to Tom about how it felt to receive a diagnosis after years of pain, often put down to basketball injuries.  He also shares what the future holds and what adjustments he’ll be making as he moves forward with life with arthritis. If you have questions about your condition, you can visit for more information.
Welcome to The Versus Arthritis Podcast!  The podcast is all about people with arthritis sharing their unfiltered stories. Host, Alex Greenan, speaks to a number of guests from different backgrounds and perspectives about the topics and experiences that matter to them the most: from diagnosis, exercise and movement, fatigue, pain, lifestyle changes, sex, relationships and many more aspects of life with arthritis.  Season one of the Versus Arthritis podcast will look at the topic of diagnosis over three episodes. Each episode will include conversations with a person with arthritis around the topic of their diagnosis and an opportunity for the guest to give their tips, advice and reflections on the topic from their personal perspective.If you have questions about your condition, you can visit for more information. 
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