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Host NJ welcomes attorney, business advisor, and entrepreneur, Dara Rosenbaum, as we discuss the amazing power of networking. Knowing how to hone in on the power of six degrees of separation can often change the trajectory of both your business and life.  Networking continues to be underrated.  Join us to find out how to maximize your impact with networking.Website: www.rosenbaumtaylor.comLinkedIn: the show
Host NJ discusses Soft skills.  These skills, also known as common skills or core skills, are skills applicable to all professions. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, professional writing, teamwork, digital literacy, leadership, professional attitude, work ethic, career management, and intercultural fluency.  These are becoming increasingly more important in school, on the job, and in your business! the show
Boss Radio LIVE! With NJ is starting Season 2 off with an inspirational BANG!  Host NJ welcomes the Father/Son duo, Mark and John Cronin, founders of John’s Crazy Socks.  Mark and John have been staunch advocates for people with differing abilities and believe they can accomplish many things if given the chance.  These thriving social entrepreneurs are on a mission to spread happiness and we are going to find out why and how, and how this turned into a multi-million-dollar business. Website: the show
Host NJ welcomes Author, Breathing/Pain Specialist, and founder of the PABR Institute, Dr. Amy Novotny.  Dr. Amy has discovered an amazing key to relieving body pain, and stress, and even avoiding surgeries through breathwork.  Dr. Amy is on a mission to help and educate people whose quality of life has been diminished by pain.  This is sure to be an episode that you do NOT want to miss! #brlwithnj the show (
Host NJ welcomes financial expert and CPA Charles Read for Tax Talk!  It is that time of year and we thought it would be amazing to have an expert to discuss taxes and payroll.  Viewers, especially small business owners, get your notepad and pen ready for some great information to help you avoid pitfalls and penalties!  www.thepayrollbook.comSupport the show (
Host NJ welcomes Author, Poet & Storyteller Branch Isole to the show.  Branch will shed some light on 7 Steps to Repair Relationships.  Our relationships and how we deal with them affects our everyday life.  Tune in to find out how to identify if your relationship is broken and the steps you can take to fix it.  You don't want to miss this!  #brlwithnj the show (
Host NJ welcomes Lead Storyteller and Baltimore Native Quentin Edmonds.  Quentin is a former postal worker, Writer, Co-founder of QRC, A Quentin and Rosette Collaborative, and founding facilitator of Parablesnow.  He is on a mission to partner with people all over the globe to facilitate change by the passing down of knowledge, wisdom, history, and Jesus Christ through testimonies.  Listen in to find out why Quentin wants to empower you to tell your story at Parablesnow! #brlwithnj the show (
Host NJ welcomes her husband and other couples for a one-of-a-kind Love and Marriage Edition of Boss Radio LIVE! With NJ!  We will have a frank discussion about relationships, love, and marriage along with a surprise game!  It is going to be an interesting, informative, and downright funny episode!  #brlwithnjSupport the show (
Host NJ welcomes certified Konmari Organizing Consultant, Wellness Coach, and Yoga Instructor, Cathy Perez to the show!  Cathy will discuss how she fought through her own battle with anxiety and honed the skills to help others improve productivity and reduce stress & anxiety.  Cathy shares some amazing tips to help you stay organized and improve your overall wellbeing.  This episode is sure to be a good one, don’t miss it!   #brlwithnjSupport the show (
Host NJ welcomes faith-based Community Leader and Advocate, Sirena Alford to the show.  We will discuss Sirena's faith journey and how it led her to become the Metro Area Director for the Baltimore City Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Join us for her powerful story and hear about what FCA is doing to serve our young people and coaches in Baltimore City. #brlwithnjwww.baltimorefca.orgSupport the show (
Host NJ welcomes Speaker, Human Services Professional, and founder of Transform A Nation, Pastor Tammy Braswell.  Pastor Braswell is an influencer and changemaker in Baltimore.  Her organization provides much needed support, mental health counseling, and education to those in need.  Her passion is lifting others up and giving them the tools to transform their lives!  Don't miss this, Friday, December 10, 2021, at 6:00 pm.  #brlwithnj the show
Host NJ welcomes author, speaker, and founder of Intentionally Fabulous, Kelli Calabrese.  Kelli is a wellness professional and certified Divorce Coach.  Kelli was blindsided by a painful divorce and learned to heal both herself and others along her journey.  Now Kelli helps others learn to live life with peace, joy, gratitude, and self-love. We will discuss the journey to self-love and the daily habits that can get you there.   #brlwithnj the show (
Host NJ welcomes the Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Metropolitan Baltimore; the Founder of Empowered to Heal, Therapist Qiana Howell, MS; and Special Guest, Stephanie Schaffer.  There is a growing problem among our children. We will have an open, honest, shocking, and enlightening conversation about Mental Health and our young people.  This is a must-see and must-share episode that you will not want to miss, it could literally save someone's life!  #brlwithnj the show (
Host NJ discusses the journey with B.A.M. Embroidery's Don Moore and his partner Tracy.  Don shares what he has learned along the way during his stellar military career, fatherhood, and now his time as a business owner.  Don and Tracy speak about how it is to work together.  You don't want to miss his hilarious brand of storytelling!To Contact B.A.M. Embroidery: @bamembroiderySupport the show
Host NJ looks back at the AMAZING guests and episodes of Season 1 so far.  Shorts and soundbites packed with information and inspiration are presented.Support the show (
Host NJ discusses the unbelievable and heartbreaking journey of Shelley Harris, that resulted in the loss of both her husband and brother.  We will talk about how she moved from grief to grace and love with the help of God and how she learned to use these experiences as testimonies to share with others and offer encouragement that they too can overcome any adversity.   Shelley’s enlightening journey is a definite must share! #brlwithnjSupport the show (
Host NJ discusses the powerful journey from victim to VICTOR with Speaker, Author, and Founder of Phynyx Ministries, Angela D. Wharton.  Angela's incredible testimony will move and inspire you!  We will talk about the amazing work Angela is doing to help other survivors of sexual assault. This is the next show in the "Using Your Pain to Fuel Your Passion Series" and it is not to be missed!!  #brlwithnjConnect with Angela directly: the show (
NJ discusses Money Management with Financial Strategist, Author & Speaker, Robin R. Haynes.  Listen in as she shares her inspiring journey from financially broken to financially free!  Robin will also be sharing valuable financial information as we talk about how you can be financially fit too!  Be sure to catch this next installment of our "The Journey" series tonight right here at 6 pm. 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲  #brlwithnjRobin's Website / Social Media: Operation Hope: the show (
NJ discusses the inspiring spiritual journey of community partner and advocate, Pastor Erica J. Stanley.  We will hear about her and the amazing things she and her ministry, Masterpiece Community Connection Ministries, have been a part of, including a recent documentary about her.  Be sure to catch this next installment of our "Journey" series, as we talk about what God has done!Website: Masterpiece Community Connection Ministries IG: @_mccmSupport the show (
Host NJ discusses the ups and downs of the journey with Steven Alford, inventor of the delicious Uncle Steve's Mom-bo sauce!  Steve broke the internet when his popular sauce launched to a social media frenzy and he has no plans on slowing down.  Come hear how he has been blessed along the journey and what motivated him to just keep moving!  Don't miss this installment of our "The Journey" Series.  Also, we will get an inside look at his delicious sauce and the dishes he makes with it!   #brlwithnjInstagram: US_MomboFacebook: Steven AlfordYouTube: Uncle Steve’s Mom-Bo SauceTo Order Email: ordermombosauce@gmail.comOr find it at Harvest Fare Market or Natasha’s Just Brittle in Baltimore, MD.Support the show (
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