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Pat and Josh are back with the crew to discuss the LOKI season finale and the release of Black Widow.
Loki is halfway done as Pat and Josh return to discuss episode three and what to expect for the second half of the series.
Pat and Josh are back to discuss the premiere of the latest Marvel series, Loki.
Ep 5: Ultimate MCU Rankings

Ep 5: Ultimate MCU Rankings


With over two dozen submissions, the ultimate MCU rankings are discussed!
Ep 4: The Superhero Draft

Ep 4: The Superhero Draft


In this episode, the group sits down for the ultimate superhero draft. Who went number one?
Pat and Josh break down the season finale of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. They discuss how the storylines all wrapped up, and get in-depth on some things that you might’ve missed while watching. They invite people on stage to discuss the tough conversations Marvel decided to have, and also whether they thought this or Wandavision was better. Make sure to download the Locker Room app to get in on the conversation every Monday night!Interact with us on Twitter!Josh: @Joshua_C_AllenPat: @plane_pats
Josh and Pat are back with another episode of Armchair Superheroes. They discuss the 5th episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. They talk about their favorite parts, Marvel’s willingness to have tough conversations, and what they think will happen in the next, and final, episode. They also discuss the role of women in the MCU, and whether they have been used enough yet, and how their roles will continue to grow in Phase 4 and beyond. Make sure you tune into the live show on the Locker Room app, where you can get in on the conversation!Follow us on Twitter!Josh: @Joshua_C_AllenPat: @plane_pats
Pat and Josh sit down for the first episode of Armchair Superheroes and discuss episode 4 of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. They look at the significance of the choices they made, and how it does a great job relating back to the world we’re all living in right now.
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