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Author: Lexy Davis

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Conversations that make your shame melt away + root you back into love. The episodes are perspective ripening from global guests of all different backgrounds and ways of viewing the world. So you can gain a deeper understanding within and with others through authentic conversations that invite you into your heart. Starving the stigma, so you can live liberated! Giving you real life toys and tricks to to experience more magic and uncovering the secrets of the spiritual world. You will feel like you're getting a warm snuggle.
185 Episodes
Max Trombly is a men's coach and relationship expert. In this episode, Max shares his journey as a men's work facilitator and how he empowers people to live their best lives. They discuss the importance of grace in relationships. Tune in to gain insights on building successful relationships and achieving your desires and dreams. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "If you really want to change your life, surround yourself with a number of men who are committed to changing their lives and watch how quickly your life begins to shift and change." ✨ "I wish that men could understand that I feel more free in my life than I've ever felt because I don't need to chase anything." ✨ "Helping people come into clarity, this is what's true is the way that we can free ourselves from confusion and resistance, if you will." ✨ "I think, honestly, the cure for entitlement is being coached by someone outside of your relationship so they can shine a light on like this is an entitlement because entitlement is a pretty nasty behavior inside a relationship." ✨ "Wealth is nothing. If you don't have love." ✨ "You know, we create sacred space for men to feel into the deepest, darkest, and like most violent of their rage safely." ✨ "Life is expressed as joy." ✨ "It's beautiful and I think that conflict is always an invitation for deeper intimacy." ✨ "We have the power to create the lives we desire." A good playlist to do some shaking too: Connect More with Max: IG: Website: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 02:24 The gift of Grace 03:30 Men's work and self-discovery 09:11 The power of being in a union 09:27 Being in a relationship 13:17 Intuition and embodiment work 16:05 Relationship with inner feminine 19:11 Entitlement in relationships 23:13 Men under attack 25:16 Expressing and healing repressed emotions 29:17 Healing through embodied practices 31:53 Boys' joyfulness being castrated 33:21 Retreat Ad 36:30 Joy as practice 38:17 Navigating conflict in relationships 43:31 Communication in relationships 44:35 Acknowledging the humanness of us all 48:19 Radical self-responsibility 51:21 The difference between marriages 53:46 Changing your life through connection 57:03 Every single person wants love --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, Lori is a dynamic and multifaceted woman who is dedicated to helping individuals find their way back to themselves. With a deep understanding of the human psyche, she employs a unique approach that combines soulful insight, scientific knowledge, and energy healing to connect her clients to the very core of their being. Lori truly believes that each of us holds the power to create the life we desire. Through her work, she empowers individuals to take charge of their own healing and transformation. Whether you're looking to release old patterns, overcome limiting beliefs, or simply reconnect with your inner wisdom, Lori is here to guide you back to the essence of who you truly are. Lexy and Lori discuss the journey of grief and feeling discomfort. They share how powerful it’s been to embrace these emotions and no longer avoid them. They share heartbreak and loss and ways to work through these big emotions. Tune in to this magical and inspiring conversation. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "Operating from that space, I find that you're almost using intimacy as like such a tool" ✨ "Unless we're doing the work to really bring it out and cleanse it, then there isn't too much" ✨ "The quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else and that is the biggest load of baloney" ✨ "Sometimes the shittiness is the most beautiful lesson." ✨ "I want to encourage discomfort I want to show you that discomfort isn't a scary thing or being uncomfortable isn't a scary sad place" ✨ "It was kind of funny because at the end you just started pissing yourself laughing" ✨ "Discomfort is fine, it's actually okay to just sit in anything that you're feeling" ✨ "The way I have begun to connect with my body tells me what it needs" ✨ "You and your truth is liberating because it's like oh wait you feel that too I feel that too and authenticity like I don't know why but it just is it's naturally sexy to see someone in that" ✨ "I'm honest when I don't have capacity like I'm honest when I just need to be held" ✨ "I can't even tell you how many strangers during this heartache have just as soon as I told them they're like oh my gosh and just like showering me and showering me if I wouldn't have opened myself up that wouldn't have been there so you're almost like blocking yourself from what you're actually desiring" ✨ "I have the capacity to boldly stand in my truth even when someone is not receiving my vulnerability" ✨ "It gives it a different type of platform and you start to look at grief from the space and the perspective in the lens of love and honoring rather than anger and pain." ✨ "Grief can actually be quite a beautiful thing." ✨ "I'm a preacher on is how simple romance is. It's really just the listening and thoughtfulness. It's really not that hard and the fact that you could experience on a second date and the effort." Connect More with Lori: IG: @loridanamaree Website: Bookings: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 01:15 Working with energy and guides 04:22 Connecting with oneself in a cafe 09:21 The body keeps score 13:48 Storing emotions in the body 15:14 Dealing with grief and emotions 20:43 Embracing the shittiness 22:13 Embracing grief and joy 26:01 Allowing emotions to be expressed 29:28 Holding grief is essential 30:15 Retreat Ad 33:03 Connecting with grief 38:30 Embracing uncomfortable emotions 42:25 Highly sensitive in public settings 44:22 Isolation and sharing grief 49:38 How to show up for somebody 53:15 Romantic moments and dates 56:12 Simple acts of love 59:43 Every person wants to be loved --- Send in a voice message:
Dee Tozer is a psychologist turned couples coach with over 33 years of experience. Dee shares her wisdom on the "disapproval effect" in relationships, highlighting key pivot points where breakdowns occur due to people's unawareness and lack of knowledge. Tune in to gain insights on navigating disapproval and creating a deeper love in your own life. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ “A relationship can't thrive with disapproval.” ✨ ”The secret of a good relationship is asking the right questions.” ✨ ”In the moment of crisis, do the best to soothe and settle it.” ✨ ”Men are on the receiving end of the majority of criticism in couples.” ✨ ”You will never, ever go wrong by allowing the other person to be right, unless it's life or death.” ✨ ”Be patient and tolerant, this day and age doesn't give us a lot of.” ✨ ”It's a really good lead in to start with shame because shame, we feel shame because we are rejected.” ✨ "I think we all can take responsibility in some way, even if we weren't the one doing the act." ✨ "It's a long lifetime ahead of shaping, reshaping men, boys to men to be able to say what they want to say." ✨ "Remember that every single person just wants to be loved." Connect More with Dee: IG: @couples_master_coach LinkedIn: Facebook: YouTube: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 01:59 The effect of disapproval 05:32 Disapproval and rejection 09:25 Wedding night gone wrong 12:25 Nipping disapproval in the bud 15:32 Communication and conflict resolution 19:38 Framing up effective communication 23:41 Giving up on relationships 26:49 Conscious coupling and relationship dynamics 30:57 Rebuilding trust after betrayal 35:06 Couples repairing after infidelity 35:15 Retreat Ad 38:07 A crazy story during lockdowns 42:57 Changing perception in relationships 45:18 Shifting perspectives in communication 49:02 Toothbrush storage solutions 52:40 Seaweed for a ring --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we are joined by Luci Lampe, a beautiful inspiration of love and embodiment. Luci shares her journey of wild feminine embodiment, sexual liberation, and healing, as well as her experience with her husband's depression and disability. She also discusses her own autoimmune disorder and the transformative season it led to. Luci is an open book and dives into topics such as spirituality, sexuality, relationships, and the wild woman. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "That practice was really the place where I learned how to receive love and feel pleasure for the sake of pleasure without an agenda, even without even having to make orgasm a goal." ✨ "This is my ritual or making it ceremonial, making it a devotional. Worshipful act." ✨ "Wise, incredible, self-aware teenage girls that do not settle for less than what they are worth." ✨ "What we have learned is that the most important thing is to leave space for the miracle to happen." ✨ "So it's really being a big girl, pulling up your bigger pants and being like, you know what? It's not, I fucked up." ✨ "You really see me and you accept me." ✨ "There's so much possibility in those little tender after moments and that afterglow to expand on the pleasure." ✨ "There's also this unattachment to needing to cling on to something." ✨ "It is feeling that deep care, that somewhat, that thoughtfulness that like, oh, I saw this and I thought of you, or I think you'd enjoy this and really nurturing each other's hearts." ✨ "Embody them in a way that serves the truth, that serves love, that serves union and harmony and unity, it is so powerful." ✨ "It's so beautiful when you do surrender to the wave and it brings you and you just ride with it and then you always end up in a spot for me when I fully surrender to it and it plays a piece at the other end." Connect More with Luci: IG: @lucilampe Website: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 00:43 Love, embodiment, and spirituality with Lexi Davis and Lucy Lampi 02:44 Sexual liberation and self-pleasure 07:32 Feminine energy, devotion, and healing 13:06 Parenting, family dynamics, and healing generational trauma 16:14 Navigating conflict and acceptance in a long-term relationship 21:33 Healing inner child wounds in a relationship 27:22 Deepening intimacy and sexual connection in a long-term relationship 30:49 Retread Ad 32:13 Surprising Pleasure and Exploration in Relationships 36:04 Safe and Connected Sexual Relationships 39:06 Staying Connected and Divine Union 45:52 Creating True Love and Lasting Relationships 55:40 Exploring Dark Goddesses With Love --- Send in a voice message:
Alison Armstrong’s exploration of human behavior began in 1991 with a decision to find out what brings out the best and worst in men. This naturally led to studying women’s behavior and making vital connections between the two. She then delves into her study of men, sparked by a comment made about her friend. Allison explores her initial assumptions about men and how they have been constantly surprised by their complexity. Tune in to discover more about Alison's fascinating exploration of who these people are. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "I wanted to find out what I was doing that was bringing out the worst in men." ✨ "We think of them as a hairy, dysfunctional, emotionally cut off, misbehaving woman who's in need of training and education and discipline and punishment." ✨ "If you took it for granted, it would tell me that you know who I am." ✨ "Watching television deserves to be interrupted at all times." ✨ "They're taking all their years of experience, all their successes and failures, all their assessments of who we are and what really matters to us." ✨ "Their survival depends upon being productive and their productivity depends on being trusted and respected." ✨ "If we can't give each other what we need to give and what we need to get. If we can't do that, it's never going to turn out." Connect More with Alison: IG: Website: Facebook: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 03:17 Men talking about women 04:25 Random acts of kindness 11:09 Divorce and parental influence 15:18 Bringing out the worst in men 22:16 Withholding accountability and appreciation 24:32 Single focus and productivity 30:09 Couples with different languages 34:12 Honoring each other's reality 34:40 Retreat Ad 40:09 Why you can't trust men to tell the truth 42:09 How Women Teach Honest Men It's Not Worth It 49:41 Disastrous conversations turned amazing 51:36 How to become a woman that a man wants to marry --- Send in a voice message:
In this solo episode, Lexy shares the reality of divine love and why most people don’t experience it. A love so grand, requires you to completely surrender to the unknown and feel everything. It’s going to blossom into the most magical and abundant environment for endless creation and yet it will be a journey along the way. She believe it’s worth everything and yet most people fear it, because how vulnerable and risky putting your heart on the line is in divine union. Lexy Davis is a love embodiment coach who helps people create relationships that feel like home! She believes everyone can have partnerships that are filled with romance, safety and so much joy :) Tune in to hear how to find this kind of love and how to navigate it. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "Healthy love is one of the most courageous and biggest risks of our life and how easy it is to be in a relationship that's not gonna last forever." ✨ "Conflict is a portal for deep intimacy." ✨ "Love is an endless flow, my loves. It is whoosh like a waterfall." ✨ "It makes me so sad how the smallest portion of men are actually being loved in the ways that they need to be loved, but we treat men like women and we just don't understand them." ✨ "I only attract amazing, incredible men." ✨ "Having an open heart sounds all cute and fun but in reality it's fucking crying on the floor hyperventilating sitting in a puddle of your tears and also the highest states of bliss." ✨ "Love is a co-creation of infinite magic when there's two people harmonized together and the way that your whole life will shift and the amount of abundance that will come in and the way you two come together can co-create so much more than you could have done on your own. Yes you can do so much on your own but two people coming together is the most powerful thing" ✨ "Love is not something you get to control." ✨ "I'm willing to feel all of that because I am willing to receive the greatest love of this lifetime." More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 01:02 Dark night of the soul 06:03 The risk of surrendering to love 10:39 Trusting your intuition in dating 13:33 Trusting in divine timing 16:06 Conflict as a portal for intimacy 19:27 Healthy love and boundaries 22:08 Retreat Ad 24:31 Relationship growth and satisfaction 27:01 Shifting dynamics and love techniques 30:15 Vulnerability and fear in love 34:30 Doubt in relationships 37:33 Twin flames and soulmates 42:28 Sexual intimacy and emotional safety 45:12 Receiving love and miracles --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, Lexy and guest Sophie Josefina discuss the power of masculine and feminine energies and how they impact various aspects of our lives. Sophie shares her expertise as a polarity teacher and explores the role of these energies within ourselves, relationships, and even in our businesses and connection to the universe. Tune in to gain insight into remembering the humanness of your lover. Also how to balance of masculine and feminine energies and discover how they can enhance your partnerships. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "I wish I could have told younger me that she was a little trailblazer." ✨ "Nobody's entitled to your radiance." ✨ "I received so much pleasure and so much joy from being devotional." ✨ "A lot of us are getting sucked into the need to be better, need to fix this, need to be perfect, need to grow more until I can find love. It's capitalism in the self-development world." ✨ "Vulnerability is really the antidote to probably everything that comes up in relationship." ✨ "That is his nervous system taking care of his nervous system and it will look different than yours." ✨ "I just have to take care of myself so that I can also come back with more of me for you." ✨ "This is actually the gift, because when we allow the desire for more to happen without the collapse of the disappointment, that's when we actually break open to God." ✨ "I always believe that life is just cracking us open more and more." ✨ "Eventually you want a relationship with humans, not with the king." ✨ "I feel like so many women carry so much resentment towards the man of, you know, I'm his mother." ✨ "I need you to tell me every day that you've got me and that you see me and that you respect me, and then I'm freaking good at what I do." Connect More with : IG: @sophiejosephina Website: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 03:38 Sex and relationships advice 03:48 Sexuality and societal expectations 08:00 Femininity and receiving 11:23 Spoiling your man 15:05 Feminine archetypes and relationships 19:33 Fixing attachment styles 24:11 True vulnerability and emotions 26:28 Masculine and feminine digest differently 30:04 Avoidant and Anxious Attachment Styles 34:00 Retreat Ad 35:23 Longing and finding God 37:58 Providership and oracles 41:37 Respecting men and their wisdom 44:09 Understanding relationship dynamics 48:41 Mother vs. Lover dynamics 53:20 Releasing expectations in relationships 55:44 The importance of letting him free 1:01:05 Romantic moments and memories --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of Heart Snuggles, Lexy spoke with Maria Marshall CEO and Founder of Gaia Goddess, a global online and in-person female empowerment community. Maria shares her own journey through the "dark night of the soul" and how it inspired her to create a platform for women to empower themselves. She believes that everyone has the power to heal themselves and doesn't need gurus. Maria emphasizes the importance of tools, resources, and support in the healing process. Despite the challenges and discomfort, she believes that the journey is well worth it, as it allows individuals to rewrite their own narratives and create a better future. Tune in to hear more about Maria's inspiring movement and how it can transform lives. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "I really believe and know that we are all our own healers, that we don't need gurus in this modern day." ✨ "Being willing to look at everything in your closet, those skeletons in your closet, even though some of them you're like, I don't like knowing that." ✨ “I don't get an award for having more crap to transmute than the next person." ✨ "Goddess extraordinaire, and I don't mean this about myself, I mean about the business, about every woman." ✨ "While somebody's stabbing you in the back, you can still forgive." ✨ "Your intuition is never going to lie to you." ✨ "It's a collective prayer to our Yonis and to the womb of like, Thank you so much for this powerful portal of creation. Not only do we create life through there, but it is one of our creative centers. We birth our projects. We birth our businesses." ✨ "Jesus wasn't Jesus until he met Mary." ✨ "These energies of love and gratitude in the morning and at night really do shift us if we make it a practice." ✨ "It's everything because when you love yourself you don't care what people think about you when you love yourself." ✨ "It was like, forge forward sister, because we just made a rainbow for you to show you how powerful we are, and that we see you, and that we support you, and that you are a magic maker." Connect More with Maria: IG: @gaiagoddesslifestyle Website: Gaia Goddess Facebook page: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 02:01 Dark Night of the Soul 04:13 Play and excitement 08:20 Resentment towards my mother 12:25 Spiritually bypass and personal growth 17:23 Divine Feminine Power 20:32 Developing a relationship with intuition 24:30 Developing intuition and trust 27:26 Trusting your intuition 32:26 Retreat Ad 34:27 Gaia's branding colors 38:47 The womb and Yoni steaming 39:26 Yoni steaming and empowerment 42:44 Finding the right seat 47:30 Self-love and motherhood 50:26 Becoming a balanced parent 54:20 Virtual sanctuaries and abundance 59:25 A magical rainbow appears 02:07 Vision board and synchronicity 1:07:30 Every single person wants love --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, Meg O’Sullivan, a passionate sex and relationship coach, shares her journey of helping women reclaim their fullness and embracing all parts of themselves that society has deemed wrong or shameful. She emphasizes the importance of being a "full spectrum woman" and how it relates to experiencing deep orgasms and fulfilling sex. Tune in to this raw and empowering conversation about sex, love, and everything in between. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "Passion + hot sex is a result of really unsexy things" ✨ "How we fuck, is how we do life" ✨ “I'm super fucking passionate about women reclaiming the fullness of themselves." ✨ "I was then drinking a lot too and I can feel it in my body that like that feeling of shame waking up of a morning if I had a one night stand or like if I can't remember what I'd done or what I'd said or what kind of yeah, just like I can that's so like visceral in my body right now." ✨ "You can cry." ✨ "I think really beginning to notice or see any type of conflict or discomfort in relationship, what I like to say is it's a portal to deeper connection." ✨ "Anytime there's like contraction or resentment, like a lot of us women have been conditioned, it's very normalized that we hold resentment in our partnership." ✨ "The doorway to our turn on and our pussy as women is our heart." ✨ "There are many reasons why there is a lot of numbness in women's pussies." ✨ "If there is a willingness and a willingness to hear that and then a willingness to play with that on both sides, anything is fucking possible." ✨ "It's the same with like how do we support a man when we want his cock to be harder right it's like can we meet him where he's at and can we also like not make his experience wrong" ✨ "This is why emasculation and trying to tell a man what to do can feel so heartbreaking and crushing to a man." ✨ "I'll go back when I’ve said something hurtful, it's usually in his office where I might say a comment like that, and then I'll go back into his office and be like, oh, fuck. I'm so sorry. I made you feel small." ✨ "Just that culmination of our relationship and that that moment just being here with them, like being there with him, just surrounded by all the humans we loved." Connect More with Meg: IG: @the.meg.o Website: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode 179: 04:14 Acts of kindness 07:28 Normalizing unconventional relationships 13:21 Men connecting to their heart 15:21 Emotional foreplay for men 19:29 Relationship as a spiritual practice 23:11 How do you desire to feel 26:10 Personal practice of the feminine 30:00 Inspiring your man's power 30:53 Retreat Ad 34:21 Female arousal and open heart 39:39 A woman's sexual empowerment 42:03 Pressure and communication around sex 44:41 Advocating for our needs 49:37 Incompatible sexual desires 52:19 Men and erectile dysfunction 56:09 Respecting men's need for respect 1:00:09 Moments of tension and playfulness 1:02:50 Big, fun wedding celebration --- Send in a voice message:
Join host Lexy Davis as she welcomes the brave Renée Lemieux to Heart Snuggles. Renée, a 1-3 emotional projector in human design with a unique Taurus sun, Aquarius moon, and rising sign, shares her insights on cultivating profound love and navigating life's choices with a playful spirit. Whether you're well-versed in human design or new to it, this episode promises valuable wisdom for embracing love in all its forms. Tune in and embark on a journey toward deeper, more joyful love with Lexy and Renée. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "When we connect with someone and we love them so much and then they end up separating ways from us, I continue to live my life like when I fall in love with someone or when I am in love with someone it's for life and I keep that conversation open to them. I don't understand how there can be a bad breakup" ✨ "If you want to have it all, you got to feel it all." ✨ "Why is long-term relationship even needing to be on the table at least in this current moment in time? What if like playing and really getting to know thyself is the utmost importance at the moment?" ✨ "And this is wild, like talk about divine intervention, and then when you don't listen to the divine intervention, there is no right or wrong, as we mentioned, but there are choices in life that we make, and the feedback can be extremely uncomfortable." ✨ "What can you do when your heart just desires someone so deeply and not not because of like an intimacy but because the soul is begging to be united again with a person that you spent lifetimes back" ✨ "Remember that every single person just wants to be loved." Connect More with Renée: IG: Spotify: YoutTube: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 02:23 Last random act of kindness 04:25 Self-pleasure and Societal stigma 11:44 Long non-relationship partnership 14:16 Love and separation in relationships 16:30 Remaining friends with exes 21:11 Withholding true feelings in relationships 25:39 Karma and relationships 27:30 Texture of emotions in relationships 31:14 Long-term relationships and societal expectations 31:57 Retreat Ad 35:00 Seeking authentic human connections 39:13 Expressing love openly and honestly 43:15 Journey of mental health expressions 46:13 Deep soul connection and love 53:32 Love letters and reciprocation 56:05 Favorite romantic memories 1:00:21 Snuggly heart breath of the day --- Send in a voice message:
In this week’s episode, host Lexy welcomes guest Nichole Lee, a trauma-informed identity and life transition coach, as well as a holistic practitioner. Nichole shares her expertise in helping individuals going through major life transitions rediscover themselves and create a life they love. Overall, this episode explores the power of self-discovery and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "Your language is everything and I wish we were taught it, but because this is so important." ✨"I may not use the word trigger, but something about this is activating something in me that I feel I'm not going to respond in my greatest self, or it's not going to be healthy." ✨"I do want to discover more about myself or I am hurting and I am going to speak with someone in this space and share that with them is huge." ✨"I was very codependent in relationships and then that's why a lot of people are fearful of commitment because they've lost themselves." ✨"Your language is everything." ✨"It's an art to learn the art of conflict." ✨"Remember that every single person just wants to be loved." Connect More with Nichole: IG: Website: LinkedIn: Email: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: --- Send in a voice message:
Chelsea holds the soul mission to connect humans with their heart center, highest self, others, and nature. She created Somatic Breath Activation, that unlocks layers of your own truth and power. She is a talented medicine woman, retreat creator, meditation guide, embodiment coach, and intuitive Ceremonialist. In her sacred circles, offerings, and retreats she curates an environment for rewilding, embodiment, and inner transformation. In this episode Chelsea shares her deep connection to nature and how its supported her deeply in her life. She shares how she free bleeds on her period + her womb earth connection. Also her connection to plant medicine and mushroom journeys. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨"I need to connect to who I am and I need to embody my truth, because I was wearing so many masks." ✨"I remember being like five or six feet away from like lava flowing right into the ocean and just feeling that feminine power of the earth and that ferocity." ✨"I've had some really powerful moments in different places on this planet by bleeding on the earth and connecting. And honestly, sometimes it's felt like I'm on psychedelics because it's literally feels like there's something powerful happening." ✨"I remember bleeding there and it was trippy to me. I was literally receiving so much information that my cells were vibrating. I start when I began to like really be able to clearly see energy, being exchanged between plants and people and everything." ✨"That's listening to your heart. Really, that's what that is too. Because our inner wisdom is an extension of source." ✨"The more you exercise that trust in the unknown, the easier it gets." ✨"I felt like so much time had passed, but also no time had passed." ✨"It's that scarcity mindset of I need to fill this hole, an abundance mindset. This will come to me when I need it or I will find it when I need it. And it's not something that I need to grasp at and to like continually have." ✨"I love working with medicine. I'm so grateful that that's one of the most exciting things that I am still so lit up by on serving clients." ✨"It was so beautiful, the trees breathing, it's talking with me like it's communicating the bark is so beautiful" ✨"When I finally declared to the universe, like no more, I'm done. I'm not doing this any longer. I'm only going to accept what I deserve, then exactly what I deserved and exactly what I wanted to receive finally came into my world because the universe felt what it felt that I was ready to receive it." ✨"All of your wildest dreams can come true. Everything that you're dreaming up, you're working towards they're in the vicinity." Connect More with Chelsea: Chelsea’s website: Chelsea’s upcoming holding space and breathwork facilitation certification: Next retreat in Colorado: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Dating + Relationship Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 03:23 Follow your heart, find fulfillment 10:54 Connection to Earth is available for everyone 14:40 Bleeding on the earth 19:30 Trust in the unknown and listen to your heart 21:38 Grounding and connecting with nature 28:55 Excess and its consequences 34:13 Working with psychedelic medicine 35:50 Psychedelic integration is individual and requires slowing down 39:02 Communing with nature and psychedelics 41:12 Deep connections and shared wavelengths 46:49 Finding love on the slopes 47:46 Declare what you deserve, manifest it 49:00 Trusting in your intuition 49:10 Take initiative and align energetically --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, host Lexy interviews Natasha, a specialist in women's reproductive health. Natasha shares her background in functional medicine and dietetics and her passion for supporting women on their fertility journeys. The conversation also touches on topics like coming off contraception, PCOS, and endometriosis. Tune in to learn more about women's reproductive health and the importance of self-care. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨"If you struggle to receive, if someone's giving you a gift, allow yourself to receive it and be really, really grateful for it." ✨"It's really important to focus on yourself first and your health first before considering conception." ✨"It's actually kind of crazy when you think about like how many people don't even think about their own health before having a baby." ✨"I personally know that stress is the cause, like underlying cause almost every disruption in the body." ✨"Maybe we need to regulate our emotional stress a little bit better and give that a little bit more time of day." ✨"If we are pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing every single day of the month, we're going to push so hard that one month, two months, three months down the track." ✨"Your mind definitely has a huge part in it." ✨"I strongly believe in exactly what we're talking into about the placebo and the belief of things is that because they chose to find out which which option that they got, that really played a big, big role into how their body accepted or rejected that foreign object in their body." ✨"Do speak up and you aren't heard or respected or listened to." ✨"Just because it's common doesn't mean it's actually normal for our bodies to have PMS." ✨"Is what happens for a woman is we have typically a 28 day hormonal cycle, give or take." ✨"Our blood sugar is one of the main things that I hop on for." ✨"Thank you so much for believing in yourself enough and really wanting to find the answer, because it's so easy to give up on ourselves until you're just so frustrated." ✨"Your body just knows when you know." Connect More with Natasha: IG: @natashagodfrey_ Website: More Lexy from Heart Snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: Work with Lexy -- Learn more here Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 02:42 Act of kindness 04:21 Contraception and infertility 05:13 Prioritize reproductive health before conception 07:54 Impact of contraception on fertility 11:09 Emotional regulation and fertility 11:46 Holistic approach to fertility 13:23 Translocating bacteria and parasites 16:11 Reducing stress for infertility 19:09 Regulating yourself during your cycle 22:15 Retreat Ad 24:22 Mindset impacts fertility treatment 25:15 Fertility and mindset 26:10 Womb healing and support 30:23 The impact of beliefs 30:37 Beliefs shape our physical health 32:22 Speaking up and finding voice 35:13 PCOS is often misdiagnosed 36:08 High cysts on ovaries after contraception 39:43 Ways to help with PCOS 42:35 Importance of nourishing breakfast 42:39 Women's hormonal cycle duration 45:01 Balance blood sugar for hormonal health 46:02 Becoming who you are 48:56 A snuggled heart story 52:29 A divine message 53:55 Seek multiple opinions for health 54:50 Finding the root cause --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, Lexy brings on, Ben, also known as "The Fear Guy." Ben's mission is to help people befriend and snuggle fear instead of simply overcoming or fighting it. They discuss the process of moving through fear and how it's something we all go through. Ben also shares his journey and what sparked his passion for fear. He touches on how fear showed up with his wife and fatherhood. Tune in to learn how to embrace and snuggle fear in your own life. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨"I'm fear snuggler." ✨"Once you do the thing you're afraid of, that's when you become free." ✨"We see all these people facing their fears. And I got this and you go to do it. And then you fail. And they're like, see, I can't do this. And you just do the story. And o I love that like inch by inch is definitely the way and just being bringing that compassion because the fear really needs your own compassion." ✨"This is the complete opposite of just being messed up in the head versus being so embodied." ✨"There's all these little things that you might be doing that you don't even realize like, that's contributing because I'm afraid of being seen like fully seen for like who I am." ✨"And the intuition is soft, it's peaceful, it's safe, but it can still be exciting. It can be expansive, it can be opening of the heart versus fear" ✨"Each unique love is its own piece of art and it's not gonna look the same. It's not like, if you feel this, that means that it's like you really have to tap into your own body, like you're saying and navigate and discover. And honestly, most of the times we're not even familiar with, is this fear or is this my intuition? And, is this person actually bad for me? Or am I just trying to run away? And I like how you said that, is exciting." ✨"And that's what how I reparent myself again, how my son's helped me by validating his emotions so I can validate my own, it's cool how through parenting, we can reparent." ✨ You don't have to wait. If you're a dad or soon to be dad or will be a dad in the future of, you don't have to wait until to get involved." ✨"Because you love this person so much. You literally abandon yourself, right? That's even biologically right is like you will give your life for this little human, which is amazing." ✨"So when you jump in, it's like immediately the gift is there. I get why I had this desire and why I want this. So I love that." Connect More with Ben Harris: IG: Website: YouTube: More heart snuggles: Join the Retreat: Email: 1-on-1 Self Discovery Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 01:30 Overcoming fear by befriending it 04:41 Fear fighters and personal 05:21 Embrace fear, don't avoid it.growth 07:03 Sharing your true self 12:09 Opening up in relationships 14:12 Fear of commitment in relationships 16:30 Importance of self-love and awareness 18:09 Fear of intimacy and self-sabotage 19:15 Retreat Ad 21:04 Trauma's influence on relationships 25:28 More freedom in commitment 27:03 Importance of vulnerability in relationships 28:46 Choosing unavailable partners for freedom 31:18 Parenting is a transformative experience 32:02 Becoming dads and feeling useless 36:27 Parenting and personal growth 39:41 Holding space and trauma response 42:57 Quitting a job to pursue dreams --- Send in a voice message:
Breakups can be terrifying and brutal, but Lexy refused to let it be that way. Lexy's past lover and her decided to end with as much love as they started and in this episode you'll hear about her process. She explains what she has done to move through this uncoupling + how she's remaining heart opened! Lexy Davis is a love embodiment coach who helps people create relationship that feel like home! She believes everyone can have partnerships that are filled with romance, safety and so much joy :) She is also a transformational retreat host that curates unforgettable experiences. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "there's such a depth and deepness and richness and beauty to love that we're not like half of us aren't even tapping into more than half of us” ✨ "No, this isn't it. So like I go on one day after going on a walk, like balling. And I'm thinking we're about to break up because I'm like, I just can't do this. Like, this doesn't feel safe in my nervous system.” ✨ "I will not hurt him no matter how easy and tempting it is to want to hurt him back.” ✨ "you are an embodiment of love.” ✨ "So luckily, like this is why it is so important to nourish your friendships.” ✨ "I didn't want to just like get up and have sex with another man like that is so not my vibe. I will only have sex with someone if I love them.” ✨ "People want to help you, people want to love you but we are the ones stopping that love.” ✨ "Like, yeah, you got to have self-love, but like you also got to lean on your people.” ✨ "I just held myself through the misery, through the worst thing that could happen. So now I can let go and surrender because I know that I'll be okay.” ✨ "When we're going through a breakup or in relationships in general, that's why we feel so devastated because we're giving them our power to feel worthy.” ✨ "When we're coming out of love, you don't realize you're addicted to love.” ✨ "We don't need to be so scared of an ending because an ending can create a beautiful new beginning.” Masterclasses for sale "The Art of Opening Your Heart" or "Getting Yourself Relationship Ready" IG Video: 7 Somatic Ways To Self Soother + Support Your Heart IG: Uncoupling Video IG: What I Did When I Felt Unlovable + Unworthy More Lexy Davis: Email: 1-on-1 Self Discovery Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Keep Your Heart Open: Get yourself a heart snuggles in your hand with this incredible ceremonial cacao Timestamps from episode: 02:30 Embrace heartache and grow stronger 04:42 Transcendent facial experiences 08:33 A sweet and tender relationship 11:11 Groundedness in a stressful situation 14:48 Closing my heart so quickly 17:04 Breaking patterns and choosing love 19:38 Holding onto friendships in relationships 10:21 Long-distance relationships can be challenging 19:43 Don't give your whole life 23:35 Uncoupling and moving forward 27:37 Emotional release through throwing rocks 30:27 Vulnerability allows for receiving love 34:09 Naked liberation and wild woman 36:19 Selecting a breakup buddy 39:35 Trust in surrender and divine timing 40:27 Focus on self-improvement and trust 44:57 Addiction to love is real 48:07 Breakups and new beginnings --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, Lexy Davis interviews ByHaze, the architect of holistic sounds. BYHAZE "The Architect of Healing Sounds" is a singer, songwriter and creative content entrepreneur dedicated to the progression of his community through sonic healing, visual evolution, and artistic philanthropy. ByHaze shares his journey with music and how he uses it to bring people together and promote healing. He emphasizes the importance of embracing failure and putting oneself out there in order to build confidence. By staying rooted in his heart and maintaining a strong relationship with God and his community, ByHaze is able to create intentional and meaningful music. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ "The messy action is so important." ✨ "you are who you keep" ✨ "That root chakra in motion, whenever you're feeling ungrounded, a little twerk might save your life." ✨ "I can just be all of myself. I don't have to mask up." ✨ "everything's gonna be alright" ✨ "Receiving is a practice and a lot of us don't know how to receive for many reasons." ✨ "They can be attracted to like what I did, but what I did was be my authentic self." ✨ "I'm here to inspire and encourage and nurture. And if my way of doing it, which is unique to only me, because this sauce is not, you can't replicate this, I got the recipe." ✨ "I'm not your guru. I'm just being myself." ✨ "grief is the trickiest and most confusing emotion I've experienced. So the fact that you can express that through a song is going to help so many people because we all experience grief." ✨ "I am worthy of the love that I give. The love I seek starts within me." ✨ "This pain is temporary. Every storm doesn't last. It may be dark now, but the light is soon to come. So just stay the course, be gentle with yourself, and just know that everything will be alright." Connect More with ByHaze: IG: Website: Free Offer: More heart snuggles: Email: 1-on-1 Self Discovery Coaching -- Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 00:42 Podcast begins 00:57 Getting to know ByHaze 03:31 Embrace failure, trust your gifts 06:32 Finding your people 05:37 Importance of play and community 08:20 Staying embodied in compassion 12:05 Twerking and releasing emotions 13:33 Embrace affirmations for self-empowerment 15:11 Infusing affirmations into music 19:26 Freedom and self-expression 20:41 Prioritize peace for transformative healing 22:06 Jamaican culture and influence 23:08 OPEN Ad 24:31 Power of positive energy 26:03 The labor of attraction 29:14 Embrace growth and authenticity 30:00 Staying open and vulnerable 32:02 Embrace continuous learning and growth 35:00 Staying true to your mission 39:13 Cultivating new sonic direction 42:13 Singing an affirmation joint 43:07 Radiate love, find inner peace 47:52 Pain is temporary --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we have a special guest, Mimi, who is full of love, light, and wisdom. Join us as we dive into a conversation about her journey in the speaking business and her role as a supportive elder. Learn about the three key takeaways from her talk and how it can change the world. We also discuss the importance of engaging the audience and why you shouldn't wing it when giving a speech. Tune in for inspiring insights and tips from Mimi, the speaker coach. Plus, hear about the last random act of kindness that someone did for her. Don't miss out on this heartwarming and insightful episode! Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ There's always something funny going on in every situation in life, every moment, and you kind of just have to find it. ✨ It's not an article you read aloud. It's a conversation with the listener, whether it's one listener or 17,000. ✨ Well, I'm speaking from my heart. And I can't plan that. Yes, you can prepare ✨ Differences between people, that's why we have stress ✨ The four words that relax people who are nervous about themselves in front of people is “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU”. ✨ I'm channeling this, I'm not the big authority, you're the one who already knows, I'm just going to remind you. ✨ And it lands for different people. Like hearing it from one person, it might go right over your head because you don't connect with them, but like hearing it from you might be so perfect and they're saying it in the same language and tone. ✨ If you can't say it in 10 minutes, forget it. ✨ You just have to have a really good 30 second ✨ They go over time. And that says to me, you don't respect boundaries. Connect More with Mimi: Twitter: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: More heart snuggles: Email: 1-on1 Self Discovery Coaching -- Learn more here Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 00:42 Podcast begins 01:12 Mimi's Journey in speaking business 02:23 Last random act of kindness Mimi experienced 05:20 Fusing life with joy 06:24 Dues paying activity for speaking 09:19   Lead with the audience's needs 13:11   Prepare and practice your speech 14:43   Boundaries 20:47   It's not about you 25:09   Growing your coaching business 25:41   Flo Desk Ad 28:50  Know your unique expertise 31:32   Specialize to help more people 32:08   Keynote versus TED talk 36:08   Making things more concise 37:31   Know your audience and message 41:12   Managing Women in the Workplace 43:48   Enjoy your words and sparkle 45:22   Referral from a 30-second pitch 48:19   Being punctual 50:27   Pitch Perfect book helps grow business --- Send in a voice message:
Damien Jones is a passionate explorer/optimizer of the human condition. Through the dozens of courses, therapies, medicine ceremonies, coachings, meditations, practices, and paradigms that he has engaged with, he has established a wonderfully joyful steady state. He is now seeking to share the most powerful modalities with others, to serve the healing and awakening of us all. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ Suffering is a choice ✨ It's so important to remember that we have a choice of how we feel or how we react to situations. ✨ Giving yourself joy is innately healing ✨ Life is an amazing flow of synchronicity ✨ Find self-love first to receive love ✨ You have everything you need and always will ✨ Joy is our natural state. We are joyful being. Connect More with Damien: IG: @onerishijones TikTok: @rishijones Email: Website: More heart snuggles: Email: 1-on1 Self Discovery Coaching -- Learn more here Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from episode: 00:43 Podcast begins 01:02 Getting to know Damien 01:46 His journey beyond healing 04:48 The practice of once-an-hour chest-to-chest meditation 07:29 How meditation helps us to tune into our reality 13:13   Connecting with your body and your heart 16:06   Spiritual bypassing is not always bad 21:37   Meditation 22:28   OPEN Ad 24:56   We are telepathic 27:19   An overarching philosophy paradigm for healing 28:42   The relationship between the inner body and outer body 21:27   How much love we put out and how much we get back 23:21   Simplifying duality 35:16   The flow of synchronicity 39:08   The power of self-love in the outer body paradigm 40:43   The importance of relinquishing desire 42:32   Having more when in abundance, not scarcity 44:54   It’s all about practice 45:36   Where to find Damien Jones's art We would love to chat with you, send us an email or a dm on the gram - let us know your thoughts, what you'd love to hear next or what resonated! P.S. If you screenshot a pic of your podcast review, you'll be entered in the monthly drawing for a free 30 minutes self-discovery coaching session or private yoga/ meditation session🌟! --- Send in a voice message:
Paul Thompson (The Barefoot Podiatrist)  has been a podiatrist for more than a decade and specializes in functional gait assessments,  foot strength, and gait training to keep you free from overprescribed and relied-upon orthotics. Paul is passionate about helping you build a body that supports you, not a body that relies on support! Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ If we're not walking properly, that sets up bad habits of movement so it's really important that we start training gaits or walking patterns. ✨ Don't teach their brain how to turn things on or off and do that with other parts of the body moving. ✨ When we are walking around through the day, we're moving better we're protecting our bodies, checking joints, and moving more efficiently. ✨ Find someone who knows what they're doing and resonates with the journey you're trying to go down ✨ When you start doing treatment for pain back, you need to fix the underlying problem ✨ Prevention is the best cure for pain. Connect More with Paul: IG: @thebarefootpodiatrist Website: YouTube: More heart snuggles: Email: Luscious Love Mastermind for Singles -- Learn more here Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from the episode: 00:42 Introduction 00:56 Getting to Know Paul Thompson 01:16 Paul's Journey of Self-discovery and Self-improvement 07:16 Two types of foot pain patients 10:17 Fixing the underlying problem of pain 17:02 Importance of walking patterns 23:33 Prevention is the best cure for pain 25:27 Shoes and foot positioning 29:35 Reducing the drop in the heel 32:16 Why flip flops are so popular in Australia 34:31 Teaching students to relax while balancing 36:23 One exercise that would be really helpful for people to do with their feet besides grounding 38:10 The last random act of kindness Paul did 39:50 Find someone who resonates with what you are doing 41:51 Paul's offers and where can you find him --- Send in a voice message:
Kaeli Wiltbank is a small-town country girl who’s landed in the big city of Los Angeles, California. The last ten years have sent her on a journey deconstructing the world around her, everything from politics to race to religion to sexuality. And somehow this little cowgirl has landed in LA as a raging feminist, ex-Mormon, city-loving gal. Come along as she shares the lessons she has learned along the way and as she continues to figure out who she is and where she fits in. Golden Nuggets From This Episode: ✨ “Women's voices should be prioritized.” ✨ “I am able to listen to my gut now, and I'm allowed to just be like Oh I think that that would be a good idea to live my life this way.” ✨ “There's a lot about myself that I'm uncovering that I didn't know was there, and that's kind of scary and exciting but it helps a lot.” ✨ “It's messy but all we can do is go forward.” ✨ “Having the ability to just pay my rent takes off so much stress.” ✨ “Now I'm happy that I have a job that I enjoy and I can pay my rent and I can work on the outside stuff.” ✨ “I just follow my gut like if my gut is not excited about something, I'm just like 'Okay, I should probably stop doing that thing'” ✨ “Trust what feels good.” ✨ “It's so funny how complicated we make things when really it's like truly just listen to the inner knowing and you're good.” ✨ “We can all just be doing our thing and like supporting each other.” ✨ “If you're struggling, take care of yourself first.” Special Offer: Your gut is the center of your health + these are the best supplements to support your gut! Use code: ALIVETOENJOY to get 10% off Connect More with Kaeli: IG: @cowgirl_inla Twitter: @kaelikaelikaeli More heart snuggles: Email: 1-on1 Self Discovery Coaching -- Learn more here Instagram: Alivetoenjoy & Heart Snuggles Donations to help spread the heart snuggles: Timestamps from the episode: 05:52   How did she first get the inkling that Mormonism is not for her? 12:02   How does she see other people living in the ways that they tell her not to but she can? 15:00   Where is she at now? 16:53   Is she fighting that she’s getting decision analysis paralysis? 19:15   How is she starting to form a relationship with her body and explore herself? 22:38   Does her family still accept her even though she is no longer Mormon? 24:33   How her job has been supporting her and what does she love about that role? --- Send in a voice message:
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