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When life gets overwhelming, who do you run to? We’ve been in a tough season of life and over the years I’ve learned to lean in during the hard times. 
Erin is the Founder and CEO of Be The Bench. An organization that helps teen girls make the most of these years. She is also the author of Your Fierce Life which will be released in October.You can find Erin at
Kristi Hunt has a passion for healing in spirit, soul and body. She is a licensed nurse practitioner but after going through some health struggles with her daughters she discovered that she had new goals. She brought essential oils into her home, and never looked back. Join us at the next Rainbow Technique class:
Revelation Wellness

Revelation Wellness


Alisa Keeton is a leading wellness professional with more than 20 years of experience. In 2011, she launched Revelation Wellness, a non profit ministry that uses fitness tool to spread the gospel message and invites participants to become their whole selves.She is on a mission to disrupt the industry, and carry the message of what it means to to love God, get healthy, be whole and love others.
Is there something in your life that is blocking the promises of God from comig into fruition? Have you unknowingly allowed the enemy access to your life? Listen in, as I share how I sermon I recently heard reminded of some areas I needed to clean up. My goal is always to lean into whatever the Lord has for me, and I want to make sure that I am always allowing the Lord to work in full capacity in my life.Biblical Dream interpretation:
Join Tracy Brown Rd, LD/N as we dive into ALL the factors that are at play when it comes to healing. So many are turning to alternatives modalities that are not honoring the Lord and we dive into why they are so dangerous here.To Connect with
Your Body is a Temple

Your Body is a Temple


We only get one body, and if we don't steward it well we are not honoring the gift that the Lord gave us. Listen in as Jen gives practical advice on ways you can Treat your body like the temple that it is.Resources: Discovery Call with Jen BayerBody Image Revival MasterclassIntro to Healing the Nervous System 
Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems


Join Akilah Muhammad and I as we dive into our faith and life before walking with Jesus. The obstacles that she has come converting her faith and now teaching others to share every aspect of their lives with Jesus. Akilah is a Mind, Body and Life Strategist and Certified Fitness Expert.Find Akilah at
Jesus Wants You Well

Jesus Wants You Well


Jesus didn't die on the cross at cavalry so we could walk through life struggling. Join Jen as she walks through part of her story as the Lord starting challenging all her beliefs.Book a call with Jen. (Discovery Call - Jen Bayer)Body Image Revival MasterClassFreedom in Your Body Podcast
Sara walked through cancer with more ease and grace than anyone I know. Surrendering every single step of the journey to Jesus and allowing Him to be her guide, and NOT listening to what the world says. 
Do you experience anxiety, overwhelm, or have dificulty switching it off? Gut Health irregularity like bloating, pain, or allergy sensitivities? Chronic pain, migraines, frequent insomnia, chronic fatigue?Auto-immune issues, or constantly sick or have trouble regulating body temperature? Elevated heart rate, racing thoughts?Struggle to lose weight or stick to an exercise routine? Learning to regulate your nervous system can have such a profound impact on your body, and help your body slide into parasympathetic mode which is where the body has the ability to rest, digest and HEAL. Listen in this episode where we scratch the surface on the nervous system and healing. Want to learn more? Join us Sept 8th for the Intro to Healing Your Nervous System Virtual Class. 
Join Rachel and I as we chat entreprenuership and motherhood. Rachel is a master at money hacks, time hacks and just all around making a difference!You can find her and take her personality quiz at Optimizer Quiz - Money Hacking Mama
Freedom in your body

Freedom in your body


What does it mean to have Freedom in your Body? Jen dives deep into her own story and how the Lord has walked her through her own healing. How she didn't even realize how deeply disconnected she was until the Lord started walking through her own healing journey. Want to get started on your own healing journey? Download the FREE BOdy Image Revival WorkbookJoin Jen and the Exalted Health Team on August 17th for the Body Image Revival MasterClass.  
Jesus AND Business

Jesus AND Business


Join Ursula Mentjes as we talk about the massive shifts that she had to make during the pandemic and how much it took to step out in faith away from everything that she knew. Ursula is an expert business coach and five time best selling author, and an award winning entrepreneur. If you are struggling with being stuck, Ursula is a master at helping you break through! You can find her here: and get access to her FREE MASTERCLASS
My first episode back after the passing of my dad. Thanks to all of you that have loved me from near and far through this process.  I walk through a little bit of my grief process, and allow Jesus to lead the way through every single stepThe Bless your Body Challenge
Renew Hope

Renew Hope


Meet Chad, the director of Renew Hope in Minnesota. They are changing the area of supporting survivors who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. They provide after care, job counseling and teach women how to build a life that they are proud of. MOST women return to the sex trade even after they have been rescused because they don't have the skills or know anything else. Renew Hope is changing that! 
Join Yvette and I as we have a deep and meaningful conversation about the real problem of racial divide in our country, specifically in our state of Minnesota. After the riots in 2020, so many things came to a head. Yvette is an absolute expert on handling this topic with love and grace. Her goal is to walk through these painful conversations to bring awareness, healing and love to all who listen. 
Meet my friend Bewindi Bobb, she is a firecracker for the Lord and a complete expert in Mental Health. Starting her own pratice during covid to have more control and impact in the mental health space, she shares her heart for helping others and for the Lord. Do not miss this episode. 
Join Dr. Brad and I as we take a deep dive into healing, and how the whole spirit, soul and body is affected. Dr. Brad and his wife Dr. Kristen have been my personal doctors for years and are two of the most knowledgeable people I know in the health of the body. 
Beat Cancer With Me

Beat Cancer With Me


My friend Owen is in the midst of what the doctors say is a terminal form of cancer. However, Owen has other ideas. He has sought out alternative treatments and digging DEEP into his faith and has ZERO doubt that he will outlive the disease. An interview you do not want to miss. 
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