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In this episode, I talk about Rejection from both the point of view of the person being rejected and the person who has to reject someone. There are some definite ways to walk through both situations and from my experience, these three tips in both personal and work situations, make it a whole lot easier. Check it out.   I’m trying to get better about promoting my podcast All About The Joy.  Also, I have a weekly blog over at I publish a new blog post every Monday by 9am PST. Please consider subscribing. I hope to be putting my podcast on my YouTube channel as well soon. So, if you would subscribe there as well, I’d be grateful! Please contact me if you have a question or a subject you’d like me to consider. Thank you!Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
In this episode, I expand on a story I wrote on my blog that happened this past weekend.  I also talk about how hard we are on ourselves and sometimes, when we don't take a breath, we dig the hole deeper and may accidentally lash out at others.  In business and in our personal lives we have to learn to take a breath. We also need to understand we're all just doing the best we can.  Find me on all my social media by clicking here. More information on Gary Vee. Support the show
Whether it be in business or in your personal life, using the word "busy" is self-indulgent and can just make you look bad. Stop using the word and see it change the way you manage your time, how you deal with your clients, employees, and friends.  It can change how you come across to others and make you appear as a person who is respectful of other people and their time.  Such a simple trick, but a good one.  Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
There is a system I created as a teenager so that I would never live with any regrets. In this episode, I share the "How To" on never having to regret any decision you make. With these steps and a different perspective, you can also free yourself of living with future regrets. As always, I'm so glad you stopped by. Please visit either of my websites if you'd like to know more:  Business and Home and please subscribe for more episodes every Tuesday morning by 9am PST time wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. If you'd like to reach out to me, please send me a message -- and I will do my best to get back to you.    Stay Beautiful. 
In this episode, I talk about what the definition of friendships should be and it has little to do with whether or not you met online verse in person.  I also give examples in both business and in my personal life. As always, I'm so glad you stopped by. Please visit either of my websites if you'd like to know more:  Business and Home and please subscribe for more episodes every Tuesday morning by 9am PST time wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.  If you'd like to reach out to me, please send me a message -- and I will do my best to get back to you.  Stay Beautiful. 
I want to clarify what this Podcast is about. But first, let me apologize to my regular listeners for not being consistent and not having a regular recording time. That changes this week. I will have a new episode up, every Tuesday morning before 9am PST time. Also, my blog post, which can be found on will also be posted on a consistent basis, Monday mornings PST.  If I will not be posting a new episode, I will repost one that I think has value to listen to again. Or I will post a notice saying I had to skip for some reason or another. In a nutshell, this podcast will always be about finding more positivity and joy. Whether it be in the workplace or in life, I will use my experience to explain how I stay focused on real wealth -- meaning having more joy than not in my life. How I can get through tragedy and hardship and not falter and pain someone else for whatever sadness has come my way.  I may not have the perfect life, but I have a better life than most and I want to share with everyone how I've gotten it done.  Thank you for listening!  Please reach out to me if you have any questions and/or concerns -- we'd love to hear from you!
There's a great article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about this newish dilemma.  The conversation is happening everywhere, but today, I was inspired by the comment section over on LinkedIn. The truth is, Recruiting and Employers themselves have been going about hiring people in so many wrong ways for so long, I'm not surprised this is the new go to for some very frustrated people seeking a job opportunity. I recently had a similar situation happen and I understand completely why some people, being offered and accepting a situation may in fact just choose not to show up.  It's not a practice I encourage or would ever do myself, but in this episode, I offer reasons why and how we might think about changing it.  As always, thank you for stopping by. Please visit my work website and my creative space online for more information!  
I'm shocked by how many people believe that being happy is the goal in life. No. Imagine if you were happy every day?  Most people would think you're crazy, and you would be. Happiness is not the goal, but learning how to find happiness when things are tough... that's what I explain in this episode. My skydiving video is in the middle of this Post. Enjoy!  
Does anyone out there feel like they haven't lived up to their potential? Me too. I don't have any answers and actually, in this episode, I'm asking -- do you have any real wisdom to share? Anything I haven't already done?  And please, let's not talk about being grateful. I really want to know if anyone else out there feels like, they just don't know what they don't know?  A vent. 
How do we hire people with the idea of diversity and inclusion in mind? Does hiring people of color mean less for white employees?  From an example that happened on LinkedIn, we discuss the issues that trigger some white folk when trying to uplift people of color.  Is there enough in the pie for everyone? And what exactly is the existential crisis?  Andrea Nunez, from The Genysys Group, is our guest.  
Are you a morning person? Do you procrastinate? Do you thrive in chaos or are you so organized that others crave to be just like you? Doesn't matter. At the end of the day, who you are is perfectly okay. It's what makes you, YOU! So, how do you take your "weaknesses" and make them into strengths? Well, listen in while I give you a few possibilities! And remember, it really is all about the joy!I've also started a YouTube Channel. Just trying something out. So, if you'd like, head on over and check it out.  Either look it up by typing in Carmen Lezeth or click here. 
In this episode, we speak with Andrea Nunez, CEO of The Genysys Group about mistakes that bosses and leaders make on a pretty regular basis.  Andrea talks about having job descriptions, setting up clear expectations for both parties, and explains what the difference is between a leader and a boss.  Do you know what the difference is?  And, hey, you're manager, but should you be? Those questions and more answered here -- enjoy!  Reference to "Gary Vee" in this episode is talking about Gary Vaynerchuk. Click on link to learn more. 
People are confused about what the definition of Content is. This episode explores the idea that everything you create and share, even comments on blog post, or a TikTok video is Content. The question really is, does the content you share have value?  And how do you treat people in your social media commenting or just hanging around?  How you react to your audience matters.  Every. Single. Time.  
How to Fire Someone

How to Fire Someone


Part of owning a business is having to hire and fire people on a pretty regular basis. I'm good at it, yes even the firing part.  In this episode, I share some of my tips on how to do it and why it's not so difficult to do. The interesting part? You can apply these tips to all aspects of your life, not just work.  
The idea that social media isn't a REAL part of our everyday lives and affects us daily is a myth. How you interact with social media not only affects your business, but it also affects us personally.  It tells you a lot about who you really are in the world, and in this case, can affect how you work, feel, and function on a daily basis. Take note. 
Rejection, in all its forms, happens more often than not. Learning how to deal with rejection is a skill, something that you can master and not get derailed by.  Listen in and learn a bit about how being rejected, actually can be a plus - and always, if you look at it positively, an opportunity. 
Since day one I have disagreed with Oprah (and others) about practicing gratitude. Being grateful has nothing to do with getting the things you want in life. But that is what people think: if they write in a gratitude journal then they will get that new car or new boyfriend they've been hoping for. I don't know where it got twisted, but that's not why you should practice being grateful. That's not it at all.  
This episode talks about the link between being able to speak to each other regardless of our differences, with respect, and whether or not it's because we all lack basic manners and simple etiquette. Support the show
I've talked about this subject before. The concept is well-meaning, but when you keep saying "let it go" please know, you're not doing anything at all to help the situation. Actually, you're making it worse. If you want to help, here's what you need to do... 
Practicing Self-care has become a very well-known subject. The word itself can turn people off, but this weekend, I experienced something that surprised me and made me feel such joy I just wanted to share it with everyone and also remind everyone -- finding joy and uplifting our spirit is a form of self-care. This is how I do it!  Oh, and if you want to see a clip of me skydiving - check out my blog post  on "Things I Do for Fun" scroll down and you'll see the short clip of me Skydiving. Brings me joy every time.
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