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Bear market is always scary, because no one knows when the turn around will happen. Season investors understands how to position themselves in other to navigate the turbulence, however, young investors do not have the patience to bear the temporary loss in their portfolio.Support the show
Saving money won't guarantee you financial freedom, likewise extreme frugality. There are many forms of frugality, but understanding financial principles will set you apart from the societal rat race.   Support the show
Investing is a generic word to some people, while smart individuals are making big bucks from investment. Having the right mindset and access to valuable information always set a good investor apart from non-investor.   Support the show
Financial health isn't just how much money you make, but what you can do with the amount you earn. There are people making millions a year, with desperate financial challenges. The belief that income is all that matters is a limiting belief. Support the show
It's almost impossible to rise above your beliefs. If you believe you will never be wealthy, you are right, you won't. This is why it's very important to change your belief system to viewpoints that support, rather than limit you.Support the show
Most of the courses students takes in most academic institutions aren't applicable in real life. Political ideologies now has greater influence in the education system than what is really needed in academic curriculum. An average graduate is not being prepared for what is out there, they leave university and struggle to find their footing in many aspect of life. This episode, elaborates up to 11 most important skills needed to live a fulfilling life.    Support the show (
Many investors believe earning from numerous streams of income will set you up for financial freedom in no time, however the debate between which investment will bring the most revenue divide most investors, is it real estate investment or stock market? Support the show (
Bear market are scary, when we are scared we do make bad decisions.  A bear market is a drop of 20% or more in S&P 500 and Nasdaq over an extended period of time. Understanding how to trade a bear market puts you above  average investors.Support the show (
Investing in the stock market is not for the fainted heart, you need a good insight and plans to make money from stocks and bonds. However, investing today is much more different from grand dads wall street strategies. We now have meme stocks,  jumping 60% in a day without any changes to the company's  fundamentals.   Support the show (
Being frugal doesn't mean you are on your way to financial freedom. It's a tool, if used correctly can lead you to the ladder of wealth. Saving money alone without investing, is just a sacrifice without any end result.Support the show (
Middle age come with it's own challenges, but understanding the strategies to navigate it will set you apart from others. Don't leave it to fate, take responsibility of your finance and never look back. That sounds like a strategy to me.  Support the show (
We all want to live a good life as soon as income start coming in, but at what expense?Prioritising the important things in our life as early as possible will determine our financial status later in life.  Support the show (
Cryptocurrency has been around since 2009, but of recent, the hype and the noise can't be ignored anymore. Meme coins turning millennials to overnight millionaires, and Bitcoin holders making wall street investors look like novice is the major topic everywhere. This episode takes a tiny swipe at the enormous information out there concerning crypto assets.    Support the show (
You need to be confident in your ability and able to channel the right tools towards the success of your goals. If you don't believe in a company why will you invest in it in the first place. Now if you don't believe in yourself no one will take you serious.Support the show (
Our Relationship with people has a greater impact on our lives. Your character can be influence by the people you associate with. Support the show (
Is Real Estate the obvious investment of our time? No I don't think so. Support the show (
Saving money is a must if you want to live a good life. It's very difficult for some people, because they don't know how to go about it, or it's almost impossible for them to save from the little they earn.Support the show (
Financial freedom is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes some people 30 years to attain and some 5 years.  Support the show (
Tracking where your money goes, is part of the steps you need to understand if you want to be financially free.  Support the show (
I was told when i was a little boy, the future will shape you to what you will become.Support the show (
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