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After a couple months of no episodes and feeling weary from the world drama, Gina shares some of the thoughts she's been thinking about the madness we have all been living and wonders if you've been pondering the same... you can contact gina by email at
In recent weeks it's come to my attention that at least 50% of the videos and articles I've seen purporting to be true, are just more fake news, and it's become rampant on the side of the Truth Movement, and it is way more dangerous than the fake Covid virus or the variant. The movement towards exposing the truth is crucial to ending these crimes against humanity but if the alternative media continues to promote content that is not verified, and we continue to believe it without verifying it for ourselves, most of what we have done will be lost.  We must be more vigilant in verifying before we share.    Feel free to email me at
In this episode, I speak once again with Michael Swinwood, attorney and shaman, in a free-flowing and humorous excursion through current world events and our spiritual gifts, as well as how to return to our sacred connection to the Earth and to become more human beings than human doings.  Feel free to email me with questions, comments, suggestions and sharing.  I truly read all my emails from listeners.
In this episode I have a powerful conversation with David Icke, the groundbreaking author, researcher and public speaker about love, human consciousness, the renegade mind/heart, and what we MUST do now in order to save humanity from this enslavement agenda that is rapidly unfolding in our world.  David says that we must go from seeing it (the false narrative and all that goes with it) to ceasing to cooperate with it.  Here are the links I mentioned in the episode.  And feel free to email me at undividedginacloud@pm.meDavid's website: of A Renegade Mind Book (coming soon) Steiner on vaccines almost 100 years ago:excerpt : lecture (9 HOURS!) :
In this episode, Gina speaks about her concept of "truth gossiping" as a form of distraction and division that is keeping us all in fear and fury and disconnected from our hearts and each other.  Feel free to reach out to me by e-mail at
Gina speaks with Dr. Jane Ruby about the newly developing graphene oxide found in the Pfizer jab, as well as why we can no longer trust many doctors to have our best interests and how we must come together to stop what is coming next.  You can find Dr. Jane Ruby on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and, all with drjaneruby.  Feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments, and guest suggestions at
In this episode, Gina talks with Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and President of NVIC, The National Vaccine Information Center about the latest Covid 19 vaccine information, providing an education about this complex subject, as well as guidance on how to fight to keep our health freedoms in tact.  This is MUST KNOW information for everyone.  Here are the links Barbara referenced in our conversation:, which is her main website link.  This is the link for state specific Vaccine info and laws:  And here is the link for updates on vaccine reactions:    You can also email me with comments, suggestions, feedback at undividedginacloud@pm.meMY APOLOGIES, BUT THERE ARE SOME AUDIO GLITCHES DUE TO TECH ISSUES.  
In this episode, Gina goes on a rant, using tough love, to remind us all that our compliance makes us complicit in these crimes against humanity and that we must end this paralysis of individual action by speaking up, finding our courage, and taking action NOW.  You can contact Gina by email at
In this episode, Gina Cloud talks with badass attorney and shaman, Michael Swinwood, about the Eugenics agenda that has been in play for almost a century and its role in these crimes against humanity and how the solution and resolution resides in our ability to reconnect to our individual and collective spiritual roots.  Feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions and feedback at    To learn more about Michael Swinwood and his work, visit his website:
Gina Cloud shares heartfelt messages about our current world culture and offers suggestions on how we can come together to win this silent war against humanity.  Feel free to reach out with questions, comments and suggestions via email at
In this episode, I speak with Reiner Fuellmich, one of the founders of the Corona Investigative Committee who is spearheading the crimes against humanity global lawsuits, and who has been active in dismantling the false Covid narratives on behalf of us all.  We explore what's coming next and what we can and need to do to save humanity from what is being unleashed.  His channel has many interviews with doctors and scientists from around the world who have been fired and defamed for speaking the truth.  Feel free to reach out to me for questions, comments and suggestions at
In this episode, my guest, Leslie Manookian, founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund, a non profit you can find at We discuss the idea of bodily autonomy, which is the idea that we have the RIGHT to decide what happens to our bodies, including whether to be vaccinated or not.  We explore many of the hidden truths that are not being shared in the mainstream narrative, and invite you to  think for yourself to empower your life.  Please share this information!!  Feel free to reach out to me for questions, comments and suggestions at
Welcome to Undivided

Welcome to Undivided


In this first episode, Gina Cloud introduces herself and explains why she started this Podcast, what it is, and what it isn't.   Undivided is a place to find common ground as humanity, a place where truth and free speech and robust discussion prevail. And a place where we can also agree to disagree. It's a place where we hear from people from all walks of life on whatever matters, from all over the planet, as we seek to reconnect our hearts, minds and souls and to take a bold stand for our human rights, our bodily sovereignty and our inalienable liberties. Feel free to reach out to me for questions, comments and suggestions at
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Dan Jury

Love the podcast Gina keep up the good work..

Jun 14th
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