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Season 3 Finale... & time for a little break! Where have the last 12 weeks gone?! ... and what a 12 weeks it's been.This episode the girls give you a little life update, they spill the beans one some of their recent friendship bickers, what's on the horizon for the pair, Chloe's off to Europe, Ellidy & Minnie not far behind... They break the news that they will be having an extended break BUT will (hopefully) come back with some crazy euro stories.Ellidy chats about the Chumpy Pullin Foundation and the upcoming 1st Annual Gala, you can purchase tickets to attend via the link below AND also enter the silent auction to win a 'Girls Night Out' on the Gold Coast with us!.... and last but not least, we managed to wrangle Fisher into the studio to chat to all things Miami, Minne & beyond.Thank you all for being a part of this journey ! Until next season...xxxThis episode is brought to you by Nat'V BasicsUse code DARLINGSHINE at www.natvbasics.comChumpy Pullin Foundation Gala & Auction Items:*tickets are still available to attend the Chumpy Pullin Gala (put “darling shine listener” in the notes when booking, with your name to be seated on a darling shine listener table)Listen to FISHER Miami Music set:
In this episode, we chat with meditation expert and trainer, Janoah Van Kekem.  Janoah learnt the art of Vedic Meditation back in 2014 and has been sharing his knowledge and training others ever since. He's not your typical 'meditation guru', he's on a mission to break the stigma around meditation, he explains why it's so beneficial and how to begin... We discuss Vedic Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, a few tips and tricks on how to carve mediation into your daily routine, how mediation can help prepare the body for IVF, advice on how you can come back from trauma and loss and much much more.  To find out more about Janoah, you can find him on Instagram here: If you are interested in training with Janoah, you can find information about his courses here: This episode is brought to you by BitesoftUse code DARLINGSHINE for $250 off. Code valid til 1st August
More of your questions answered…Ellidy goes into depth about her breastfeeding journey, Minnie’s routine, the prospect of dating again after losing Chumpy, and her postpartum body.Chloe chats about dating a DJ and dealing with the travel and fans that come with it, she also touches on pregnancy anxiety, endometriosis and her go-to recipes.Lots of memories and as always banter. We hope you love this one!This episode is brought to you by Lyka Pet Code: DARLINGSHINE for 30% off your first box. 
A Q&A episode that quickly turned into a two-part series. The girls (accidentally) get deep and personal on what should have been quick-fire-questions.Ellidy and Chloe have beautiful discussions around how they both grieve what each other has - with the loss of Ellidy’s partner Chumpy while carrying their newborn baby, while Chloe and Fisher are madly in love but long for a child after their multiple miscarriages. The girls embrace each other's lives like none other.We also hear about Chloe’s recent overseas escape after losing the twins and where her head is at, and Ellidy updates us on how Chumpy’s family are coping.This episode is sponsored by Esmi Skin MineralsUse code DARLINGSHINE for 20% off sitewide Valid till 22nd May 2022
Our best friend and world-renowned professional surfer Laura Enever joins us. This energizer bunny has toothpicks for legs and manages to charge some of the worlds biggest waves.Laura talks us through her life on tour, growing up in a male-dominated industry, the challenges she faced, and the pressures of social media and media in general. We listen and learn as Laura enlightens us on her journey from surfing the World Championship Tour, to the Big Wave Tour including her documentary Undone Film. And more recently now transitioning to commentating for the World Surf League. This girl never ceases to amaze. We are forever inspired!This episode is brought to you by Nat’V Basics. Use code DARLINGSHINE for 30% off www.natvbasics.comlinks:
Navigating your 20’s ain't no easy feat - one second you’re wearing a school uniform, then you blink, and you're an 'adult'!?Chlo & Ell give you the low down on how they did life in their 20’s, the good, the bad and the ugly... They drill in that it's ok to not have it all figured out by the time you’re 25!They discuss their own regrets and highlights, what they'd wished they'd done, how to find happiness and search for your own purpose...Other topics include silly investments they've made, how to manage your finances, travelling and working in your 20's, body image and lots more! Big juicy episode for your ear holes, enjoy Da Links.This episode is brought to you by Luna Lane. code: DARLINGSHINE for 25% off sitewide.
In today's episode, Chloe & Ellidy interview their fertility acupuncturist Jess Hewett from Nüwa Natural Health. Jess specializes in woman’s health, Chinese medicine, IVF & pregnancy support as well as massage and cupping. She is an absolute wizard in her field!A few topics covered in this episode include acupuncture specific for fertility, tips for trying to conceive, assistance in finding your fertile window & your menstrual cycle. Lots to learn from this one ladies and gents! The woman’s body and reproductive system so incredibly interesting and we are so passionate about learning and sharing as much as we can around this topic with you! Enjoy. This episode is brought to you by Healthy Nourished SoulUse code DARLINGSHINE for 25% off storewide
We regretfully hear from our beautiful Chloe on her recent miscarriage, 3 from 3 now… After losing twins at 8 weeks, Chlo shows us yet again just how incredibly resilient she is, she shares her journey and updates us on what’s next for her and Fisher.This episode the girls are raising money for The Pink Elephant Foundation who support women through pregnancy loss and beyond. Donation link: episode is brought you by Esmi Skin Minerals.Link: code DARLINGSHINE for 15% off sitewide. Exclusions apply. Code is valid till 20th April 2022
On this episode of Darling, Shine! we have the beautiful Chantelle Otten. Chantelle is a Melbourne-based Psycho-Sexologist who is passionate about empowering people to feel great about their sexual health, self-esteem, communication, and education. The girls discuss sex, pleasure, relationships, and how these topics don’t have to be shameful or taboo. This episode is brought to you by NAT Vwww.natvbasics.comUse Code: DARLINGSHINE for 30% offLinks:https://www.omgyes.comChantelle Otton website, book, podcast: - - ‘The Sex Ed You Never Had’
This episode Chloe and Ellidy discuss all things friendships and how to navigate and embrace the different types. Some people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The girls also give their 'two bob's worth' on toxic friends, friendship breakups, and how to identify whether your friends are really being true friends.This episode is brought to you by Luv LouUse code DARLINGSHINE for 25%
Lotte lost her lover and soulmate Ben in 2020. Just 4 months after Ellidy lost Chumpy.The girls were bound by their tragic losses and formed an incredibly unique bond. In this episode, you will get to know the amazing Lotte. With their hearts on their sleeve, Lotte, Ellidy,  and Chloe discuss all things life, alongside their trauma and grief.Lotte and Ellidy also chat about their new e-book ‘Now What’, which they’ve spent the last 18 months culminating, whilst trying to navigate life after loss. episode is sponsored by Love Isabelle Jewellery.Use Code DARLINGSHINE at checkout for 30% off Lotte’s Insta:
Welcome to Season 3 of Darling, Shine! After a few months off Chloe and Ellidy give you a big life update to kick things off. Ellidy fills us in on her 3 months away in Sydney, dealing with her Dad's recent brain cancer diagnosis and passing. On a positive note, she gives us an update on her beautiful baby Minnie who is now 4 months old.Chloe gives us the details on her recent IVF procedures and goes into the brain programming treatment she's recently had to help shift her mindset. She also tells us some really spine-chilling stories of her recent session with a world-renowned Psychic Medium.We are back and happy to be in your earholes!This episode is brought to you by Esmi Skin Minerals Code: DARLINGSHINE @ checkout. Code valid till the 24th March 2022.Links:Matthew McConaughey Insta post:
Guys, we got a bit on!

Guys, we got a bit on!


Here’s a quick little update from us 💕 a few obstacles to navigate already for 2022 but we plan to be back in your earholes end of Feb - and thank you to our Sponsors for being so patient! X 
Today we interview Keira Rumble - who is quite literally the ultimate girl boss and supermum bundled in one. Keira is the founder of Krumbled Foods which is stocked in major retailers like Coles and Priceline in Australia, and most recently her latest venture, Habitual Beauty.Not only is Keira a businesswoman, similar to Chloe she gained a huge public response upon sharing her own struggles with conceiving on her Instagram. The girls discuss Keira’s journey to becoming a mother, which covers miscarriage, infertility, IVF, ectopic pregnancies, and endometriosis. This episode is brought to you by Habitual Beauty - a collection of science-backed skincare and supporting ingestible supplements to get you glowing from the inside out. Enjoy 20% using our code DARLING at www.habitualbeauty.coKeira's Sydney based Doctors:Dr David Kowalski - OBDr Alison Gee - Genea - Fertility Specialist 
Chloe & Ellidy interview the beautiful Lyndie Irons. Lyndie was married to iconic, 3x world surfing champion, Andy Irons. Their love story was truly one made in heaven, they were surfing’s ‘Royal Couple’. Lyndie travelled on tour with Andy as his wife and manager until he tragically passed away in 2010, while Lyndie was 8 months pregnant with their first son Axel... Fast forward to now, Lyndie’s miracle child Axel is 10 years old. Lyndie shares with us her story whilst drawing upon the similarities between herself and Ellidy, as they both lost their partners too soon. Links: episode is brought to you by Esmi Skin Minerals. Use code SHINE20 for 20%
Ellidy’s Birth Story!

Ellidy’s Birth Story!


Ellidy gives us all the details of how her beautiful baby girl Minnie Alex Pullin came into the world. She reveals the birth plan vs the reality, Chumpy’s presence in her birth suite, and the moment she laid eyes on Minnie. A truly magical entrance into the world. This episode is brought to you by HARTROKS.Use code DARLINGSHINE for 20% at
Dr. Kee Ong is a Senior Monash IVF Specialist and one of the brightest medical minds in Australia.Chloe & Ellidy drill Dr. Ong with questions on all things fertility, as well as discussing Chloe’s own personal journey going through IVF currently with Dr. Ong.They chat about: ✅ Your period✅ How long it should take to fall pregnant✅ Getting your AMH tested✅ The contraceptive pill✅ Endometriosis & PCOS✅ Difficulties conceiving✅ Progesterone✅ Practical tips on what to look out for with your own fertility✅ Lucky charms around collections & transfer daysThis episode is brought to you by Maaemo a holistic wellness brand that creates organic skincare products designed to enhance your Raw Beauty.Shop online and use the code SHINE15 to get 15% off at
The girls draw from their own personal experiences with grief and discuss practical strategies and tips on how you can navigate your own grief, or help with a friend going through loss. This episode is brought to you by Esmi Skin Minerals. Use code SHINE20 for 20% at*cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
We are SO excited to announce the safe arrival of Ellidy & Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin’s miracle baby. A result of post mortem sperm retrieval following Chumpy’s tragic passing in July 2020. El gives us insight into her first few days as a solo mother, and further discusses the rollercoaster of emotions involved with motherhood so far.   This story is a true modern day miracle! This episode is brought to you by ArcaaUse code DARLINGSHINE  for 15% off at Code valid until 18th November 2021.
Let’s learn about our lady bits! Meet our beautiful friend Ellie aka 'Eggie' who began ‘Comfortable in My Skin’ the movement 3 years ago. She works to empower people to love the skin they’re in, currently Ellie is working to release a coffee table book, she’s been shooting over 500 vulva’s and teaching people not to shame the portal from which they came. With Labiaplasty being the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world, statistics show a huge number of vulva owners are worried that they do not look “normal” downstairs. This episode is brought to you by Sally Lowrie author of Healthy Nourished Soul. A beautiful book that will nourish your mind, body and soul.Sally has keen so kind to give our listeners a 20% off discount, use code DARLINGSHINE20 at
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