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In the newest episode of Crooner Has It, I am kicking off season 3 with a local darb who has been slaying the game for a handful of years now, Cole DeGenova. Shifting between the realms of Soul, Pop, and Jazz music, Degenova is an accomplished artist with a hefty resume. Tune in and find out just what this guy has been up to. Support the show
Tune in to this holiday episode where worlds collied, and I connect with another windy city podcast host, Blake Lambert-Haak. Blake is the host of Haunted Hometowns, where he dives into the spooks and specters that haunt our favorite cities across the U.S.A. Halloween may be his favorite, but blake has decided to merge our love of podcasting and chat all about my favorite time of year, Christmas!Support the show (
In this rhythmic episode of Crooner Has It, Chicago's Molly Smith of Chicago Tap Theater is swinging by the studio to clear the air and remind the haters that tap is anything but dead. We've all seen the greatest of Hollywood prance across the stage in titillating dance sequences, and now Molly tells us the secret of what got them started. Support the show (
The One with a D-List Diva

The One with a D-List Diva


Wouldn't ya know that I had the opportunity to sit down with the coolest cougar in all of Chicago? That's right, Aunt Nance has graced the Crooner pod with her effervescence and turned the heat up in this studio the only way Nance can.  Tune in for a rollercoaster of stories from the birth of Nance to the future of this class act about the town. She sure is shakin' it up!Support the show (
In this episode of Crooner Has It, I'm chatting with the one and only Dinah Smoke. Chicago's most prominent Lush and cannabis enthusiast. Listen to discover what Dinah has been doing since the pandemic put their performance goals on hold and how they navigated the year the world stopped.Support the show (
'Tis the season for pie! In this episode of Crooner Has It, I'm sitting down with Chicago's "man in black," so to speak, and having our own bull session about music, memories, and... pie? Tune in to learn about upcoming releases from Brian McGrath and learn about his newest pandemic hobby, the art of baking. Support the show (
In this episode, I'm chatting with Chicago's newest transplant Austin Winter. Austin is a new addition to the Crooner Has It roster and an instant fan favorite with their fluid style and enchanting vocals.  Tune in to this episode and listen with me as Austin takes us on a journey through their budding professional career, eclectic taste in music, and a quick chat about America's favorite redhead. Support the show (
After years of back and forth, I finally had the opportunity to connect with a local Chicago legend, Tommy Bravos. This singer, songwriter, and composer took the time to sit down with me in this pod episode and chat about all things music, mental health, and Avatar the Last Airbender. Support the show (
In this episode of Crooner Has It, I am catching up with one of my hometown heroes, Rachael Leek. Rachael and I go way back but have reconnected over the past few years and now share the stage in various live productions. I'm learning so much about this sass mouth in this episode, and I think you will too! So grab a drink, cozy up, and enjoy. Support the show (
On this premiere episode of Crooner Has It, I'm catching up with the drag queen of immaculate conception, Jenn der Fach! Known as a gupid stoofy among Windy City entertainers, Jenn takes me through their late birth as a drag performer and the balancing act with their buzzing schedule. There are twists and turns and the occasional jump scare in this ooky spooky episode airing just in time for Halloween. Support the show (
In this pod, I'm highlighting some of my favorite moments from the first season of Crooner Has It. I've had the opportunity to share the mic and swap stories with so many talented darbs in this inaugural season, and I can't wait for more. Stay tuned for season two of Crooner Has It and follow all of the fantastic guests featured here on social media, and stay up to date on all they have going on. Support the show (
I'm phoning down to the Sunshine State in this episode to catch up with one of my favorite yogis, Alex Rodgers. Together we reminisce about our younger days, Wanderlust, and wedding planning in the covid era. Support the show (
On the heels of my next single release, I've invited the artist responsible for the La vie en rose album artwork over for a little gab session. In this episode, we are chatting about their eccentric art style, which includes but is not limited to renaissance Furby masterpieces and twerking Velma. We'll also be releasing our inner nerds with a whole lot of smut for your listening pleasure. Hold on tight because this one is all over the place!Support the show (
In this episode, I'm joined by my SXM Media colleague, Angela Ranieri, who has recently decided to dive headfirst into her passions. Different from some of my other guests, Angela is just starting to build upon her comedic aspirations and navigate the waters of "show biz." Join us in 42 captivating minutes of laughs and life lessons centered around that work/life balance. Support the show (
In this episode of Crooner Has It, I'm kicking it with one of the first performers I ever shared a bill with in Chicago. From my theatrical pre-show ritual to Sara's lack thereof, we are gabbing it up and sharing tips and tricks on everything from songwriting to the stage. Support the show (
I'm sitting down with one chic content creator in this episode and offering my unsolicited advice on that work/life balance, ways we can all utilize or creative outlets, lotería, and my anti-climatic genealogy results. This is definitely one you don't want to miss as Yumi and are upping the buffoonery in this therapeutic pod. Support the show (
My good friend and bandmate Jeremy Flood is on the pod for an unforgettable bull session. In this episode, we are chatting about the ins and outs of our working relationship, the incomparable Alanis Morissette, and our idea of long-term success, which includes, but is not limited to, a set of teeth even Hillary Duff would envy. Support the show (
In this episode, I'm gabbing with Chicago's improv queen, Lauren Lonergan, about her comedic aspirations, astrological influences, and the celebrity voices that are living inside her head rent-free.Support the show (
Cait Coulomb swings by the studio to gab about our new project, "The Good Judy Tapes," her false accounts on the way we met and her eclectic musical stylings. Support the show (
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