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Our host Nancy Paloma Collins sits with the writer of a musical for a conversation about heartbreak, pain and the journey to find your true self.  This episode explores the development of Arena a House Music-al with Abel Alvarado, the true story of a young man that found his true self through an experience at the world famous Arena Night Club that closed in 2015. Abel knew that his story and the stories of so many needed to be document and told for others to hear and inspire those that need to feel empowered to find their true self. Arena a house Music-al is currently playing at Casa 0101 in East Los Angeles. For more information on how to buy tickets go to:https://casa0101.orgTNH (Teatro Nuevos Horizontes) Productions, CASA 0101 Theater, El Centro Del Pueblo and Councilmember Gil Cedillo are proud to present its first original musical:ARENA: A House MUSIC-alWorkshop ProductionWritten by Abel AlvaradoARENA: A House Music-al, written by Abel Alvarado, is based on the house music of the 1990’s at the legendary ARENA Nightclub in Hollywood. The story follows Lucio, the music minister, with a dynamic voice of the the Apostolic Church where his parents are also the pastors. He also has a closeted relationship with the church guitar player and when his parents find out, all hell breaks loose.Come reexperience the magic that was Arena.Source:  https://casa0101.orgHost:  Nancy Paloma Collins LMFTContact: www.palomatherapy.comIG: paloma_therapyPhone: (949)536-5133 Email: info@palomatherapy.comGuest: Abel AlvaradoIG: dzynabel 
MentalHealth411 podcast "All things mental health" this week we explore, a question that often comes up; How do I find a therapist? Paola Leon AMFT under supervision recently wrote a blog about this subject. Paola talks to our host Paloma Collins  about finding a therapist, tips and nuances that come up. Paola shares tips and they discuss personal experiences of finding a therapist. To read Paola's blog visit: are some suggested questions that Paola mentioned in her blog: Have you worked with individuals that are experiencing similar concerns?What do you consider to be your specialty or area of expertise?Are you a culturally sensitive therapist?Will I be able to express cultural issues?How frequently should we meet?How should I prepare for sessions?How will I know if therapy is working?MentalHealth411 IG: mentalhealth411Host: Paloma Collin IG: paloma_therapyGuest IG: PaolaTherapyWebsite for inquiry on services:
Our host Nancy Paloma Collins LMFT has a conversation with Mari Salinas a fashion stylist to the stars and entrepreneurs. Mari gets deep into the topic of body positive image and taking care of yourself through style and self expression. Mari Salinas shared: "I did not grow up being told that I was beautiful or smart or the right size. I was actually told on a daily that I was lacking. At my all girl Catholic high school the nuns would tell me that I wasn't smart and that I should at least lose some weight because I had a pretty face. My mother my tía would try to project and pass down their own body issues and insecurities onto me. I knew from a very young age that it didn’t matter that I was "fat," that I was still worth something. I still had so much to offer, something deeper than what people saw on the outside. I live my life this way now. I never blame my size for not having things I want. I believe I was just born with this confidence because I was not told this at all! Maybe that's why I am this size, because my confidence is so big!"Fashion should be fun. We don’t need to get in our heads about it. We can just play. We can always try something different tomorrow. Listen to this podcast and watch the full video in YouTube : Mari Salinas IG: Contact our host:  Paloma CollinsIG:
Our host Paloma Collins LMFT has a conversation with Keren Cabrera AMFT Associate Marriage and Family Therapist about Men who are survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and other violent crimes. The discussion leads into culture, stigma and how to better understand through an empathic lens the sensitivity and importance of awareness. Keren Cabrera is an AMFT under supervision at Paloma Therapy Group in the state of California, for more information about Keren and her services please go to and to read her latest blog click on her BIO! You can watch this episode on YouTube under MentalHealth411 channel or listen through your favorite podcast stream. 
In this new episode on MentalHealth411, Alejandra Alvarez LMFT has a profound conversation with our host Nancy Paloma Collins LMFT on the “Emotional reconnection between transnational mothers and their children after reunification. It is increasingly common for single mothers to parent from afar while working in another country. Due to this separation, the natural mother-child bond is broken, creating in the child a longing for the mother to heal the wound created by the separation” Alejandra Alvarez, A Daughter’s Pain 2013.Grab your tissues, tea/coffee and sit down to listen to this podcast, it’s a must!!! Follow:IG: @MentalHealth411 Facebook: @MentalHealth411 Our Host: @paloma_therapy
Men's Mental Health

Men's Mental Health


Latinx community and mental health through the eyes of an advocate for men’s mental health. Perez the advisor (Benjamin) has a conversation with our host Paloma Collins about men’s mental health the stigma and his journey in advocating for mental health. They talk about generational trauma, machismo and possible implications that have been brought up when discussing mental health in Latinx homes. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Men’s Mental Health. IG: pereztheadvisorPodcast: Latinx greek Life
MentalHealth411 brings together Karari Olvera and our host Paloma Collins LMFT in a conversation about issues that arise during a person's process of growth and transition. The transgender community is a vulnerable community that is often in need of community resources and support. This podcast will provide valuable information and share personal experiences. Listen to this authentic conversation of identity, family and health. Learn more about Karari Olvera and her work:IG: @kararikueConsulting: @praxischiThank you for listening!
MentalHealth411 presents an interview with AHF. Pharmaceutical representatives Anthony Susarrey and Giselle Schillingdiscuss services that AHF provides for community members. Our host Paloma Collins interviews AHF on services that can be obtained by individuals and families. For more information on AHF please visit: https://www.aidshealth.orgDon't forget to hit the Subscribe button! AHF IG: Paloma Collins: IG: you for listening!
Ernesto Casillas 2X Emmy Award winning makeup artist joins our host Paloma Collins. Ernesto shares his journey of becoming a celebrity makeup artist and provides tips on what to expect in the industry. Ernesto is a native to the city of Los Angeles a first generation LatinX Mexican-American, he shares his narrative of growing up with artistic abilities identifying Queer and the importance of resiliency. Ernesto goes through a makeup tutorial with our host Paloma Collins, they talk makeup and self-care. Self-care is vital for daily revitalizing of our bodies, mind and soul, practicing self-care can reduce stress and symptoms of depression. Daily positive affirmations are important. The video for this tutorial is available on YouTube here is the link:'t forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and Podcast Here! 
CHANNEL KINDNESS Author and Founder of Queer Trans Events, Ash Lopez  joins our host Paloma Collins in a chat about community work with Born This Way Foundation, the process of becoming a published author and how her own journey inspired these accomplishments.  Order your copy of CHANNEL KINDNESS at For more information follow @channelkindnesss IG and @BTWFoundation IG Ash Lopez provides the LGBTQ+ community with resources, event information and more through her on line platform for more information follow: queer trans_events on IGIf you or someone you know needs help: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.orgDisclaimer: MentalHealth411 is a podcast for entertainment and information only, for any personal matters and individual needs  always seek professional help. 
On this week's episode our host Paloma Collins LMFT interviews Sean Garcia LMFT, a practicing therapist in the city of San Jose, Ca. ( Garcia shares his journey and some insight of providing mental health services to the LGBTQ+ community. This episode provides an insight to individuals and providers that are interested in knowing more about working with transgender transitions within a family and individuals that are transitioning. Sean also gives us an overview of how his 12 years in Corporate Marketing, Communications, and HR project management allows him to connect with working professionals and couples who find it difficult to balance work and family life, while sustaining their mental health.According to surveys done the identification of people in the U.S that identify as LGBTQ+ has risen and suggest that over 11 million adults in the U.S identify as LGBTQ+ (Gallup 2017.)source: you or someone you know is feeling hopeless or suicidal, trained crisis counselors are available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386 via chat ​​, or by texting START to 678678.
Host Paloma Collins talks with Life Coach Boonie Sripom ( about gaming and mental health. Boonie gives her expert opinion on how gaming impacts families and relationships. Gaming is a hot topic with many families and individuals trying to navigate how to understand the gaming culture the viral world and for some understanding how many individuals are connecting with others through these platforms. You can follow our host Paloma Collins on instagram @palomacollins our guest can be found on instagram @organizedmesses an reach her through email:
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