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Episode 24: Kater Hake

Episode 24: Kater Hake


We’re joined this episode by Kater Hake, Vice President of Agricultural and Environmental Research at Cotton Incorporated. Today Kater and Shely chat about the state of cotton farming and some of the challenges that cotton and other crops face in the future.
In this episode, we’re joined by Kasey Bamberger and Mark Bryant, the father-daughter team behind Ohio’s Bryant Agricultural Enterprise. They chat with Shely about how they integrate new processes and technologies into their farming operation and what they see in store for the future of farming.
This is a special super-sized episode featuring Bart Elmore, Associate Professor of Environmental and Business History at The Ohio State University and author of a fascinating new book called, “Seed Money: Monsanto’s Past and Our Food Future.” Bart joins the show to talk about his book and to give us a peek into the impact of Monsanto’s agricultural legacy.
Episode 21: David Lee

Episode 21: David Lee


David Lee, the president of AppHarvest and former CFO of Impossible Foods, joins the show this week to talk about the potential benefits of moving crops closer to consumers through controlled-environment agriculture.
This episode we’re joined by Rachel Konrad, former Chief Communications Officer at Impossible Foods, who chats with Shely about the challenges facing today’s food system and what consumers really want from their food. 
Episode 18: Dana Worth

Episode 18: Dana Worth


Dana Worth, senior vice president of commercial for vertical farming company Plenty and former Impossible Foods VP, joins this episode to talk about indoor farming and connecting consumers to the future of agriculture. 
In this episode, Shely talks about regenerative farming, soil health, and agtech with Mitchell Hora a 7th generation Iowa farmer and founder/CEO of soil health data company Continuum Ag.
Episode 31: Ben Alfi

Episode 31: Ben Alfi


We’re joined this episode by Ben Alfi, a former Israeli Air Force pilot and CEO and founder of Blue White Robotics. Ben and Shely talk about rising labor scarcity on the farm and how autonomous equipment fits into the future of agriculture.
Episode 30: Tom Adams

Episode 30: Tom Adams


Welcome to Croptastic the InnerPlant Podcast where your host Shely Aronov explores the global future of agriculture and food. In this episode, we’re joined by Tom Adams, CEO and co-founder of Pairwise. Tom has over 25 years of biotechnology leadership experience and chats with Shely about how that experience continues to influence his work using biotech to create healthier food at Pairwise.
We’re joined this episode by Todd Martin, CEO of the Independent Professional Seed Association, who chats with Shely about seed genetics, traits, and letters to the USDA.
Episode 28: Rachel Lee

Episode 28: Rachel Lee


In this episode, we’re joined by Rachel Lee, a 15-year-old wunderkind and co-creator of the TechnoGypsie podcast. Rachel chats with Shely about her path to developing her own gene-editing project.
Welcome to Croptastic the InnerPlant Podcast where your host Shely Aronov explores the global future of agriculture and food. David Wallerstein, Chief eXploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President of Chinese Internet titan Tencent joins the show this episode to talk about the need for big solutions to the planet’s biggest problems. His water-focused documentary, “Day Zero” is available on Amazon Prime.
Joining the show this episode is Dr. Rattan Lal, Distinguished Professor of Soil Science and Director of the Carbon Management and Sequestration Center at The Ohio State University. Professor Lal won the Japan Prize in 2019 in recognition of his work toward sustainable soil management for global food security and mitigation of climate change. He also won the World Food Prize - the Nobel Prize of food and agriculture - in 2020. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, May-June Issue, “Sustaining soil for advancing peace: World is one family”
This episode’s guest is Gonzalo Fuenzalida the CEO and co-founder of Andes Ag. Gonzalo joins the show to chat about agricultural biologicals and where they and other technologies fit in the future of agriculture. 
This episode gets into the weeds with James Westwood a professor at Virginia Tech whose research focuses on parasitic plants, plant communication, and weed evolution. He’s also the lead author of “Weed Management in 2050: Perspectives on the Future of Weed Science.” 
In this episode, Shely talks about how the agribusiness landscape will shape the development of agtech with Shane Thomas, the agronomist and agribusiness analyst behind UpStream Ag Insights.
Episode 15: Adam Litle

Episode 15: Adam Litle


In this episode, we discuss the state of agtech and the challenges of being agtech founder with Adam Litle CEO of Sound Agriculture, an agtech company working to increase the pace of consumer and environmental change by unleashing the natural power of plants.
Matt Carstens, President and CEO of Landus Cooperative, Iowa’s largest farmer-owned cooperative focusing on soy and corn, joins the show this week to talk about innovation in agriculture and putting farmers at the center of agtech development. 
Carl Peterson, owner of Peterson Farms Seed network and third-generation farmer, joins the show to give a farmer-centric view of the future of agriculture and food. 
Patrick Vizzone joins Shely to talk about China's role in the global future of agriculture and food. Patrick is one of InnerPlant's newest investors/advisors and is International Head of Food Beverage and Agribusiness and Hong Kong Head of Corporate Banking for the Australia New Zealand  Banking Group. Patrick also spent more than a decade on the board of China Agri Industries, which was the key listed subsidiary of the COFCO Group, China’s largest food and agriculture company.
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