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Author: Andrew Halcro

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Strong opinions on Alaska politics, life and entertainment
42 Episodes
We finally know why Mayor Dave Bronson's Homeless Director quit without a word. The mayor loses two of his more controversial nominees to the rude, crude and socially unacceptable file. Governor Mike Dunleavy is asking the court to send his personal bill to taxpayers while he plays with deer and ignores Alaska's struggling economy. In Life Maia Nolan-Partnow has some thoughts on her newly vaccinated children. My grandson Wyatt files a travel review from Vernal, Utah. In closing comments we long for a Senfeld-esq revenge.
The Alaska Redistricting Board gerrymanders its way to an unconstitutional outcome and it reeks of political desperation. 
Mayor Bronson embraces a discredited Chinese doctors theories on Covid. Amy Demboski buys a new home in Wasilla while getting roasted by a former colleague. The homeless director has gone Jimmy Hoffa while the Bronson administration plays games. A great book on one of the bravest female spies in American military history...and closing comments on Eagle Brexit.
While we continue to be alarmed at the behavior of Governor Mike Dunleavy and Mayor Dave Bronson, we can't forget that government still needs to work and they're both trying their hardest to break it. Maia Nolan-Partnow has some last minute Halloween costume ideas. We review the book The Warmth of Other Suns and in closing comments U.S. Senate challenger Kelly Tshibaka is selling more false tales.
Mayor Bronson, his Chief Medical Officer and his legislative liaison manage all anger the medical profession. Governor Dunleavy is using his staff to stiff arm political donors. My nine year old granddaughter has some thoughts on stuff. British crime dramas are back and how about some *!#$% civility around here?
Mayor Bronson faces a continued Covid surge, an illegal firing all while admitting he's not really running the city. Governor Dunleavy and his former chief of staff are found guilty of illegally firing state employees, and attempts to cook the books to sell his dividend plan. Maia Nolan-Partnow has some good advice on winter driving. We review a great book about Spiro T. Agnew. And  we discuss criticism.
The anti-maskers, anti-Semites and homophobes were clubbing for three nights in Anchorage and Stephan has the details. Mayor Dave Bronson's words demand a closer look for the truth. Governor Mike Dunleavy launches a podcast while the only thing taking off is Covid cases under his watch.
While Alaska's Covid cases lead the nation and Governor Mike Dunleavy encourages Alaskans to rush to the beach to meet a tsunami, Mayor Dave Bronson's administration is in meltdown while ethical and legal issues swirl around them...also we offer a defense of a Halloween classic...feature a new show about a podcast on Hula...and we dissect analogies in the Covid era.
Alaska leads the nation in new Covid cases while Mayor Bronson holds a pep rally for anti-vaxxers....meanwhile the mayor's homeless shelter proposal is rife with legal and ethics questions...the greatest street fashion photographer ever makes an appearance...and Alaska's economy continues to struggle with Covid.
Alaska’s government response on both the state and local level has become a deadly circus. Ignoring the cries for help the legislature fails while Mayor Delta Dave Bronson has left the building. Maia Nolan Partnow gives us hope in these crazy times…a men’s look from the 90’s is back…and let's all stop comparing things to Hitler, Nazis or the Holocaust.
Alaska is one of the few states that have failed to regain at least 50% of their pre-pandemic workforce. We talk how Governor Dunleavy and Mayor Bronson's Covid response is going to make it worse.
In a special episode we talk how Governor Mike Dunleavy and Mayor Dave Bronson are playing politics with Alaskan lives with their negligent COVID response.
Mayor Bronson's appointees the first sixty days portend a long three years ahead...Governor Dunleavy And Mayor Bronson have been playing the X card consistently and now it's the Delta Variants turn to play...Should you wear white in winter? We discuss the annual fashion question and finally the NPRA is Alaska's next great oil development hope but be aware of false revenue promises. 
The Alaska State Legislature is in special session and we explain step by step how Governor Dunleavy's constitutional amendments would increase spending, increase budget deficits and limit the way we pay for them...We talk about why Alaska is losing the 25 to 64 year demo....we talk Lee Iacocca's Ford Pinto saga...and we encourage to speak up and say something.
We talk Mayor Dave Bronson, sabotage and the Anchorage assembly…Governor Mike Dunleavy, re-election and reality… Maia gives us two minutes on respecting the fashions before us…and closing comments on the future of Alaska's economy courtesy of a cup of Steamdot coffee. 
Mayor Bronson's nominee for public health director resigns claiming it was unfair for him to know it's Covid not Corvid and she's Dr. Zink not Dr. Zinkle...In life we talk about how Anchorage appears to be getting meaner and nastier so we propose a suggestion...and in closing comments we offer feedback on feedback. 
With All Due Respect is gives you a booster shot of politics. Mayor Bronson goes Ralph Kramden on the Anchorage Assembly. Governor Mike Dunleavy goes Handmaid’s Tale on Alaska’s women. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski goes unprecedented for Alaska and U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan goes out of his way to do nothing.
Governor Dunleavy is using rural Alaska as a pawn...our podcast fashionista Maia Nolan Partnow and I debate boyfriend jackets, yellow bags and white knee high boots...and we announce major changes to the podcast.
New Polling on Alaska's U.S. Senate race...a bear who gets his stuck in a jar of honey can teach you a thing or two...and we discover why Mayor Bronson's proposal lacked accountability to protect taxpayers.
New poll numbers on a Walker-Dunleavy 2022 race…my 13 year old grandson Wyatt leaves a Yelp review…a fresh new vibe from South Africa for your summer playlist…and our in house fashionista has the final word on shell suits.
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