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Author: Andrew Halcro

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Strong opinions on Alaska politics, life and entertainment
26 Episodes
With All Due Respect is gives you a booster shot of politics. Mayor Bronson goes Ralph Kramden on the Anchorage Assembly. Governor Mike Dunleavy goes Handmaid’s Tale on Alaska’s women. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski goes unprecedented for Alaska and U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan goes out of his way to do nothing.
Governor Dunleavy is using rural Alaska as a pawn...our podcast fashionista Maia Nolan Partnow and I debate boyfriend jackets, yellow bags and white knee high boots...and we announce major changes to the podcast.
New Polling on Alaska's U.S. Senate race...a bear who gets his stuck in a jar of honey can teach you a thing or two...and we discover why Mayor Bronson's proposal lacked accountability to protect taxpayers.
New poll numbers on a Walker-Dunleavy 2022 race…my 13 year old grandson Wyatt leaves a Yelp review…a fresh new vibe from South Africa for your summer playlist…and our in house fashionista has the final word on shell suits.
Mayor Bronson's homeless shelter proposal gets the leave the gun take the cannoli treatment and we ask how it even got that far...Governor Dunleavy gets slapped around by the courts and CNBC...and our noir detective on how he broke the Troopergate scandal. All in under 15 minutes.
On our failure to communicate episode...Governor Mike Dunleavy tries to gaslight Alaskans and we shut him down...Chitty Chitty Bang Bang provides an unexpected education...and Jeff Landfield  would like a word.
You might not get a dividend this year and we explain why...we celebrate Alaska’s newest Supreme Court Justice…we tour public polling on the governor’s dividend proposal…our 1950” s detective takes a case from the Alaska Speaker of the House…and a word from Dermot Cole.
We invoke The Godfather and film noir to paint the governor’s misfortune…we chat about U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s opponent’s expensive carpetbag…and we review the top three sit-coms so far in the 21st century. 
It appears like political chaos but it's  actually Governor Dunleavy's well organized plan to reshape Alaska...also we shout out to three independent  journalistic warriors who are doing the Lord's work covering Alaska politics.
State lawmakers narrowly avert a state government shutdown but problems loom ahead...Mayor-elect Dave Bronson has announced my successor at ACDA and have I some thoughts about it all.
We debut a new game show featuring state lawmakers called "What the hell are you saying"...we review a British crime drama that will change your life...and Governor Mike Dunleavy's scores a goal on himself. 
Governor Dunleavy is not seeking re-election and why...Jeffrey "the dude" Lebowski makes an appearance in entertainment...and I smack back at critics for ignoring the big picture.
Devil meet details but Mayor-elect Dave Bronson's initial vision on addressing the homeless is solid...the loss aversion theory has been weaponized by the higher dividend crowd....and a Fellini classic you must see. 
Alaska lawmakers barely pass a budget despite Governor Dunleavy and his flock of believers trying to burn it all down...and we talk about a fabulous book by Alaska's own Julia O'Malley.
Who has the inside track to be Alaska's governor in 2022...and we talk about the rural sitcoms of the 60's that paved the way for the urban sitcoms of the 70's. 
Governor Dunleavy is dancing lawmakers into a corner as special session ends and we talk about three of the biggest cultural trends in America. 
Alaska's economy might recover faster if the state's economic development agencies looked inward...a French fashion icon owes the women of America...and public opinion on downtown.
Alaska's independent judiciary is under partisan attack in an effort to destabilize Alaskan's faith in the only remaining independent branch of state government. 
In this episode...Lisa Murkowski is more of a Marine than Dan Sullivan....Why are we listening to critics who live in crime ridden cities in the lower 48 but yet criticize Anchorage...we preview a brilliant British comedy/drama you should be watching...and closing comments on honesty, dignity and fairness.
We discuss Mayor-elect Bronson's transition co-chairs and how we should never forget the past or we will be doomed to repeat it and we talk about a film you should  consider watching by the great Federico Fellini. 
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