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We review the latest polls in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House races. Gubernatorial candidates Bill Walker and Les Gara sit for a joint interview on their collaborative strategy. Mayor Dave Bronson's approval ratings continue to nosedive.
Mayor Bronson's shelter project funded by five million taxpayers dollars seems like an episode of the Sopranos. Governor Mike Dunleavy has a sexual harassment coverup problem. We talk Alaska's judiciary and the judges on the ballot. A book about Leslie Jordan and the Rasmuson Foundation is doing amazing work.
Mayor Dave Bronson's administration knew exactly what they were doing when they spent millions illegally. Andrew and Ethan fact check Governor Mike Dunleavy's debate claims. A great book by Gay Talese.
Social and economic indicators say Alaska is dying. Mayor Bronson's latest cronyism has a $5 million price tag. An Alaska State Senator up for re-election uses a tragic death to rewrite her legislative history. UAA Hockey is back baby so it's time for the Regents to suit up.
The ghost of Todd Palin and Troopergate visits Angela Rodell. Why do local newspapers make it so hard to love them? Maia on what $3,200 buys and a book about the nineties.
The investigation into the firing of Angela Rodell raises more questions. Ketchikan is fighting the culture wars this election and we talk with borough mayor candidate Katie Jo Parrott. The final season of Ted Lasso is coming and we look at the character dynamics.
Former governor and current gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker talks about the future of Alaska and his campaign. We review a fabulous book called Killers of a Certain Age.
Governor Dunleavy  steps on the throat of education again. Interview with Chris Constant on the Mayor's homeless fiasco. U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan is supporting domestic terrorists. 
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski talks January 6th, bipartisanship and her strategy for the next 60 days on the campaign trail. Sarah Palin says she didn't quit as governor because she doesn't retreat she reloads...her attempt at revisionist history is quite a load alright. 
Newly elected U.S. Representative Mary Peltola stops by. Kelly Tshibaka's fraud investigation. Maia on Student Loan Forgiveness. Baby Boomers need to be honest with themselves.
Are Kelly Tshibaka's election chances gutted? Just how wrong is a constitutional convention pushed by the right? What's the hold up with body cams? Has anybody seen Governor Mike Dunleavy? How did we go from Ted Stevens to Ted Baxter?
We re-cap Alaska's primary election and look ahead to November. Niki Tshibaka is costing local taxpayers millions. Dermot Cole has thoughts on the governor's communication staff. A great book that'll make ya laugh. 
Anchorage's Director of Public Health resigns in disgrace and questions arise about his timing. We introduce a new political segment of rapid fire opinions on current political issues. Are Alaskans living a pipe dream for the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline...we answer.  Maia Nolan-Partnow files a report on her cross country family road trip. Alaska needs to stop listening to outside experts and get to work.
We welcome former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz to the show. An interview with George Martinez regarding the dangerous Centennial Park Campground fiasco. Mayor Dave Bronson taking credit for other's work is pure desperation.
The unmitigated tragedy that is Mayor Dave Bronson.  Is Alaska going Back to the Future instead of North to the Future? We talk Alaska's population and how it's changing will effect future employment with Nolan Klouda. A must read book for all baby boomers. 
A picture says a thousand words. Andrew and Van discuss a social media post about the homeless situation downtown.
We discuss how the pro-life political movement is a fraud. Interview with Scott Kendall on women in Governor Dunleavy and Kevin Clarkson's perfect world. Maia Nolan-Partnow has some thoughts on Roe V Wade. Mayor Dave Bronson got elected promising to fix Anchorage's homeless problem and is failing dramatically. We share our summer reading list.
Congressional candidate Nicholas Begich III is a poseur who is corrupting his family name. The Republican National Committee says that Alaska's Governor Mike Dunleavy has the worst economic record of any Republican governor in America. A new education bill is the best hope for early learning in two decades. Mayor Bronson has his hand forced on homeless solutions and he folds. A hot mic episode shows how classless Bronson's staff has become.A great book on the world's energy supply. It's time to fund the Port of Alaska
Sarah Palin enters the race for Congress like a Molotov cocktail thrown through Nick Begich's front window. Mayor Dave Bronson gets the Luca Brasi treatment from voters. Old white guys in Juneau seek women's rights. Stalin vacations in America.
But Why? I announce I am running to fill the remainder of Don Young's term and so we talk longshots. The Alaska Supreme Court rules redistricting is just a whole lot unconstitutional. Governor Dunleavy is alarmed at transgender athletes but not sexual harassment. Mayor Bronsons takes credit where credit ain't due. Maia Nolan Partnow on replacing Don Young.
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