DiscoverUnraveling - conversations around emotional wellness, trauma and healing
Unraveling - conversations around emotional wellness, trauma and healing
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Unraveling - conversations around emotional wellness, trauma and healing

Author: Reilly Scott/Michele Berthiaume

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Welcome to Unraveling - the podcast. Join us as we share stories and explore topics around emotional wellness, trauma and healing. Through our conversations, we aim to unravel who we are and the lives we lead in the hopes of reconnecting with our authentic selves. We’re so glad to have you here with us.
3 Episodes
In this episode Reilly and Michele dive into nervous system dysregulation, what it means and ways that they've learned to care for their nervous systems. The Polyvagal Theory: Dana on Spotify: Nagoski Sisters and burnout/completing the stress cycle: Burnout book: talk: Interview with Brené Brown: Mammal coming out of freeze/shut down: When the Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Maté: inquiry training: Tools for regulating:Themes/subjects mentioned: creating safety, co-regulation, discharging energy and stress.Completing the stress cycle and the Nagoski sisters: see above resourcesThe vagus nerve and ways to regulate with Dr. Nicole LePera: Somatic experiencing and Dr. Peter Levine: Trauma/tension release exercises and David Berceli:
In this episode, Reilly takes on the role of the interviewer and guides us in an exploration of Michèle's story, including her experience with "mental illness", the family dynamics that may have contributed to Michèle's struggles, how her views of "mental illness" and "depression" have changed over time and how blogging with vulnerability has helped her heal. Trigger warning: subject matter includes conversation around suicide and family/developmental trauma. Please take care while listening.Gabor Maté and his book When the Body Says No: Theory resources: Gabor Maté and Trauma (he does not have specific books on trauma but rather, trauma is a topic that is interwoven in most of his work): Attachment Theory resources:Book: Wired for Dating by Stan Tatkin Book: Attached Dr. Nicole LePera (aka The Holistic Psychologist ) and her book How to do the Work: Lifestyle medicine clinic and Dr. Kilpatrick: Brené Brown: Podcast host who spoke to Reilly about healing a little bit every time we share our story: 
Episode one

Episode one


In this episode, Reilly and Michele chat about how they first connected, how their friendship has impacted each of their lives and their hopes and visions for this podcast.Reilly's website: Michèle's website: Compassionate Kenora Facebook page: Step Inside the Circle Youtube video that Michèle had shared to Compassionate Kenora: Michèle's first blog post about psychedelics: The interview of Reilly that prompted Michèle to ask for resources:
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