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Season 2, episode 6.  Rob brings Craig from @NewYorkCitySportsCards on the podcast to discuss Card Club, why having a Wolfpack is important, and which plays they've been making recently.  
Season 2, episode 4.  Rob brings Josh Johnson from CardLadder on the podcast to discuss how he was able to purchase a $160k card three years ago, and sell it for over $1m.  He discusses how he helped create the best sports card app on the market, and how he is keeping busy in this hobby.  
Season 2 debut!
In this episode, Rob discusses the acquisition of his grail card.  He discusses the ups and downs and how he navigated finalizing the deal.  In the second half of the episode, Rob interviews John from Behind the Diamond in Queens, NY.  He has become a staple in the New York City hobby for decades.  He successfully runs a monthly show in Long Island, and has a large presence at the East Coast National (Hofstra University Show).  
Rob brings Craig on the pod to discuss who is the most collectible in the NBA currently, and potentially in the future.  We also discuss the "card club" that he developed with his students at a school in NYC.  
Rob discusses his one year plan when it comes to collecting in this hobby.  He discusses the importance of knowing where you've been, and also knowing where you are going.  
Rob brings Aamil back on the podcast to discuss their newest side project, "The Bounce", a sports card podcast.  To listen to "The Bounce", search The Slab Talk everywhere that podcasts are streamed.  
Rob interviews Adam from the Basketball Card Fanatic Magazine.  They discuss the NBAs Top 75 list, as well as their own top 10 list.  
Rob discusses the ways in which he initiates conversations for trades, and is able to make deals with other collectors that both parties are happy with. This can be the beginning of a new relationship amongst others in the hobby.
Rob starts off the episode discussing the success of this podcast and his optimism about the future.  He then brings on Cage & Andrew from the Luka, Tiger & Lebron podcast to discuss many things.  
Rob discusses what makes a player collectible.  He also discusses how one trade, led to another purchase, which led to another trade, which then has sent him down a rabbit hole of collecting rarity.  
Rob invites Jake Roy back to the pod for the second time to discuss NBA players and who is the most collectible.  
Rob discusses the importance of taking a step back from transactions and reflecting on the direction you're going in with your collecting.  
Rob sits down with Dr. James Beckett to discuss his legacy, card grading, and mental wellness.  
Rob and Aamil discuss the upcoming Dallas card show that Aamil will be attending.  They also discuss the NFL and NBA seasons thus far.  
Rob sits down with Jay from MOJO Sports and discusses everything from coming up in the hobby to brand building.  
Rob discusses the importance of staying active in this hobby.  He also discusses some big pickups that he made within the last week using almost no cash, and strictly trades.  
Rob sits down with Josh from Card Ladder to discuss the Card Ladder app, content creation, and his own personal collection.  
Rob sits down with Jeremy Lee and discusses his journey from collector to content creator.
Rob interviews Zhan Mourning from Wrestling With Cards and the Worlds Collide Podcast.  They discuss wrestling card nostalgia and value.
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