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Fire of God - A Holy Fire Ministry End time Church
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Fire of God - A Holy Fire Ministry End time Church

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An International Holy Fire Ministry for the feeding and tending of God's flock to equip for the perfection of the saints that they should do the work of ministering toward building up Christ's Body (Church) and to promote obedience to the faith and make disciples for His name’s sake among all the nations until the return of the Lord.

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124 Episodes
What did Jesus mean when HE said eat my flesh and drink MY Blood?
The king has queens and other brides but the shulamite bride is favored. How can you be favored?
When do you think Christian Contemporary Rock music started? What do you think the Hymn singing churches thought about that?
Grow up already!

Grow up already!


spiritual gifts are good but still you need to chase Love. chasing spiritual gifts without Love will not bring you to maturity.
Resurrected Life is to show your family and friends that a miracle has occurred with you. It is not just trying to tell them you saw some spiritual things. They just think you are crazy then
Do not forsake Leah!

Do not forsake Leah!


We are always trying to quit or run from difficulties or things we perceive as unwanted. You will find the most blessings in the area you do not desire to be in
Pastor Yoojin translating into Korean from English
Are you after God's own Heart? Not many people are.
King David in today's term was a billionaire!
All your talent, gifts, possession, etc are given so you may use it to love
God struck Aaron's boys for burning strange fire, why?
Blind Spot

Blind Spot


You may not even know you have a blind spot.
Jason Schiffer explains how we go after Rachael but it is Leah who brings Judah. Very good revelation
You are so offended!

You are so offended!


you may be so offended by your pastors, your parents, your boss, and even God and therefore, you are STUCK
Arshonti Scott, how coming to Fire of God Church help change direction of his life
Water to Wine

Water to Wine


Water to Wine - or Word to Revelation, the spiritual application
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