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Author: Courtland Allen and Julian Shapiro

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Smart minds on the Internet meet each other for the first time. We only release when we have something good. Hosted by Julian Shapiro ( and Courtland Allen (
9 Episodes
We discuss how to write great nonfiction—for blogs, Twitter, and books.
We discuss how to write stories for TV/film and how to break into Hollywood.
We discuss how to make money and not lose it in the COVID era.
We discuss the likelihood of aliens having visited us and how the world might end.
We discuss how to write a bestseller and the advantages of books over blogs.
We discuss why it's worth it to start a podcast and how to be a great host.
We discuss how to build an audience and make money from it—from OnlyFans to Twitter.
We discuss how to be charismatic, dealing with rabid fans, profiting from fame, and the special allure of Tony Robbins.
We discuss how storytelling supercharges speech and writing, and its impact on cancel culture.