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Yoruba Igbo Muslimah

Author: Korayday Azeez

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I think. I talk.
6 Episodes
The Final Episode of Yoruba Igbo Muslimah - Ridiculous things people say to Muslims.
On this episode Korayday talks about the weirdest situations she's had to endure.
On this episode, Korayday talks about being constantly stared at and stare-downs with strangers.
On this episode of Yoruba Igbo Muslimah, Koraday reminisces on her transition from Ugly Duckling to Not So Ugly Duckling.
On this episode of Yoruba Igbo Muslimah, Korayday laments about the terrible pronunciations of her name she's had to deal with.
Introduction to the Yoruba Igbo Muslimah series by Korayday. Growing up different as a Yoruba Muslim in Christian Igbo land...
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