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Having too much to do (and not enough time in which to do it all) can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. But there are healthy ways to cope—which is one reason why we're happy to bring Michael Boroff, PsyD back to the show. Listen in as he discusses how stress impacts our overall health and how mindfulness can help.
Ironman Champion Sarah Piampiano joins the podcast to discuss how she went from working 120+ hours a week as an investment banker and smoking two packs of cigarettes a day to achieving her dreams of competing as a professional triathlete. Check out this episode to hear Sarah’s tips on shifting your mindset, positive self-talk, and embracing the concept of failure to reach your goals. 
Traditional ideas about masculinity can impact the way men think about and respond to their own health. It can be so deeply ingrained that it becomes difficult to identify, much less address. Crossover Psychologists Drs. Vince Allen and Chris Drost talk about their work towards shifting ideas of masculinity as well as challenging conventional narratives about what it means to “be a man. "
OB-GYNs, friends with children, and What to Expect When You're Expecting are all good sources of information that can help shape a woman's expectations of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. But, there's a lot to learn from mothers’ hindsight. We asked a few of our Crossover experts and moms, “What do you know about pregnancy now, that you wish you knew then?” You’ll want to share this episode with both women and men who are about to embark on the parenthood journey.Special thanks to our guests:Alexandra Schopf, MD, Elvina Talalayev, Product Manager, Galina Tarnopolskiy, RN, Katie O'Dell, Host Manager, Maxine Yeung, Health Coach, Nicole Thalheimer, PsyD, Satoko Brigman, LMFT, Tiffany Lin, RD and Health Coach, Zianna Rivera, Lead Tech HostConnect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, grief is just one stage of an emotional pattern and emotions are viewed as phases rather than “good” or “bad” parts of who we are. Get a new perspective on how we can cope with these phases from Crossover Acupuncturist Cong Nguyen. Cong has navigated through his own grief and gained resilience by focusing on introspective questions like, “what is the function of this emotion?” and “what lesson is this experience trying to teach me?” Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
Grief creeps in for all of us in unexpected ways. From living through a pandemic, our childhood memories, even our wedding day (yes, it’s normal!), feelings of sorrow can be so nuanced that we can’t figure out what’s causing it or how to address it. Crossover Therapist Dr. Jennifer Uhrlass tells us about the many forms that grief takes in our lives, and how identifying it can help us cope with it.Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn
Can the food we eat really impact our mental health?  According to Crossover Health Coach and Registered Dietitian, Julianne Kanzaki, it’s a definite factor. Nutrients from the food you eat can play a critical role in supporting the microbiome in your gut, which is often just called the “second brain.”  Want to see a change in your processed food cravings, decrease blood sugar spikes (which can trigger depression and anxiety), and boost your serotonin? You’re in the right place.
The decisions we make  on an individual basis do matter. Crossover’s Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, a wellness expert, frequent media contributor,  and host of the TED Health Podcast joins Danielle to share the importance of receiving team-based care to optimize your “healthspan.” Find out how to improve your quality of life (hint: there’s no magic potion). 
In this episode, we’re flushing out your options on colon cancer screenings. When to get tested (are you high- or low-risk for colorectal cancer?), what new options are there to choose from (at-home vs. colonoscopy), and how the testing options work (spoiler alert: you will be pooping!) are all covered in this podcast. But most importantly for anyone who has been putting this off… "There’s nothing to be afraid of!" Host Danielle and Crossover physician, Dr. Tiffani Lemen give a candid account on what to expect (with a few helpful tips on making the experience more pleasant—”definitely splurge for the good toilet paper”), and becoming well-informed for your upcoming conversation with your doctor.TLDR:  Get screened for colorectal cancer. Talk to your doctor about when and how.Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn
In this meditation guided by Crossover Psychologist Rachel Heatherly, you will use deep breathing techniques to soothe anxiety, stress, and get better sleep. Take a few minutes to breathe, relax and find a little peace of mind. You can feel the benefits from this exercise in as little as 5 minutes. Enjoy. 
Most people think eye exams are for vision assessment, eye glasses or contacts.  But, when eye doctors are looking at your eye health, they have a view into your overall health. Dr. Annie Low, Crossover’s Optometry Program Manager explains how routine eye exams often discover early signs of serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and potentially cancer. Add to that, if you’re a heavy screen user (who isn’t?), you may experience eye fatigue and strain. Fortunately, Annie shares her expert advice on how to beat the symptoms of headaches, eye strain (do blue light blocking glasses actually work?), and dry eyes (avoid redness relief drops!) to keep your eyes healthy throughout the day.
Sadly, there are many forms of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and there are also many reasons why the abused often stay in the relationship. "Violence" is not limited to the physical intent to hurt a partner—it also includes sexual (non-consent, threats), stalking, and emotional abuse. Jennifer Gaskins, a Licensed Psychologist at Crossover, joins Danielle to discuss the signs of IPV, the stressors that contribute to higher risk, and how a victim can receive help (or how a friend can give help). Hear how Jen guides her patients through mental health therapy, her research on people's perceptions, and the factors that could minimize IPV. And, let’s keep passing this message along, to give hope for those who are suffering in silence.If you or someone you know may be experiencing Intimate Partner Violence, please take action immediately.National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 |  
After the delivery of her child, our guest suffered from postpartum uterine atony, a precursor to a life-threatening hemorrhage which has fueled her quest for education and advocacy for women’s health. Serious or life-threatening maternal morbidity (development of a medical condition before, during, or after childbirth) affects about 60,000 women in the U.S. each year, and those numbers are increasing. But why? Melanie Odeleye, MD joins Dan to bring this important topic to the table for expecting parents and medical communities. They discuss potential pregnancy-related complications, community resources needed for lowering mortality rates around childbirth, and why Black populations are most at risk, which includes her own city of Detroit. Maternal vulnerability is complicated and multi-faceted, so Melanie wants to shine a light on the history and factors that contribute to these health disparities—to reverse the trend.Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn
All sexually transmitted infections are preventable and treatable, and most are curable. Preventing the  spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections can be done with the three T’s – talk, test, and treat. Crossover Registered Nurse Angela Rayo strives to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding STIs by encouraging her patients to speak openly with their healthcare providers and partners. If you’ve been hesitant to talk about sexual wellness with your health care team or partner, Angela breaks down who should be tested, what to expect during a screening, and how often. Stick to the end to hear what Angela has been re-watching in preparation for its next season, her guilty pleasure, and her new healthy habit for 2022 (health coach approved!). Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn
Staying committed to an active lifestyle isn’t always easy.  Fitness Coaches on your Crossover care team will help you map out a plan and keep you on track. In this episode of the Be Well podcast, Crossover Fitness Coach Brendon Rearick shares how he and his team tailor fitness plans based on your goals, schedules, and needs.Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn
It’s a dietitian takeover! Co-host Danielle Heuseveldt, Crossover Health Coach Program Manager and Camilla Lee, Health Coach, are both Registered Dietitians and joined Dan to dive deep on how to approach realistic weight loss goals—for ourselves, not society. It’s more complicated than “calories in, calories out”, and is influenced by our relationships with food and exercise. Learn how a certified health coach can help you set up personalized systems and routines to help you get there.In the rapid fire round, Camilla tells us which NPR podcast she's listening to, the treat she’s been enjoying on a weekly basis (minus the guilt!), and how she sets up for success every morning.
Managing weight can be overwhelming for most people, but it may be even more so for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.As part of our four part series, Crossover Psychologist Cratissa Schley explains how many individuals who are struggling with mental wellness are prone to weight gain due to certain medications, the sedentary effects of depression, and turning to food for comfort. Cratissa also shares her own experience with postpartum depression and how the support she received was successful.Stick to the end to hear Dr. Cratissa has been tuning into (hmmm….psychological thrillers?), her seasonal guilty pleasure (who doesn’t have one?), and the life hack that keeps her hydrated.  Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedInWash Day Podcast with Dr. Cratissa
Our four-part weight management series with four of our Crossover providers—a doctor, a psychologist, a health coach and a fitness coach—kicks off with physician Dr. Bob Pampin.      Prior to becoming  board certified in bariatric (weight loss) medicine, Bob came to realize that most of the illnesses he saw in his patients were related to poor diet, stress, and sedentary behavior patterns, and that he could do something about it. He shares a real-life example of how one patient was able to decrease their risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers while helping them achieve their weight goal (and get them off meds!). Stick to the end to hear Dr. Bob’s taste in music, his favorite pastime to get home renovation inspo,  and the recipe for his daily nutrient-packed smoothie. Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn
If you’ve considered how a healthcare membership can be a better solution for you–compared to the healthcare and lifestyle resources you can get in your community—we’ve got  our CEO, Scott Shreeve, MD, to walk you through it. His vision and passion for changing the way we engage in our health is contagious. He and Dan reflect on the conversations we've had with our providers who can now use this platform to reach more people who may not otherwise have access. This “force multiplier” encourages many to build trusting relationships and empower people to be more proactive about their health. To get a team behind your health journey. Tune in to hear some of his favorite Be Well episodes, his New Year’s resolution, and a sneak peek on his p̶r̶e̶d̶i̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ realities for 2022. Connect with us!Learn more at @crossoverhealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedInDaniel Lord, DC CCSP on LinkedIn@scottshreeve on Twitter
We see it all the time— it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overlook our own needs, especially when caring for others comes first. Self-care is not selfish, it’s “putting your own oxygen mask on first” so that you can be there in your best form. It’s being healthy in body, mind and spirit so that you can enjoy the life you create, be the person you want to be, and accomplish the things you want and need to do. In this episode you’ll hear from Crossover Registered Nurse, Karista Flynn, on how she helps our members to nourish all aspects of self-care (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual) through intention setting and boundary setting (taking space for yourself!).Stick to the end of the podcast to learn more about Karista’s own podcast with her best friend, her festive guilty pleasure, and her favorite method of self-care. ResourcesThe Earthing MovieDr. Emoto’s Water Experiment Love Always, Self Podcast 
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