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Cocktail Conversations with Dave Catanese

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A weekly conversation with a variety of unique voices on culture, music, society, media and sometimes politics. Always featuring a favorite cocktail or glass of wine. Hosted by Dave Catanese. @davecatanese on the socials. for feedback, guest pitches & cocktail recipes. Bottoms up.
10 Episodes
Dr. Nicola Nice was a social scientist and liquor industry consultant who felt like the industry wasn't taking female drinkers seriously. So she decided to cast out on her own, starting her own cocktail company, Pomp & Whimsy. Her premiere product is a gin liqueur marketed to females, but it tastes just as good on a man's palate, that I can tell you.  #BottomsUp #PressPlay
Submit yourself to the greatest. No, not me. Kanye West! Mustafa Abubaker, a contributor to Rolling Stone, who attended the Atlanta listening party for #Donda, joins the conversation with a very appropriate cocktail to review the show and talk all things Yeezy.#BottomsUp #PressPlay
Ben Grafstrom is an assistant professor at Akita University in Japan. But for this podcast, his stronger qualification is our drinking companionship as fraternity brothers back at Susquehanna University in central Pennsylvania. But let's get sophisticated and go to Japan, to talk about cocktail culture, sake bombs, what Japanese gin to keep an eye out for and why bar tabs are different in this faraway eastern land.#BottomsUp #PressPlay
Getting drunk ... is good. Seriously. Edward Slingerland, author of "DRUNK, How We Sipped, Danced and Stumbled Our Way to Civilization" tells us why. You're definitely gonna need a cocktail for this one. And that's ok. #BottomsUp
Being old is the single biggest risk factor for the leading diseases on the planet. Why aren't we doing more to reverse aging? And what are the prospects for unlocking a longer life? Dr. Andrew Steele, a London-based scientist and author,  provides answers in his new book, "Ageless." But on Cocktail Conversations, he shares his wisdom with an espresso martini.#BottomsUp #PressPlay#CocktailConversations
David Lynch is a sommelier, author and editorial director of SommSelect, a wine club located in Sonoma, California. In this episode,  you'll learn how to talk to a restaurant Somm and look smart, the best $20 bottles to pick up for summer drinking and the overlooked vineyards you should be planning trips to. So uncork your favorite vino and imbibe #CocktailConversation Episode 5.#BottomsUp 
Longtime journalist Greta Van Susteren joins Dave to talk about her travels around the world, the most other worldly place she's ventured to and her ultimate dream job. #BottomsUp #PressPlayHave feedback on cocktails or the conversation? 
Dr. Isaac Bogoch is an infectious disease physician and scientist from the University of Toronto. But we're dubbing him Canada's Dr. Fauci. On this episode, we look for lessons from the hellish last year, the chances of another 'rona spike this fall, whether masks are really that effective in preventing virus spread and where to score the best chicken wings in Toronto.But first you'll need to make a Dirty Bird to fully enjoy the conversation.#BottomsUp & #PressPlaySend praise, joy and cocktails to
Let's talk about sex. And sexual identity. And a customarily taboo subject in usual cocktail conversations, or any other: polyamory.  My guest is Tamara Pincus, a sex therapist and licensed social worker in Washington, D.C. who specializes in alternative sexuality counseling. But she's not only advising the poly and poly-curious, she's living a polyamorous lifestyle herself. Grab your cocktail and press play.  #BottomsUp You can always reach me at with comments, critiques and guest suggestions.
My first cocktail conversation focuses on the craft of ... cocktailing with Washington, D.C. bartender Deke Dune.  (@deke_dc on Insta.) In this inaugural episode of Cocktail Conversations, I chat with Deke about the cocktail you can order to test a bartender's talent, the best cocktail bar in the country and whether it's ok for bartenders to drink on the job. Pour one back and press play. Then, send thoughts to
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