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Don Mazzella talks with some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and experts in their field to give you insight into their success, their products and how you can grow in your field.
30 Episodes
Jon Matuszak is founder and CEO of eAtlas serving the MJ and hemp marketplaces.Mackey McNeil specializes in helping companies transition from one generation to the next.
Barry McCarthy President of Deluxe ChecksRobert Anderson leads the MJ practice at one of the leading law firms in that sector talking about what the market holds in his state and across the nation
Nick Kovacevich's company supplies the canabis industry and he talks about its potential for entrepreneursDaniel Jennings CEO of private jet broker tThe Private Jet Company
The two founders of True Naked Yoga talk about the benefits of combining yoga with the freedom of no clothes means healthier bodiesDr. Vermelle Greene talks about how to better educate boys for today's world
Tom Oswald on future trendws in marijuana and whast legalizing means for small business inclined leadersMarie Pizano is building a multi-media facility outside Nashville talking about why taking _No_ for an answer is unacceiptable
Kwan Amos is a financial executive who is building Gotham Winery in upstate New York. Greg Hewitt is President of DHL America and offers advice on coming small business trends.
Christine Rose is CEO of Silver Frog a company helping small businesses generate leads and salesLibby Hikind president of Grantwatch helps small businesses, non-profits and others to apply for and win grants.
Brookyn Lowery of talks about how to chose and use the best credit cards for small businesses.Angel Munoz who is President of Beacon at whose new conferences tool adds deep detail to all attendees at little or no cost.
Brookyn Lowery of talks about how to chose and use the best credit cards for small businesses. Evan LeClus and Warsha Joshi talk about growing your small business with less pain.
Eric Grove, the CEO of Alignable, talks about surveys conducted amonst 8 million small businesses about the pandemicMary Nestor is the author of Say it Now, Say it Right to help employers and employees reaquaint themselves after the pandemic.
Chris Videau co-founded Sheets Laundry Club whose products reduce plastic in the world's land fill.Dr. Gilda Carle, nationally known expert on communications talks about what speakers need to know in order to get one person, one group, or large audiences to hear your message.
Eric Czepyha is a Director of Business Services with Northern Trust and offering tremendous insights into what small business owners are most concerned with, taxes and succession. Sky Cassidy of Mountaintop Data talks about how companies can use emails and sales leads more effectively.
Barbara Mitchel and Cornelia Gamlem are the authors of They Did What? Unbelievable Tales from the Workplace and The HR Manager’s Answer Book. Their efforts in the management field span decades and their books appear in more than 30 countries. Sue Johnson is the founder and Director of Cleveland's Wake Up and Live's Actors Studio. Like many regional and special groups around the country to needs to constantly seek support from the community. She talks about her triumphs and needs.
Amy Suto & Mark HarariAmy Suto and Kyle Cords,  are providing quality opportunities with excellent pay to freelancers through their new marketplace, Kingdom of Ink? Amy is a TV writer, published author, memoir/nonfiction ghostwriter, and producer of The Last Station along with Kyle. Kyle is a TV writer, podcast producer, and sustainability enthusiast Mark Harari  MarkHarari's book, Lobster on a Cheese Plate: How To Stand Out, Attract the Best Clients, And Win Every Sale That Comes Your Way, tackles the intimidating subject of market differentiation with great approachability, a sense of fun, and a uniqueness that helps you hone and focus your business for maximum potential.
Dr. Randall Bell, widely considered the world’s top authority in the field of post-traumatic thriving, to help your audience understand that there is light after hardship — an important message considering current traumatic events. Ted Oakley is the founder of Oxbow Advisors.With more than forty years of experience in advising high net worth clients in the investment industry,
Guest name: Mark KravietzCompany: ALINE WealthWebsite: www.alinewealth.comBrief description: In today’s episode, Mark Kravitz co-head of ALINE Wealth discusses exit planning for business owners. The audience will learn how to pre-plan exiting their business, what key areas need to be in place before selling any business, and the critical role that timing plays. Guest name: Richard TatumCompany: VestwellWebsite: www.vestwell.comBrief description: Richard Tatum of Vestwell shows how company sponsored retirement plans provide several different benefits for business owners, including a way to attract and retain top talent. They also offer significant tax breaks for the business itself, and often for the owner. In this episode, we’ll discuss how owners can select the right retirement plan offering for their business, as well as the benefits of each one.
Dr. Randall Bell, widely considered the world’s top authority in the field of post-traumatic thriving, to help your audience understand that there is light after hardship — an important message considering current traumatic events.Liz Giorgi, CEO and co-founder of soon a content creation engine transforming the way brands shoot quality visuals for ecommerce and marketing. If it’s of interest, Liz can speak to what SMBs need to know when it comes to their content play, including:Understanding and incorporating today’s biggest branding trends (e.g. the shift towards product-on-environment instead of product-on-white);Tips for fostering deeper connections with small business audiences through creative photography and video;And ways in which the pandemic has influenced marketing trends + how SMBs must pivot creative work accordingly (out-of-home product imagery, natural / organic elements, etc.).
Peggy McColl her latest book is Savy Wisdom: It Has The Power to Change Your Life and Roi Kliper founder of CityHive a SaaS application that enables small businesses to unify all of their varied software programs to enable them to compete with Amazon and other big retailers.
Brett Jurgens is the co-founder and CEO of Notion. After graduating from CU Boulder, he worked at Piper Jaffray in the private placements group, helping raise $20-$100 million for private companies.Alex Dreiling CEO and co-founder of ClipChamp am Australian company with millions of worldwide users.
Angela Civitella shares her thoughts on 9 Lessons for Leadership Success No One Teaches You About. Nationally known consultant to leaders across the boardsLeon Goren - It is now more important than ever, that we dig deeper and rely on our ‘mental edge’,” explains Leon Goren, president and chief executive officer of PEO Leadership. He talks about preparing and participating in the coming economic explorion.
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