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In this episode we spend time with Ellen Wu, the CIO of Manulife China (or Manulife- SInochem), the JV in China. She shares how working on a UN think tank opened her eyes to the opportunity and responsibility which the technology industry has around sustainability. Ever since it has become a passion project of hers to learn and help influence those around her into more sustainable practice. Other guests we’ve had in the series have mostly come to technology via a non-traditional career path. Ellen, however, studied for a Data Science degree and in this episode she talks about how she felt that it gave her that immediate connection with the colleagues around her and enabled her to accelerate her career. We discuss other popular topics, like recruiting for roles within her team and why people should choose a career in tech, and also delve into her experiences of being a woman in technology in China, about which she shares a very funny story. By listening to this episode, you will:Discover more about a Data Science degree: what Ellen learned, the work-life balance and also the advantages which were gained as a result.Find out how she looks for attitude and aptitude over skills when recruiting to her team, as those qualities are key to ensuring you succeed while tools change all the time.Hear her thoughts on how the tech industry are creating the most inclusive tools ever for all mankind and how that tool creation mindset needs to be applied to the wider industry to help more diverse inclusion of teams.If you would like to learn more about how the tech industry is becoming more sustainable, we encourage you to check the Hays sustainability blog where you will get expert comment, articles and tips to be more effective in your thinking. 
This is a special episode dedicated to mentorship and how it can help your career. Since starting this podcast and talking to successful tech leaders, mentorship has always been a topic which has been spoken about glowingly. These leaders have all spoken about how and why mentorship is responsible for where they are today, the confidence it’s given them and what they’ve learned as a result. This episode looks back on these moments and we also chat with Thea Watson, Global Customer Experience Manager at Hays. She talks about what to look for in a mentor, what can consist in a mentorship programme and tips on how to measure success. We have recently released the Learning Mindset Report 2022, where we have surveyed 20,000 workers and employers to discover their Attitude, Aptitude and Availability to learning new skills. This touches upon mentorship too and some analysis on the results found are in this podcast. You can read the report in full here.
In this episode we meet John deCraen. He is the Associate Managing Director for Cyber at Kroll, a consultancy organisation who, among their services, offer digital investigations and incident response. John speaks about the daily challenges he faces, how he helps clients to protect themselves against attacks and his career experiences with digital forensics.Presenter, Shaun Cheatham, speaks in more depth with John about his career and how he had a later start than those around him, and how hard work was the one thing which helped accelerate his career. In this episode he shares with us what he looks for in potential team members, with plenty of tips for you. Listening to this episode you will:Hear John explain why it’s never too late to change your career and offer tips on how to succeed.Learn why you should never rest upon what you have already achieved and should always be looking to progress. Discover why, when reading something on tech, you must always look for a competing view to make your opinions more rounded.Understand how to deliver core messages to wider teams and stakeholders.
The guest in this episode is Dave Messenger. He’s the Executive Chairman of LianLian, a Chinese-born FinTech company he’s helping to go global. Dave discusses starting his career as an apprentice chef, before training to become an engineer and later venturing into leadership positions at Virgin Mobile and American Express.Shaun asks Dave about mentorship and its influence on his career, as well as his observations around diversity. We also land upon the topic of failure, which is something Dave looks for when recruiting as a sign the individual has put themselves out there and ultimately had to bounce back. Listening to this episode, you will:• Discover more about the Executive Chairman role, the challenges which are faced and how the position will innovate and adapt in the coming years.• Hear Dave’s three things to consider when creating a long-term sustainable company.• Learn why focus groups is a great way to stay up to date on technology and trends within business, as well as for soundboarding ideas and situations. 
Shaun is joined in this episode by Tariq Khan, the Chief Digital & Information Officer at Camden Council. Tariq started his career in the private sector working for big multinational organisations. However, in the pandemic, and after a lot of reflection, he decided to take up a role with Camden Council to help implement social change.Tariq is now responsible for technology on 600 lines of business, from parking solutions to schools to road maintenance. He shares his thoughts on why being a team leader is more like being a head gardener, how to gain trust when collecting data that can help others and the differences in approach between the private and public sectors.Listening to this episode, you will:Gain tips on how you can maintain working towards a goal, despite everyday real world challengesHear observations on the type of talent which is needed in an every expanding and developing public sector workforceDiscover how reverse mentorship can assist and develop your skills when implemented with all levels of hierarchyLearn how he’s working to achieve a citizen-centred approach to all tech solutions can achieve success for all users           For blogs and insights into the tech industry, visit
In this episode Shaun is joined by Ivan Woo, who is the Chief Information Officer at the Qi Group. Ivan started his tech career as a programmer and he talks about his passion for working hard and facing challenges which has helped unlock doors for him along the way. Ivan also shares that one of his biggest inspirations is the book ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ by Marshall Goldsmith.Listening to this episode, you will:Discover why Ivan thinks people should “follow their passion” as, especially in techGain insight into digital transformation and how you should always be looking to re-think processes and challenge what is presently in place. Learn how mentorship has helped Ivan rise through his careerHear Ivan pitch why you should consider working in technologyFor blogs and further insights into careers within the world of technology, then visit 
In this episode we meet Angie Zhu who is the General Manager of AI & IoT Insider Labs at Microsoft. In her career she has led over 100 innovation projects which have included autonomous cars, healthcare and retail.  Listening to this episode, you will:        ·       Hear advice on how to communicate with different stakeholders, inc techies, investors and management     ·       Discover how she self taught artificial intelligence and other future tech with autonomous cars·         How to bring shape innovation projects to bring value for commercialisation ·         Learn more about her non-traditional career path from the finance industry to technology·       Interesting projects around drug development and point of sale IoT devicesFor insights into artificial intelligence, view our blog here. For tech industry jobs, news and further insights, visit 
Through the episode Sean shares his observations from a career of over 30 years within the financial tech industry. He talks about how to lead projects in different parts of the world, combatting pain points and how success can only be determined by whether it is a success with the customers only. Listening to this episode, you will:Understand how tech skills are invaluable in giving you a good basis for any role within a businessHear first-hand experiences from large scale digital transformation projects in financeDiscover why T-shaping in an agile environment is key in today's working environmentLearn about leading training sessions in different languagesFind out how new technologies can be used to combat fraud in financeIf you are interested in finding out more about leadership in tech, our blog here has articles on what to consider when developing your organisation’s strategy and identifying the right talent. For tech industry jobs, news and further insights, visit 
To kick off series two, we meet Rebecca Keenan who is the Global Head of Process Automation at Expleo. She shares with us her career journey to date, the experiences and pains in launching the new department from scratch and we discover her “take back control” moment which helped accelerate her career. By listening to this episode you will:Learn more about process automationDiscover different roles which make up highly productive teams in the space Why young people in tech should be embracedPower of mentorship and strong guidance Keeping adaptable for future innovationIf you would like more insight into the world of automation, we have a dedicated blog here at Hays Technology where we share first hand accounts, news on latest innovations and what you need to know to step into the space. For other tech industry jobs and news, visit 
Introducing Series Two

Introducing Series Two


We are back with series two of How Did You Get That Job!? by Hays Technology. Shaun Cheatham will be meeting more leaders from the tech space to uncover their unique and personal stories about their career paths, challenges they faced and to ask how did you get that job!?We hope by listening to leaders from Microsoft, Dyson and other tech giants will inspire you to follow in their footsteps. For more about Hays Technology visit 
It is often thought that the most successful leaders in tech have degrees or PhDs. Sure, they help, but the tech industry is open to all backgrounds and experiences.In this special episode of the podcast, we investigate the non-traditional career paths into tech. We look back at past interviews to hear our guests’ stories of how they entered the industry, whether it’s selling baseball hats or starring in the ballet. We’ll also learn first-hand what tech leaders look for in people wanting to join their team and discover the skills that can help you do just that.Hays offer Hays Learning, which is a free platform to help you broaden your skills with on-demand content, webinars and practices. Tap here to sign-up.
In this special episode, we celebrate International Women’s Day by looking back at key moments within series 1 of ‘How Did You Get That Job?’. We pick out talk around gender imbalance within tech teams and challenges like imposter syndrome which have played as a key disabler in career progression. In 2022 the theme for IWD is ‘Break the Bias’ and to discuss this in more depth we are joined by Caroline Wilson, the Director of Workday Practice at Hays Technology. Caroline will give us a wider industry glance at what is happening within tech, the trends and then discuss how bias can be tackled, raising some very interesting thoughts around the new ways of working since the pandemic. To read more content from Hays Technology around International Women’s Day, visit our blog where we have content relating to all key topic areas and some solutions and handy videos. 
In this season finale episode we meet Daniel Shapero. He is the Chief Operating Officer at LinkedIn but after an entrepreneurial childhood selling his drawings and then getting a loan from his father to start a venture, his step into the tech industry was a non-traditional path. He talks in depth about his motivations and how this role at LinkedIn is his calling in life, plus he tells us how he believes in the LeBron James theory, in how it’s not only you being great at your job but helping others around you succeed too. This brings season one to a close and over the series we’ve heard from many tech professionals about their backgrounds including Jessica Nemmers, who swapped life as a ballerina for cyber security, Thomas Wythe, who made helicopter parts and now thrives in tech start-ups and Charles Ewen who uses tech to predict the weather and create forecasts for everyone to live by. Whatever your experience or background, the message is clear - the tech industry is open for everyone!We will be back shortly with season two where we will explore the background of more key professionals from around the tech industry and find out what tips they can give to help you succeed. Do make sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. If you would like to discover more about the tech industry then reach out to us at:
Arron Goolsbey joins us to talk about his two decades in the gaming industry. He tells us that a good game is a reflection on the team who put it together and how they’re a great way to bring people together. We question Arron on what the wider tech industry can learn from gaming and how he stays up to date on the latest innovations - not the answer we expected! Inspired by a near fatal incident making a footlong sandwich, Arron has led an exciting career to date that has involved Pokemon, Nintendo, Lucas Film and Star Wars. He spent time working at Hasbro Games before now taking up the Global Head of Play Partnerships - Game Partnerships and Operations - at Meta. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit:
We meet Rod Boothby to discuss life as the Global Head of Identity at the bank Santander. Over the episode you will hear his enthusiasm to be an entrepreneur starting at university with making baseball hats and selling one to a young Elon Musk. We discuss how an accident changed his career and also his outlook on life, which still is with him today. Rod though is a born innovator and he talks about being part creator of a tool being used by 20 million people today and his vision for the identity in tech in the years to come. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit: 
Jessica Chapplow sits down with our presenter, Shaun Cheatham, to discuss life as Head of Ecommerce. Jessica in 2018 was part of Media Week’s 30 under 30 and in 2019 was nominated by Women in IT for the ‘Young Leader of the Year’ award. We discuss her feelings towards award nominations alongside how she found a love for technology through gaming and how her observation of Engineer Vs Marketeer shaped her job purpose. We also delve deeply into how when only 18 months into her career she rewrote her job description and sold it to senior management. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit: 
In this episode we meet Kathy Chen, once MD of Twitter and now Vice President, Partner Sales of Asia Pacific and Japan, for tech leaders Citrix. We chat openly and honestly about her career, the challenges of being a woman leader and talk about how she, in her words, failed after taking a role with a movie company. Kathy gives us in-sight into her thoughts on the future of tech and AI which has all been influenced by her pet robot dogs. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit:
In this episode we meet Thomas Wythe, SVP Solutions at Go1. Based in Australia, Thomas takes the series in a different direction in looking at life in start-up’s. We talk about the challenges which are faced in growth, the need for you to adapt your skills and mindset to succeed and what he currently is doing in helping to disrupt education at Go1. It’s a fascinating journey which Thomas has been on which started making parts for helicopters before propelling himself to the top of the world of technology. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit: 
In this episode we meet Customer Engineer, Alejandra D’Ippolito. Ale, as she likes to be known, talks about what life is like to work in big tech and shares her thoughts on the culture and opportunities it creates. Through the episode she also shares her thoughts on what’s it like to be a working mum at the top of technology, the training programme she helped devise for the next generation and the studies she undertakes to keep herself on top of the latest innovations.  Make sure you subscribe to this podcast series and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit: 
In this episode we meet Andrew Gould, Cyber Crime Programme Lead at the National Police Chiefs’ Council. Andrew has helped set the agenda for how the UK police respond to cyber crime activity and he talks in depth about how he uses technology to catch criminals and malicious activities in their wake. He shares his story about his non-traditional path to technology, his proudest moments and thoughts on how diversity can shape the future of the industry. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and to discover more about Hays Technology, visit: 
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What a fantastic talk, love Dan's clearly educated view of minorities and diversity.

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it was great and educative.

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