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Author: Fabian Pierre Trahan

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32 Episodes
TRiTn Paranormal Interview with Dr. Ronda L. Caudill Co-Owner of The Nickerson Snead House Museum Bed and Breakfast Located in Glade Spring, Virginia * July 30th 2023 * --- Support this podcast:
Episode 31 of The ParaSanctum PodCast LIVE: Father's Day Special! Mr. Bobby J. Gallo, World Class Master Magician and Paranormal Investigator, who is the Lead investigator with his family at Gallo Family Ghost Hunters, talks with me, my Cousin Lisa Anne Terio of Pennsylvania Underground Paranormal Society, and David Serven. You can learn more about Gallo Family Ghost Hunters and the Fantastic World of Bobby J. Gallo by going to: https://GhostHunter.WS --- Support this podcast:
April 30th 2023: Many Truckers have lost their lives to US Highway 2 going through the Haynesville Woods in Maine. So many in fact, that it inspired the 1960s song: "Tombstone Every Mile" by the Legendary Dick Curless, a former Truck Driver himself. Desperate forlorn hitchhiking Spirits frequent this black ribbon of death; come hear the sad and chilling tales that solidify Haynesville, Maine in the annals of Haunted American History! --- Support this podcast:
A Live discussion with World Renowned Parapsychologist Dr. Barry E. Taff, who holds his doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering from UCLA, and is a world-renowned parapsychologist who worked out of UCLA’s former Parapsychology Laboratory from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate. During his 54 year career, Dr. Taff has investigated nearly 5,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists and conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition, eventually developing the initial protocols and methodologies for what was later termed “remote viewing”. He also, was himself, investigated as a psychic subject, the results of which were published in Behavioral Neuropsychiatry, “A Laboratory Investigation of Telepathy: The Study of A Psychic”, Vol. 6, Nos. 1-12, April-December 1974-January-March, 1975. One of the cases Dr. Taff investigated in 1974 gained international fame as the book and motion picture, The ENTITY, starring Barbara Hershey and Ron Silver, released by Fox in 1983. Taken from the LiveParanormal/HistoryFM Show: Scanning The Frequencies that I co-host with Lisa Terio and David Serven that aired Monday, March 27th 2023. --- Support this podcast:
ParaSanctum Podcast LIVE! Episode 28: Can Family Members be our Guardian Angels? Fabian, David, Jessica and Crista discuss their personal feelings on this intriguing possibility. [LIVE VIDEO on Spotify/LIVE AUDIO on Anchor] --- Support this podcast:
From Helena to Billings and Beyond! Join me for 13 Truly Haunted Location Stories throughout the Great State of Montana! --- Support this podcast:
Live Year End Broadcast taken from Scanning The Frequencies on that my cousin Lisa and I host for HistoryFM. This broadcast was recorded LIVE on Monday December 26th 2022; we were joined by our friend David Serven for a SUPER FUN and informative discussion about Yuletide Creatures and their impact on both the Pagan and Christian World! We discussed Witches, Dark Spirits, Cats, and so much more. These strange beings have influenced Yule and therefore Christmastime itself for Centuries! --- Support this podcast:
Follow me to Haunted Southern Idaho as we discuss 6 Paranormally Active locations in Hansen, Oakley, Twin Falls, Albion, Murtaugh and Gooding. --- Support this podcast:
Happy Halloween! This year I have chosen The Jersey Devil also known as The Leeds Devil Legend that originates from The Pine Barrens Region of Southern New Jersey. Most everyone knows about the popular folktale that the Jersey Devil originated with a Pine Barrens resident named Jane Leeds and her baby that was born reportedly deformed and Devil like, but how did this rumor actually get started? Turns out that there is more to this story than a misshapen being. Benjamin Franklin and The Quaker Church may have been complicit in Character Assassination! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 23: Autumn and Samhain Traditions. From The Druids at Stonehenge, Osiris of Egypt, and Personal Best Halloweens EVER had by the Hosts, to the Autumnal Equinox, I present to you an Excerpt taken from Fabian's Cousin's Show "Scanning The Frequencies" on Monday September 26th 2022. Fabian discusses some of the Origins of Halloween (sah'wuhn) [Samhain], their meanings and time honored rituals associated with the End of the Celtic year. A Fun, Fact filled discussion!! --- Support this podcast:
LIVE BROADCAST from August 28th 2022! Spirits of Selma Mansion Norristown PA: Fabian and his cousin Lisa Terio discuss this Historical and Spiritually Active location that is considered to be one of, if not THE oldest building in Norristown Pennsylvania. From the Marines to Abraham Lincoln, the true history behind this Mansion is AMAZING. --- Support this podcast:
After the Civil War, a Trader, John Martin, headed for Arizona territory, settling in what is now Prescott, Arizona. In exchange for some gunpowder and some whiskey, John was "paid" with a young Navajo maiden, whom he made his wife, and built a home for. In 1870, that same Navajo maiden died giving birth to Anna. Anna was rejected by both Whites and The Navajo, and after finding a Petroglyph in Spirit Canyon of a warrior leaping from a cliff to join the Spirits, in her despair in 1887 she did the same. Her Spirit has been seen for over 150 years in the Spirit Canyon; this is her story. --- Support this podcast:
From Icelandic Glacial Caves, Stonehenge, and Roman Cattle Sacrifice I present to you some of the most unusual Summer Solstice Traditions and Practices throughout the World! --- Support this podcast:
LIVE BROADCAST from May 22nd 2022!!! So Much Evidence! So Fun and Exciting !! WOW! Fabian Pierre Trahan, Kimberly Marshall and BJRutledge (TRiTn Paranormal) discuss and review the INTENSE AND REMARKABLE ACTIVITY witnessed at The Nickerson Snead House Museum in Glade Spring, Virginia during their Investigation on April 22nd 2022! !YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! --- Support this podcast:
From a Spectral Builder, Phantom Employees, and Magic Waters The Crescent in Eureka Springs, Arkansas Built in 1886 is Considered to be "America's Most Haunted Hotel"... I delve into these topics through Guest reports and History. --- Support this podcast:
Join me as I share 5 of the Most Haunted Locations in West Virginia! From Lake Shawnee To Harper's Ferry, this Wild and Wonderful State has much to offer! --- Support this podcast:
Fabian Pierre Trahan, Creator of The ParaSanctum Podcast discussed UFOs Back in March of 2015 with hosts Terry Todd and Annie Crowell of the Voices Carry Radio Show. Here's that excerpt. --- Support this podcast:
There are no shortages of Hauntings in Atchison Kansas, but none are more infamous than The Sallie House: Screams of Pain then Death from an unfortunate surgical accident left the tormented, forlorn and ANGRY Spirit of a little girl named Sallie roaming and interacting with a vengeance towards any and all it meets. --- Support this podcast:
The Winter Solstice The 1st day of Astronomical Winter isn't without its unusual aspects! From Stonehenge Alignments, Cultural fears of Death, and The Mayan Calendar, I explore 11 different Creepy facts regarding this natural and beautiful time of the year! The Days are now getting longer! --- Support this podcast:
Plymouth Rock Massachusetts... America's Haunted Hometown! Most people only think of Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, but there are Spirits and Hauntings abound! From Museums to Shipwrecks I tell you the Tales and Boy! They are good ones! --- Support this podcast:
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