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For today's episode, I am joined by dream pop songstress and New York underground it-girl May Rio to talk about her upcoming debut album French Bath, emerging from pandemic-induced solitude, and feeling renewed and ready to turn a new leaf. We also discuss her unforgettable experience recording background vocals on The Dare's mega-hit "Girls" and the diversity in underground artistic communities throughout the city. ✨ MORE ABOUT MAY RIO ✨ May Rio is the latest project of pop writer/performer May Sembera, which emerged in 2020 from May experimenting with off-kilter melodies in Ableton while confined to her home studio in New York. Her latest album French Bath is a tapestry of imaginative textures and wry humor about the shallow deceptiveness of glamour and artifice, holding up a mirror to the many different ways we attempt to fill our own voids. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH MAY RIO ✨ Website: Instagram: YouTube: Bandcamp: ✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨ YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Listen to my appearance on GRRRL Music's podcast, "Bops and Bangers!" For today's episode, I am joined by Kelsey Kahla and Ashley Durreegs, the founders of GRRRL Music. GRRRL Music is a blog and music-discovery community dedicated to boosting positive energy and brightening up everyday life via music. Kelsey and Ashley join me to share the songs that shaped them growing up and GRRRL Music's mission to empower young women and emerging artists. We also dive into the chaos of the last year's When We Were Young Fest in Vegas and drop some of our spiciest hot takes on the concert industry, from Ticketmaster optics to which artists have the right to charge fans for meet and greets. ✨ MORE ABOUT GRRRL MUSIC ✨ GRRRL Music is a music discovery community founded by Kelsey Kahla and Ashley Dureegs, who have created an online space to empower up-and-coming artists and engage with devoted music fans all over the world. They also host a podcast called Bops and Bangers, which is all about discovering new music and hashing out hot takes on the music industry. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH GRRRL MUSIC ✨ Web: Instagram: TikTok: YouTube: Spotify: ✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨ YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I chat with Laura B. Regan, the founder of The Footlight Underground, a live music community space owned and operated by queer women and genderfluid folks. Laura and I discuss the origins of Footlight and her mission to spotlight the best of New York underground music. We also discuss The Footlight's packed Pride programming this year, the lasting effects of pandemic woes, and how the general public can keep their local community-supported art spaces afloat in a post-2020 world. ✨ MORE ABOUT LAURA REGAN ✨ Laura Regan is a musician and business owner based in Ridgewood, NY. She is the founder and chief operator of The Footlight, a community-supported art space that hosts a variety of programming from open mics and workshops, to live music, dance, and new works theater performances. They also self-publish and distribute an in-house Zine, The Footlighter, every month. In addition to running The Footlight, Laura is also the leader of a punk outfit called Bridget and the Squares. ✨ SUPPORT THE FOOTLIGHT ✨ Become a Member Web: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: ✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨ YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I chat with internet guru and powerful pop star manager Helen Chatham Showalter about the fandom-to-artist manager pipeline, Supernatural fanfiction, crying to 'Amost Famous,' and the tireless work ethic that goes into creating culture on the internet. We also discuss Helen's grievances with problematic music industry politics, her muppet stan account on TikTok, and the beautiful web of camaraderie that girls, trans, and non-binary folks in the music industry are able to build in fan communities. ✨ MORE ABOUT HELEN CHATHAM SHOWALTER ✨ Helen Chatham Showalter is an artist manager and powerful marketing mastermind behind your favorite pop stars. In addition to managing the pop artist Loren Gray, Helen was on the frontlines of facilitating the global comeback of The Backstreet Boys in 2019 and also helped create the boy band Why Don't We. In college, Helen re-tracklisted One Direction's discography into four different albums based on genre and influence, which went viral on Tumblr. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Artist Management at the digital artist marketing agency Crowd Surf and is currently based in LA. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH HELEN CHATHAM SHOWALTER ✨ Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: ✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Driely S. Carter is one of the art world's most original and highly sought-after photographers, boasting an impressive roster of clients like Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Pharrell, Neil Young, Jim Jarmusch, and Stella McCartney. But underneath her impressive portfolio and deep love and appreciation for art lies an unbreakable spirit that's helped her through years of intense isolation and backbreaking labor in the pursuit of her dreams. In this episode, Driely joins me to wax philosophical on the connection between music and mental health, growing up in Brazil, and why she believes that music is the supreme art form. We also dive into her love of Jodorowsky and her memorable Coney Island shoot with Sunflower Bean for their recent album cover. ✨ MORE ABOUT DRIELY S. CARTER ✨ Driely S. Carter is a photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who currently resides in New York City. Having spent her first three years in New York babysitting, cashiering, and cleaning houses to make ends meet, Driely carried around a camera everywhere she went out of an urgent need to document every inch of her existence. She's gone on to photograph artists like Beyonce, Kanye West, Pharrell, Deerhunter, and Vince Staples, with her work being featured in W Magazine, Vogue, Pitchfork, and Dazed. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH DRIELY S. CARTER ✨Driely is currently on a social media hiatus. Her website can be visited at ✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I welcome indie soul-pop artist, verse poet, and teaching artist Raegan Sealy to the studio to discuss her award-winning work in the creative non-profit space, our unironic love of cheesy retro pop hits, the endless rabbit hole of completely different songs that sound exactly the same, and how art can save lives. ✨ MORE ABOUT RAEGAN SEALY ✨Raegan Sealy is committed to storytelling through her wit and layered metaphors. Outside of music, Sealy is an advocate and teaching artist. She received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2015, one of the most prestigious academic scholarships in the world, along with her MFA from The New School. She gave the first official TED Talk entirely in rhyming verse in 2019. Now based in Brooklyn, Sealy takes inspiration from a diverse range of artists from the Arctic Monkeys and Lana Del Rey to Yebba, Self Esteem, and Marina – beautifully fusing her musical and writing talents to share her life experiences as a soul-pop singer-songwriter.✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH RAEGAN SEALY ✨Web: Music:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For this incredibly thrilling premiere episode of Season 5, I am joined by Marissa Paternoster, the frontwoman of the legendary New Jersey punk band Screaming Females. Marissa and I talked in depth about her band's steadfast DIY ethics, recording the latest Screaming Females album in the now infamous Pachyderm Studios where Nirvana, The Wedding Present, and PJ Harvey made their most iconic LPs, our shared love of Placebo, and so much more. ✨ MORE ABOUT SCREAMING FEMALES ✨Formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 2005, Screaming Females is Marissa Paternoster (guitar, vox), Mike Abbate (bass), and Jarrett Dougherty (drums). Over seven albums and more than a decade of music-making, the band has remained deeply individual and steadfastly DIY. They have also grown into one of the most dynamic and devastating touring bands going today.✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SCREAMING FEMALES ✨Instagram: Music:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I will be joined by indie electronic pop artist Jackie Mendoza to discuss her debut full-length album 'Galaxia de Emociones,' her upbringing as a first-generation Mexican-American queer girl in Chula Vista, the time she spent in New York as a budding musician, and her artistic growth over the years.   ✨ MORE ABOUT JACKIE MENDOZA ✨Raised in the border city of Chula Vista in the heart of San Diego, Jackie Mendoza is an indie electronic pop artist who has made her mark with her distinct quirky, sophisticated and eclectic sonic footprint. Singing in both Spanish and English, her music traverses coping with foreign emotions, unrequited love, and feeling out of touch in your homeland. Her debut full-length album 'Galaxia de Emociones,' is now available on all DSPs.  ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH JACKIE MENDOZA ✨Tour:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Today, I am taking some time off while I recover from a recent illness and continue to sift through edits for the Season 4 Finale of the podcast. In the meantime, enjoy this bonus episode from my Patreon film review series where I review 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' with special guest Mia Day. ✨ MORE ABOUT MIA DAY ✨Inspired by the vivid imagery crafted by  Benjamin Gibbard and Leonard Cohen, as well as the writers heartbeat of Taylor Swift, Mia Day has claimed a songwriting style that embraces the weight that small moments carry. A record store junkie, over-thinker, [and] Seattle native that grew up under the endless grey sky, Mia's music turns inward with the harsh vulnerability that comes with spending a lot of one's teenage years alone. Her voice is a strong spirit that marries unconventionality with beauty, softness with a demand to be listened to. At the age of 20 years old, she has released a full length album, "Gold," as well as two E.P's known as "Years" and "Lone Rider." Her music has been played on 90.3 KEXP radio, Rainy Dawg Radio, Chapman Radio, 107.3 KBFG, and at 18 was named one of Sub Pop Records "Best of the Pacific Northwest" on Spotify.  ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH MIA DAY ✨Web:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Today's guest is musician and entrepreneur Xylo Aria, the founder of the online learning platform Music Production for Women. Xylo and I discuss the appalling gender disparity in production and music technology, how unconscious bias is harmful to everyone, and why removing the fear factor is crucial in order to encourage more women to enter the field. ✨ MORE ABOUT XYLO ARIA ✨Xylo Aria is a singer, producer, entrepreneur, and the brains behind Music Production for Women, an online learning platform dedicated to encouraging and empowering more women in the field of music production and technology, areas in which women are currently heavily underrepresented. MPW was launched in 2019 and has helped over 6,000 women from over 120 countries start their journey in music production. ✨ MUSIC PRODUCTION FOR WOMEN ✨Web:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Today I chat with singer-songwriter Hannah Judson about her unique audio-visual output, fusing folk rock, jazz, and projected images to create an immersive live experience. Other topics of discussion include releasing new music after quarantine, her all-women art festival MUSEfest, her affection for Annie Lennox, and more! Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT HANNAH JUDSON ✨Elegant and whip-smart, performing artist Hannah Judson fuses Americana, folk-rock and wisps of jazz to construct narratives that hover between real and surreal. Text and projected images create a suspended space where lyrics of universal truths are distilled into crystalline gemstones, reminiscent of experimental artist Laurie Anderson and songwriter Norah Jones. ✨  KEEP UP TO DATE WITH HANNAH JUDSON  ✨Web: http://www.hannahjudson.comPodcast:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
In the early aughts, Manhattan became a breeding ground for the post-punk revival when bands like The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Interpol ushered in a new era of indie rock. On today's episode of "Sounding Out with Izzy," I am joined by my good friend Hollye Bynum, the lead singer of Razor Braids, to revisit this iconic era of rock and roll by sharing our thoughts on the recently released 'Meet Me In The Bathroom' documentary. Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT RAZOR BRAIDS ✨Razor Braids is a queer, all-female/non-binary rock band from Brooklyn combining the vulnerable self-awareness of indie rock with dynamic instrumentation anchored in a 90s alternative ethos. Through soaring harmonies and a driving rhythm section, the band has honed a magnetic sound that is a testament to the healing power and catharsis of community. Following their warmly-received debut album 'I Could Cry Right Now If You Wanted Me To,' the band released two singles in Spring 2022, weaved together during the pandemic and bringing to life the memories – from terrible parties to secret make-out spots – that bubble to the surface when the world has been forced to a halt. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH RAZOR BRAIDS ✨Tour Tickets:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I am joined by Long Island-based indie pop singer-songwriter Xondra to discuss their latest project 'Tedious & Brief,' a concept EP and horror-musical short film that plunges into the underworld of surviving abuse and learning to shout your truth in a room full of hushed voices. Topics discussed include Xondra's humble beginnings booking her own shows at lounges and nightclubs as a teenager, graduating from music school, and learning to fight off the sharks and advocate for themself as an independent artist.    Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT XONDRA ✨Xondra (she/they) is the moniker of Alexandra O'Connell, a singer-songwriter from Long Island who creates a mixed palette of pop, rock, R&B, and indie, bringing feminist themes to the forefront of their work with a heartbreakingly honest delivery. They graduated from The SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory and have played acoustic and full band shows in the NYC and tri-state area DIY scene since 2014. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH XONDRA ✨Instagram:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I am joined by Lalena and Annika Fisher, the mother-daughter duo who make up Austin, Texas art-punk outfit The Mothermold. We discuss the unique dynamic of playing in a band with your immediate family, playing a Harry Styles pre-show with Girls Rock Austin, and the culmination of their 2022 debut  album 'Flesh of My Flesh.'Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT THE MOTHERMOLD ✨The Mothermold is a mother-and-daughter heavy rock duo. Visual artist Lalena Fisher, formerly of NYC’s The Color Guard and The Hissyfits, plays guitar while aspiring doctor Annika kicks serious butt on drums. They named their project after the supportive outer shell of a sculptural mold, as a metaphor for their relationship. The Mothermold is an experiment in superimposing a mother-daughter bond on the stereotypically male “rock band” trope. Both sing and write songs that fuse metal, punk, prog, and pop, while exploring ideas of science, women, and coming of age. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE MOTHERMOLD ✨Bandcamp: https://themothermold.bandcamp.comInstagram:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Brooklyn DIY-pop legend Softee is on the podcast! Topics of discussion include Softee's new single, "Come Home," astrology, her acting background, collaborating with a series of esteemed actors and filmmakers on their music videos, including Eliza Scanlen and her fiancée Machel Ross, and more! Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT SOFTEE ✨ Softee (she/they) is a queer DIY pop artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Their work is a kaleidoscopic exploration of wrought emotion, tinged with influences as sundry as Robyn, Janet Jackson, and the pure, unfettered melodrama of 80s pop. She has shared stages with Linda Diaz, Sir Babygirl, Blaketheman1000, and Francesca D’Uva. Her latest album, 'Natural,' will be released in May. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SOFTEE ✨Web: https://www.softeepopstar.comInstagram:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For today's episode, I am joined by my good friend Alexandra Blair, lead singer of the Brooklyn-based electro-goth rock outfit The Silk War. Alex and I discuss her love of 20th-century Hollywood icons and classic literature, seeing the world in black and white, and why she refuses to ever write about love and romance. Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT THE SILK WAR ✨The Silk War is the post-wave alternative brainchild of Alexandra Blair and her long-time collaborator James Mullen. Named an "Artist You Need to Hear" by Alternative Press, The Silk War's 2021 debut album 'Come Evening,' tackles a wide range of topics from isolation to personal anguish, empowerment, and gun violence, while maintaining a resilient tone that provides a glimmer of hope for disaffected youth and jaded adults alike. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE SILK WAR ✨Web: https://www.thesilkwar.comSpotify:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Yep, you heard that correctly. This entire conversation is about My Chemical Romance. Joining me is Mem Pahl (aka Michael Karson), the drummer of TVOD and the bassist of Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage. Mem and I discuss the strong endurance of MCR’s legacy, loving the band in our pre-teen years, our coming-of-age and coming out journeys, and the catharsis of growing up and meeting tons of people who’ve had the same feelings about this band as we did. Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT MEM PAHL ✨Mem Pahl (he/they) is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and leather craftsman based in Brooklyn. In addition to playing bass in Jeffrey Lewis's current project Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage, he also plays drums in the high-energy dance punk collective TVOD and is involved in a variety of other local bands and solo projects. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH TVOD ✨Web: https://tvodmusic.comYouTube: https://televisionoverdose.bandcamp.comSpotify:✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH JEFFREY LEWIS & THE VOLTAGE ✨Web: https://thejeffreylewissite.comBandcamp: https://jeffreylewis.bandcamp.comSpotify:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Lydia from Gustaf is on the podcast! We have an amazing discussion about pop punk nostalgia, Gustaf's super busy year of touring, and Lydia's love of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. We also reminisce on growing up in Boston, throwing impromptu childhood  family talent shows, and contemplate using color theory to boost our mood on boring work days. Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT GUSTAF ✨Gustaf is a five-piece art punk band from Brooklyn, NY whose records fuse the infectious danceability of ESG and Bush Tetras with the frenetic energy of The Modern Lovers and The Fall. They have shared stages with Cage the Elephant, Beck, Bush Tetras, Martin Rev, James Chance, IDLES, Wet Leg, Foals, and Yard Act. Their debut album, 'Audio Drag for Ego Slobs,' is available on all DSPs. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH GUSTAF ✨Web: https://www.gustaftheband.comBandcamp: https://gustaf-nyc.bandcamp.comInstagram: Music:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
For the Season 3 Finale, I am joined by Bonnie Bloomgarden, the magnetic frontwoman of California psychedelic blues-rock outfit Death Valley Girls. Bonnie and I discuss the emotional and spiritual transformation she experienced after getting sober, working with the legendary Larry and Patty Schemel, the magnetic mysticism of the occult, and a vivid dream Bonnie had about performing on stage when she was five years old. Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ MORE ABOUT DEATH VALLEY GIRLS ✨Death Valley Girls is a scrappy rock and roll four-piece band on Tongva soil (Los Angeles). The psychedelic blues rock quartet made up of Bonnie Bloomgarden, Laura “The Kid” Kelsey, Nikki Pickle, and Larry Schemel, aim to celebrate “true magical infinite potential” with their scorching riffs, danceable cosmic synths, and honking sax lines. Their latest album, 'Under the Spell of Joy,' is available on all streaming services. ✨ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH DEATH VALLEY GIRLS ✨Spotify:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
Behind many great bands are mastermind managers and PR teams working the magic behind the scenes. The Beatles had Brian Epstein. The Strokes had the Wiz Kid extraordinaire Ryan Gentles. But managers and publicists are not only useful for legacy artists; they can also be extraordinarily helpful for smaller musicians who aim to grow their audience and output. My guest today is Kenzie Davis, who is a publicist at Big Hassle Media. Kenzie and I discuss the pros and cons of managing big and small bands, the skills Kenzie’s picked up as she’s moved up the ladder, and our shared obsession with Ethel Cain.Discover bonus eps, playlists, and more on Patreon:✨ CONNECT WITH IZZY ✨YouTube: https://agrrrlstwosoundcents.comInstagram:
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