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Make Others Successful is a podcast about modernizing your workplace and breaking down technology barriers to improve communication, collaboration, and automate business process. We do all of this so you can get back to what your job really is, and move your business’ mission forward.

While a lot of the concepts we talk about are platform/tool agnostic in nature, some of the specific tools you can count on hearing about are Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps, and Power Automate.
34 Episodes
We'll be the first to say it: M365 isn't perfect. We know the limitations it has and how that can make project management difficult sometimes. It's not a dead end though 🙂Emma, Mitch, and Matt discuss how Microsoft tools can work for you and more importantly how you can get through those restrictions. With a change in perspective and an open mind, we think M365 tools can increase your productivity and improve your product management experience.
Today we're discussing the pitfalls of person-based communication. If you're relying on email and direct messaging, a.k.a information silos, you probably need to redefine how you communicate.Mitch, Emma, and Matt talk about how to leave person-based communication behind and switch to topic-based communication. Topic-based communication creates better organization, easy onboarding for new team members, and a more inclusive and informed workforce. Let us know what you think of episode 33 of the Make Others Successful podcast 😄
AI seems to be popping up everywhere, including the workplace. Not only is it overwhelming, but knowing where AI will integrate seamlessly into your work life can be tricky to figure out. That's why in episode 32, Mitch, Matt, and Emma discuss the concept of MS Copilot, its impact on productivity, the learning curve, and the future of work with AI. Listen and learn along with us as we discuss the nuances of AI and how it can work for you.
The Bulb Gals are back for episode 31 of the Make Others Successful podcast 😊 Emma, Livvy, and Michaela are discussing the importance of communication in the workplace and how it can bring employees closer together.Creating structure, promoting participation, and building those spaces for work and play create a safe and fun environment for great communication. And we've learned that great communication builds stronger connections. Let us know what you think of today's episode and your thoughts on communication within your workplace. 
In episode 30 of the MOS podcast, Mitch, Matt, and Mike discuss the history and development of Bulb Digital and reflect on their problem-solving journey while discussing the history of Bulb! They talk the challenges they've faced, including the gap between people who need strategy upfront and those who need help with specific problems, along with their biggest goal: helping people and their businesses 🙌 Let us know what you think of today's episode! Your feedback means a lot to us.
Between growing our business and helping customers with their workplaces, we've gained useful insights into creating modern work environments, tech integration, and everything in between. In episode 29 of the Make Others Successful podcast, Mitch, Matt, and Mike discuss the challenges and misconceptions of building a better workplace for employees and customers. Learn our perspective in today's episode.
We decided to try something new on today's episode: have ChatGPT outline our conversation on episode 28 of the Make Others Successful podcast! We asked ChatGPT for an outline regarding workplaces that think they're modern workplaces, but in reality, aren't adopting the practices that truly make a workplace modern. Hint: your technology isn't necessarily what makes a workplace modern 👀 See what Mitch, Mike, Matt, and ChatGPT have to say about this in today's episode, it may surprise you!
We are in the M365 world every single day, and there are new updates everywhere it seems. It's a lot to keep track of! Luckily in episode 27 of the Make Other Successful podcast, Mitch, Matt, and Emma discuss all of these recent updates and how they feel about them. Everything from New Teams to Copilot. Listen to day and see what's on the M365 horizon! Tell us below what M365 tools you want to be in the know about below ⬇️
Get to know the Bulb Gals in episode 26 of the Make Others Successful podcast! Emma, Livvy, and Michaela discuss the benefits of working for a modern workplace and share some ways that they could have modernized their former workplaces. If you're wondering how you can make your current workplace a bit more modern, the Bulb Gals are going to give you some tips on how to do so in today's episode 🙌
Microsoft Teams: a familiar software for many of us, no matter what industry you work in. As familiar as it may seem, Teams can be a massive pain point for many. In episode 25 of the Make Others Successful podcast, Matt, Emma, and Mike explain why generic training isn't enough and the importance of having structure around how you use Teams as an organization. We hope you enjoy this episode — tell us what you think or questions you have below!
A note from us: the Internal Communication Guidebook isn't released yet, but will be soon! More updates to come 😁 In today's episode of Make Others Successful, we're taking you into the mind of a consultant and why adopting this mindset is beneficial for many reasons when it comes to business. Mitch, Mike, and Emma chat about what separates a good vs. bad consultant, having a sustainability mindset, and the importance of setting priorities and aligning them with the overall goals of a business. We hope you enjoy episode 24 of the Make Others Successful podcast — tell us what you think below!
When new technology is introduced to your organization, it's crucial to know how it'll be adopted, how to get employees to want to use it, and what guidelines will need to be followed. We know, it's overwhelming! Thankfully, this is what we do. In episode 23 of the Make Others Successful Podcast, you'll learn what governance means and how to implement new technology that sticks within your organization.
What are the requirements for easy and effective collaboration with customers, vendors, or anyone outside of your organization? It's not such an easy (or straightforward) question to answer, yet every business has to externally work with others at some point in time. Luckily, we know a thing or two about what makes external collaboration effective. We're going to share our strategies that have led us to great external relationships in today's podcast episode of Make Others Successful 🙌
It's time to end the difficult cycle of rumor mills, lost documents, misread messages, and other internal communication mishaps. In episode 21 of the Make Others Successful podcast, we unpack how to improve internal communication within your workplace. From new mindset adoption to actionable steps you can take today, we're here to help make internal communication effortless and stress free!
Internal collaboration within the workplace, an easy concept! Right? Turns out, it's not that simple. Many factors go into effective, worthwhile collaboration within an organization and between employees. Between mindset, creating safe collaboration spaces, and updating the technology you collaborate in, it can become overwhelming. That's why Mitch, Livvy, Matt, and Mike are unpacking what internal collaboration looks like within a modern workplace and how your organization can improve your your processes today! Enjoy episode 20 of the Make Others Successful podcast and let us know what you think.
If you know anything about us, you know we are major Microsoft users. I mean, it's kind of our thing 😁 So, it might be a little shocking to find out that we aren't Microsoft partners anymore...Yep, that's right! Join us for episode 19 of the Make Others Successful podcast where Mitch, Matt, and Mike explain our reasoning for not being partners with Microsoft anymore.
Excel, you know it and love it, but is it doing more harm than good when it comes to your business? Between the sunk costs, the never-ending updates to your spreadsheets, and the toll it takes on your sanity, you may find yourself trapped in an Excel cycle without even realizing it. We are here to help you move on from Excel before disaster strikes and show you the benefits of leaving it behind. Mitch, Emma, and Mike discuss the reasons why Excel is not the solution to running your business and how it actually is costing you valuable time and money. If you want more resources regarding the trap of Excel, make sure to checkout Mike's recent blog post about this topic here.
When someone asks what you do for work, it's easy to talk about the tasks you work on, but do you ever stop to talk about your company's mission? What problems you solve? The work you do is not necessarily your mission, but it's vital to communicate your mission effectively to your employees so they can take that mission into account when making decisions and ultimately work towards a shared goal.  In episode 17 of the Make Others Successful podcast where Emma, Matt, and Mike dive into the importance of defining your business' mission, and how vital it is to communicate said mission to your employees effectively for overall greater success. 
Technology: the ultimate double-edged sword. Some days it's our best friend and other days, our worst nightmare. But, in regards to connecting people to one another, is technology the answer? Communication via technology isn't here to replace the in-person connection, but rather help us when the in-person option isn't always available.  In episode 16 of the Make Others Successful podcast, Mitch, Matt, and Mike dive into the ins and outs of communicating and continuing to connect through technology.
Cue the classic TV infomercial - it's everyone's dream to just press a button and walk away, not having to worry about it again. But when we're talking about modernizing your workplace, using technology better, improving your employee experience, and automating processes, it's far from a one-button operation. In this episode we'll talk through some of the misconceptions we've seen over the years as well as the mindset it takes to fully embrace the efforts behind building a modern workplace.