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Author: Aliza Shamsi

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Hey there Dreamer!!
Hello to you and the umpteen doubts that flood you from within..!

This is your host Aliza Shamsi.

"Dreams and Doubts" is a weekly podcast series where I talk about my battles, struggles, insecurities and all that stops me and juveniles like you from Unleashing Your Edge.

No facts, No stats, No googled information !!
Just a flow of personal experiences from My heart to Yours..

Join me on every Sunday. Lets share great motivation and tons of solutions.
Lets figure it out together..!!
21 Episodes
It always feels satisfactory to have an Emotional Outlet, be it in any form. And to start a little something of your own, with no or very less appetence for validation.. Isn’t it?? Check out today's episode and shower some love, if you like !!
Based on My Personal Experience Confrontation is never a pleasant process for both the one who conducts the action and the one who is confronted with. Most of the time, however, people try to avoid confronting others even though they want to hold someone accountable. They believe the action is either unnecessary or unaffordable. To master confrontations, one needs to avoid silence, violence and hogs. Check-in to find out more about the insecurities in the latest episode!
They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But they didn't take feelings into consideration. No..!? Would it be then right, to say a picture may also misconstrue and mislead sometimes ?? Twisted words and showy emotions ain't even worth a single penny. Come lets talk it out more...
Out of everything, a NO can be the hardest thing to say...! Isn't it? How many times have you acceded to toxic requests, just to save your relationship and image? While you wish to put up an amiable and approachable personality on the front, Most Times, you lose your relationship with your ownself !! Come lets figure out a swift slip out of such dichotomies in this episode
A survey conducted in the US, asked people what scared them the most. #2 was Death, and #1 was.... Public Speaking. In this fast paced world, if you can't grab the attention of someone, if you can't make them listen to you and understand you, you're 'Incompetent', irrespective of how knowledgeable you are. Join me on today's episode as I talk about my rendezvous with Public Speaking and Communication
How important is it to post about your day, at the end of each day? Why do you think all people feel happy seeing it? Which is your way? Anonymity or Flamboyance !?! Come lets find out.
Ever shunned Pantaloons, just to purchase from a local shop at a flee market. Did you happen to see the grin on the shopkeeper's face? It was priceless, right!?! Well, thats the power of 1 credit, thats what all the budding influencers want !! You've no idea how much does each word of appreciation from you people, matter to people like us. Don't believe me ?? Tune it, and I shall prove it!
What made you decide what you're doing today? Could be many reasons, right?!? But is it your passion that calls you to do it, or You have to call it a passion and justify yourself ? Lets find out in today's episode !
"No one remembers the man who ever came second" is a dialogue from a famous bollywood film. While we go overboard in congratulating the one who Wins it , we often fail to acknowledge the efforts of those who Runs it. The Tokyo Olympics 2021 was one of the most recent incident, I can think of. This leaves the 2nd best in self-doubt, if he/she is really important and worthy. Watch today's episode to find out more about what the person feels!
Ageism is a part of Living. There is no line in the sand between the old and the young, after which there is all downhill. The sooner we get off this hamster wheel of age denial, the better off we are. Longevity is here to stay. I am in the movement. Are you?
Rejection v/s Regret

Rejection v/s Regret


Can you count the number of times you've been rejected and shattered from within? Have you regretted your decision after it backfiring on you? But you just followed your gut, right!! Whatsoever and However,, You decided it, because it seemed to be the most right thing:) Do not curse yourself when debacles hit you. They're making you prone to impediments and emotional gameplays. Cheer up and try again:)
Research, Relatability, Consistency and Captivity are the 4 basic pillars of Impactful Delivery. While such trendy acronyms seem to satisfy the 2nd pillar, they actually lack substance and meaning at workspaces and TEDtalks, in my opinion. Have such words affected your speaking and writing skills, too? Lets find out how..!
The online mode of everything, has its own share of pros and cons. And the opinions are extremely Subjective!! Whether or not we zero down, it has surely Eased Out a number of things for us. While there is also a plethora of stuff, lying uncatered to. Tune in to find out my views on the dichotomy.. LETS AGREE TO DISAGREE, by the end of it.
All of us have some or the other space where all our insecurities and thoughts seek refuge. It could be your family, your friends, social media, or any other.. Well that's YOUR Haven !! And what you're watching right now, is MY Haven.. Its so important to have one. Come lets find out about each others' emotional outlets, in today's episode.
Ever felt uncomfortable about your body?? Made those new year resolutions, but couldn't stay true to them?? Well, Perseverance and Self- Control are the sole two drivers here. Once you have them in place, you won't feel like cheating and ruining your efforts again!! Come lets share some fitness motivation and etiquettes in today's episode..
Living away from home is a big step for so many reasons. So many emotions,, to eventually realise that it was a great thing to have been done. The lessons you learn when you’re alone, are the lessons you use for the rest of your life. Stride with me, as I take a walk down this memory lane..
Have you ever found bringing off relationships, tough?? Well, I certainly have! From developing a mutual understanding to catching up later, on Life and Living.., Doesn't it take a lot sometimes? How do you carry out friendships for EVER, without losing your individuality and ideals? Lets think out together !!
Today I wish to narrate a story! A story of someone who is one of us… But not as empowered and backed as we are. They haven’t been taught how to dream. They have no clue of what “living for oneself” is. Plug In as I discuss the issue at hand, via a spectator–driven lens.
Are you someone who’s struggling to figure out what’s wrong with you? Is self-doubt engulfing you from all sides? Fret not !! You’re not the only one who is. Come lets find some solace in each other’s story !!
Imagine being in a room with people you don’t like, or aren’t friendly with. It becomes really tough to cut the first turf. Join me as I discuss my trick with you, so that next time you’re in the spot, you know how to find a  friend in people you now dislike.