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What does Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts have in common with chess? Press PLAY to find out.In episode number 3 we take a unique look at connecting chess openings and martial arts. Where we discuss the similarities between the two subjects. We also have a simple look at understanding the intentions of an attack and how we need to respond without blundering ourselves. Start to experience and express your chess like never before. Learn to see things differently and bring the advantage to your next match.Chess-TzuListen, Learn & Crush!!!Support the show
In this episode we sip from the vast glass of history as we explore some of the finer details of how Genghis Khan and his Mongols would deploy their Strategy & Tactics. We take that knowledge and we apply it to our Chess.How did the Mongols crush nearly every opponent they faced?How can we learn from these lessons from history?Press Play to find out and perhaps you may find a connection that works for you and start CRUSHING your next Chess game!Support the show
Welcome to Chess-Tzu!!We are super excited to present this high caliber fun podcast. In this podcast we are taking an interesting look at some of the crushing tactics that Napoleon Bonaparte used on the battlefield and learn how we can start to apply these tactics to your chess games today.Thank you very much for stopping by we truly hope you find these podcast informative, fun and perhaps most of all, providing you with that new crush factor to add to your Chess! Thank you and enjoy!The Chess-Tzu Team!!Support the show
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