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Author: Emma Holmes

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The Rockstar Rebellion podcast is for online entrepreneurs who don't fit the usual mould, who feel that business can often feel icky and uncomfortable BUT who want to follow their hear, their soul and create a business of their dreams. This podcast is perfect for you if you wanna get creative, if you want to follow your souls purpose and create something that's truly spectacular. We will fuse together mindset, business strategy and spirituality AND there'll be no cookie cutter/one size fits all approaches. Join Emma Holmes, founder of Rebels & Rockstars for the latest podcast.
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In this episode I'm chatting to the amazing Dr Margriet.  This episode was a Facebook live and we will be diving into all things being healthy in December and boosting your immunity.  We talk about Dr Margriet's healthy advent calendar.  You can get involved here -'d love you to be part of it. All The Links...Follow Dr Margriet on Facebook: Dr Margriet's website: My Website - Find Me On Facebook - Find Me On Instagram - Find Me On LinkedIn -
In this episode I'm talking about happiness, balance and priorities in life.  It's a thought provoking one! Dive on in & enjoy The Change Matrix  - My Website - Me On Facebook - Me On Instagram - Me On LinkedIn -
In today's episode I'm flying solo! I'm diving into how you can start to back yourself and create amazing outcomes and experiences for yourself.  This episode is diving into the strategy and tactics that you can use in any situation to blow your own mind, make change and create exactly what you want. Enjoy! Show LinksThe Change Matrix  - My Website - Me On Facebook - Me On Instagram - Me On LinkedIn -
Today I'm joined by the lovely Trudie Core as we start to explore the opportunities of 2020, how to deal with uncertainty and all things mindset.  You'll get a little glimpse into one phase that I don't really like but that is the essence of what I'm all about. Trudie says that her life wasn't always positive.  Here's her little take on it "Well it wasn’t, I was suffering with depression and crippling anxiety. My marriage was a loveless sham and I had no emotional bond with my children. I was simply existing, day in and day out thinking negative thoughts and living a negative existence."  Despite all this Trudie now shares a whole host of tips and tricks that will help you to live a life you adore.  I hope you enjoy the episode!Visit Trudie's Website: Trudie on Facebook: Trudie on Instagram: my website - me on Facebook - me on Instagram - me on LinkedIn -
Join me & Sarie Taylor as we chat all things anxiety.  Sarie is a psychotherapist and coach who herself was hospitalised with severe anxiety in her early 20s. Sarie now helps others, all over the world, get out of their own way and fall in love with life! It's not as difficult as we may 'think'!She is going to be diving into how you shift and manoeuvre yourself out of your own way and deal with anxiety. I hope you enjoy the episode. Watch The Live Interview - Sarie's Website - Sarie On Facebook - Sarie on Instagram - my website - me on Facebook - me on Instagram - me on LinkedIn -
Welcome to this week's episode of the podcast.  We are finishing off series 2 with a "Brucie Bonus" episode this week where we are diving in to a workshop I delivered this week all about sales & selling.  I am going to be talking about why you might not be making the sales that you want right now and how you can turn your sales from soggy to sizzling. Dive in & enjoy!! The links that you need this week are; Sell Well - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~ Love, M xx 
In today's episode of the podcast I'm diving into the power of numerology with the gorgeous Jo Soley.  WOW!! This stuff is super powerful! We are diving into; ➡️ the power of numerology ➡️what your life path number means ➡️how numerology can impact your life & business ➡️what you might be missing (and what I was missing)➡️a dive into my numbers I LOVE this stuff 😍Here's the links for this week's episode... on Facebook on Instagram me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
In this week's episode I am talking to Chris Cook, Olympian, 2 x Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Business Owner, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Husband & Dad - phew I get exhausted just introducing him.    We are chatting about;   ➡️  what you can take from being an athlete to being a business   ➡️  the mindset shifts that changed everything for him   ➡️  the huge impact of keeping things simple   ➡️  navigating your direction   ➡️  and 2 lengths - an incredible look at the micro focus of what you do. I'm also diving in to talk to you about giving space & attention to you and your business projects with one simply mindset shift.   It's a bobby dazzler of an episode, don't miss it!!Links from this week's episode: CONNECT WITH CHRIS ~ me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
In today's episode I'm diving in to chat to the gorgeous Natasha Holland.  We have a good old chinwag all about; ➡️navigating life lessons and big changes during COVID ➡️FOOD!! ➡️Changing beliefs and thought patterns ➡️What you are going to take with you ➡️creating an impact ➡️Why she had to stop saying "sorry" I'm also diving in and chatting about the fact that the way we traditionally look at balance is absolutely bullshit. Here's your links for this week...Tash on Facebook - On Instagram - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
Welcome to this week's episode of the podcast.  Today I'm joined by Trudie Core as my cohost. What we chatting about? We are diving in to; ➡️What spirituality means to Trudie ➡️How spirituality helps her to protect her mental health ➡️scratching the itch ➡️having a bricks and mortar shop ➡️she asks me about my 2020 goals➡️ and we pose the question ~ are there any pictures of you? I'm also diving into the word "challenges" and what it might mean to you & your business and giving you ONE little thing that can completely change your world.  Here's your links for this week...Trudie on Facebook - On Instagram - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
Welcome to this week's episode of the podcast where the cohost is the very gorgeous Kate Spencer.  We are diving into; ➡️The Biggest Lessons of 2020 so far ➡️ Sidestepping the Shoulds ➡️Taking responsibility & Taking Back Your Power ➡️The phrase "it's ok for you"➡️You have a choice ➡️ Life lessons - we are opening the door on the big shit that's gone on in our world. I'll also be chatting through whether or not affirmations are Bullshit AND diving into how you can get your hands on a replay of the live class I hosted this week - Habitual Success. Here's the links you need from today's episode; KATE  ON FACEBOOK ~ ON INSTAGRAM ~ me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~ REPLAY -
Welcome to this week's episode of the podcast!Today my cohost is the very gorgeous Naomi Gilmour and we are diving in and chatting about;➡️How to know who NOT to work with ➡️Why your mental health is important ➡️Not being chained to your desk ➡️shiny objects and how to decide on ideas I'm also diving in to give you a little opportunity for a self assessment and to break a circle that may well have formed. Enjoy...Here's the links you might need; The Tip Top Energy Toolkit - Change Matrix - Naomi on Facebook - Naomi on Instagram - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
Yay it's new podcast day and it's the last co-host slot of the season! This week I'm joined by the gorgeous Kristina Smith to dive into some MASSIVELY important topics this week;➡️ The Batman Page➡️ Fuck It Days ➡️Optimisation of Entrepreneurs ➡️ Being Your Actual Self Are you in actually in right lane - out our batman pages below too...www.rebelsandrockstars/ can find Kristina over on her social media pages:Facebook
Welcome to this week's episode of the podcast! Today my cohost is the very gorgeous Sarah Baker and we are diving in and chatting about; ➡️ Where Social Media is right now ➡️  The use of language and a love of all things wordie ➡️  Why we are buying gifts for teachers ➡️  Why I need an extra inch from AldiI'm also getting down and dirty with new ideas - how do you navigate them, what to do with them and what to do if an idea is niggling but you can't quite get to the bottom of it. Enjoy.....Sarah on Facebook - on Instagram - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
Welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. Today my cohost is the gorgeous Vicki Nicolson and we are diving in and chatting about; ➡️what it's like to have me as a client ➡️joy spots ➡️ how working from home has changed ➡️how I started my health and wellness journey ➡️5 things to get more visible in your businessI'm also diving in to let you into an entry in my journal and I'll be sharing Boss Your Breakthroughs today too! Enjoy...Here's the little links you might need today; BOSS YOUR BREAKTHROUGHS ~ on Facebook - on Instagram - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
Mid Season Break!

Mid Season Break!


In this episode we are diving into a mid season break.  What are the BIGGIES that you need to take away from the first 4 episodes.  Diving into;➡️ Navigating the current climate ➡️ Homeschooling ➡️ What's on your plate ➡️The things isn't the thing ➡️ what meditation means to me AND much more! ENJOY! 
In today's episode my gorgeous co-host is the lovely Beckie Coupe from Infinity.  We are chatting about all things from taking off your grumpy pants, managing what comes into your sight line in terms of social media to influencers.Here's the thing, what is on your plate is there because you said YES to it.  How would it look to create that re-distribution of time and what can you do to make time for the things you really want to do?Let's dive in...This week's links; The article I refer to around influencers - Tip Top Energy Toolkit - on Facebook  - on Instagram - me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
This week's episode of the podcast is brand spanking new.  A new way of creating a crackin conversation with you so we are going to dive in with it as "Season 1:  Episode 1" In this week's edition I have the gorgeous Sarah Cornforth - Magickal Creatrix as my co-host, I talk about my take on momentum & movement v stillness & reflection and showcase how to make change without it feeling such a bloody slog. The links you need from this week's episode are; THE CHANGE MATRIX ~ SARAH ON FACEBOOK ~ ON INSTAGRAM ~ me on Facebook - me on Instagram ~
In the 2nd in this little series to help you navigate the current climate I'm chatting about getting CRYSTAL clear.  Knowledge is power on this one.  I do mention something that's going to help you hugely to navigate this one and you can get hold of Revive Your Money Moxie here ~ Love, M xx 
Everything is nuts right now. I hear ya!! BUT it's hugely important as business owners that we don't simply go down the well of panic. This is part 1 in a mini series I'm popping together to help and support you to navigate, survive & thrive the current climate. Please don't struggle.  I'm here to help where possible.  I do mention some resources in this video and they can be found here; Limitless Launch - Your Money Moxie - Productivity Bible - Love, M xxx 
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