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Get a sneak peak of what our podcast is all about! Hear a sampling of our podcast interviews and the stories they entail. 
In this episode we will be chatting with Troy and Jamie Lewis, owners of Heritage Landscape Design. Troy and Jamie started their company so that they could provide the best service possible to their customers and now they are known for their above and beyond experience. Now let's find out how Troy and Jamie dig up opportunities and build a good reputation. 
In this episode we will be chatting with Mike Gudat and Brad Stegall, owners of Acceleration Ventures. Mike and Brad partnered up so that they could expand their real estate footprint. They not only increased their portfolio, but together are making a difference in the lives of other real estate investors and those hoping to be. Now let's find out how Mike and Brad invest in their future. 
In this edition of Success in Review we will be chatting with Matt Solis of Smith Filter. Matt came onboard at Smith Filter as the 5th generation. He not only brought new ideas to support growth, but designed and implemented a game changing product. Now let's find out how Matt filters out challenges and seizes opportunities.  
Dr. Larsen started his practice in 1989 and now owns multiple locations in Illinois. In addition to his dental practice Dr. Larsen has recently taken on a new venture and is putting the final touches on a unique winery and vineyard in Oak Grove, IL. Now let's find out how Dr. Larsen grows his practice and his vines. 
We will be chatting with Drew Allen, President and CEO of Grace Technologies. Grace makes maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive with innovative electrical safety products and predictive maintenance solutions. In addition to his role at Grace, Drew led a technology acquisition that developed and expanded into new markets and applications. Now let's find out how Drew powers his company. 
We will be chatting with Kevin Nolan, founder and owner of Ecogistics, an eco-friendly logistics company. Kevin and his wife Wendi have grown their business to a network of more than 17,000 carriers and was recognized as Inc. Magazine's Top 100 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the US. Now let's find out how Kevin provides an experience that carries excellence. 
Katie Castillo- Wilson is the Founder and CEO of TapOnIt, a technology company most commonly known for TapOnIt Deals. In 2014, she left her career to launch her company, with a goal of helping brands connect with consumers in the most direct way possible, a text message. Katie has raised over $5M since inception and now TapOnIt's technology is used all over the country to connect brands with consumers.  Now let's find out how she put the tech into text messages. 
Join us in learning how Tiphanie took Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie from a small town cupcake shop to a nationally recognized bakery by getting featured on Food Network's - The Christmas Cookie Challenge! Her marketing and creative flair is evident not only with her baking but with her business acumen. Now let's find out how Tiphanie bakes success into every bite. 
In this special edition of Chairmen Magic Moments I will be chatting with Lee Garlach, Brian Kardell and Sean McGuire, who all have at least two things in common - they work at Fortress Bank and have all been the Chairman for The John Deere Classic. The John Deere Classic is a professional golf tournament in the PGA Tour that is hosted in the Quad Cities and has raised over 133 million dollars for over 500 local charities. Come with me as we take a deep dive into what it is really like to be the JDC Chairman. We will go behind the scenes to hear their stories about the fundraising that is done for our community, meeting the golfers and working with the people who make it all happen! Now let's find out how golf can inspire a little bit of magic!
Eric Langan, owner of Carpetland, started working in the family business the day after he graduated from college in 2001. In 2004 he bought the business from his father, opened new locations and now owns 9 franchises across Iowa and Illinois. Now let's find out how Eric took his competitive drive and applied it to flooring. 
Kent Pilcher, owner of Estes Construction, has grown his company to nearly 300 employees, including a location in Des Moines as well as its home office in downtown Davenport. In addition to Estes, Kent has ownership in multiple affiliate companies across Iowa. Now let's find out how Kent took his challenges and built not only buildings, but opportunities. 
Lee Garlach, who was a former CPA and bank examiner for the Federal Reserve and an owner of a national beer distributing company, brought together his financial background and entrepreneurial experience when he purchased what is now known as Fortress Bank.  Now let's find out more about how Lee when from beer to banking. 
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