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Author: Mike Carruthers / OmniCast Media

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Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of "intel" you can use to make your life better - today. Right now.
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How to Use Your Memory to be More Successful & The Secrets of Loving Couples
Couples should have a date night. That’s common advice to help keep the romance alive in long term relationships. But interestingly, “couple time” is not the highest quality time couples can have. In fact it doesn’t even come in second. Listen as I explain another way couples can spend their time that is much more rewarding. you know how to make your memory work to your advantage? If you have ever had your memory fail at exactly the wrong time, listen to my guest Michael Tipper, author of the book Instant Recall ( Michael won the silver medal in the World Memory Championship by remembering 9 decks of playing cards in order! He joins me to offer some excellent techniques to help you understand and use your memory to your best advantage. You know that little front pocket that sits inside the big front pocket on blue jeans? Do you know why it is there and what it is for? The idea for that pocket came from Levi Strauss and when you listen you will hear what the original intended use was – which by the way is pretty much obsolete today. are a lot of people in relationships who are not getting what they want from their partner. Why is that? What happens in relationships that results in that seemingly inevitable path of negativity, criticism and conflict – and how do you fix it? Harville Hendrix has been working with couples for a long time to help them break free from the negativity that so often takes over in long term relationships. Harville is a practicing therapist and author of several books including the newly revised version of Getting the Love You Want ( which was a huge bestseller when it first came out several years ago. He joins me to reveal what causes relationships to go off-track and how to instantly change how couples interact so the negativity stops.This Week's Sponsors-LinkedIn. Go to to get $50 off your first job post-ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Select Quote. Go to for your free quote today.-Calming Comfort. Go to and use promo code : something - to get $15 off at checkout.-Care/Of Vitamins. For 50% off your first month of personalized Care/of vitamins, go to and enter promo code: something50. -Trip Actions. Go to to complete a 30 minute demo and receive a $100Amazon gift card.-Geico. Go to for your free quote.-Postmates. For $100 free delivery credit, download the app and use the code: something.-Purple Get a free Purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress. Just text "Something" to 79-79-79.
The Fascinating Things That Make You Human & Natural Remedies – Which Ones Really Work?
If you want to be more persuasive, there is one little sentence to tack on to the end of any request that is more likely to get people to do what you want. Listen as I begin this episode by revealing that one simple sentence. makes you human? What is it about us that separates us from other earthly creatures? It’s a fascinating question that has been tackled by Michael Tomasello, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University and author of a new book called Becoming Human ( What is so interesting is how we wouldn’t be so human without our interaction with other humans. While we may like to think of ourselves as superior to other animals – it may be more about how we different rather than how we are better. Do you use mouthwash on a regular basis? Did you know the American Dental Association doesn’t recommend that? I’ll explain why killing those bad breath germs in your mouth could have some serious negative consequences. lot of people swear by herbal remedies. A lot of other people prefer conventional medicine. Do herbal remedies actually work? And if so, which ones? Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. is a proponent of natural and herbal remedies and she wrote the forward to the new book, Nature's Best Remedies ( from National Geographic. She joins me to discuss the science behind some popular herbal remedies and offers help sorting out what works and what does not. This Week's Sponsors-LinkedIn. Go to to get $50 off your first job post-ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Select Quote. Go to for your free quote today.-Calming Comfort. Go to and use promo code : something - to get $15 off at checkout.-Care/Of Vitamins. For 50% off your first month of personalized Care/of vitamins, go to and enter promo code: something50. -Trip Actions. Go to to complete a 30 minute demo and receive a $100Amazon gift card.-Geico. Go to for your free quote.-Postmates. For $100 free delivery credit, download the app and use the code: something.-Purple Get a free Purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress. Just text "Something" to 79-79-79.
Really Dumb Things Smart People Do with Money and The Power of Having the Right Attitude
People who deal with the public as part of their job often begin to believe that people in general are not very bright. For example, one question workers at Disney theme parks are often asked is “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” Which is, of course, a pretty stupid question on its surface. But it’s how the employees answer the question that makes Disney customer service so legendary – and any organization can do the same thing. money mistakes can be devastating. Yet, a lot of very smart people do some amazingly dumb things with their money according to Jill Schlesinger, business analyst for CBS News, host of the podcast Jill on Money and author of the book, The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money Listen as Jill explains what to do now to avoid the consequences of stupid money mistakes. We’ve all been told that our attitude is important. I’m sure your parents or a teacher told you something along the lines of: “You can accomplish anything with the right attitude.” But wait a minute. Can the right attitude overcome a lack of skill or talent? John Maxwell, author of dozens of books including The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset joins me to explain what a good attitude can and cannot do and how to use your attitude to make you better at everything you do.The first wrinkles people usually get are around the eyes – crow’s feet is what people call them. If you have them you should rejoice! Listen as I explain why getting these wrinkles can do wonders for how people see and perceive you. Week's Sponsors-ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Quip. Go to to order a Quip toothbrush and get your first refill pack free.-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance.-Sleep Number. To find your nearest store go to
If Your Heart Has Ever Been Broken - Listen to This & Amazing Ways Numbers Affect You
When I need to solve a problem or think of something creative, I often lie down, close my eyes and think. And it turns out that is good advice for everyone. I start this episode with some interesting research that reveals why lying down is a good position to think in. about everyone has had their heart broken even you, I bet. Psychologist Guy Winch, author of the book How to Fix a Broken Heart ( joins me to explain why a broken heart feels so horrible, how it is different than other forms of grief and why we need to take it more seriously. A broken heart can have negative long-lasting effects and Guy explains how to minimize those effects so you can move on with your life. Imagine life without zero. In the world of numbers, zero is a relatively new addition. And it is the only number that hasn’t changed over time. It is and always has been a circle. Alex Bellos, author of the book Alex’s Adventures in Numberland ( explains some of the fascination facts about numbers like: Why a minute has 60 seconds and an hour has 60 minutes; why a number for nothing (zero) was so revolutionary; why elevator buttons never use negative numbers to indicate floors below ground – and so much more. (Alex is also author of Puzzle Ninja and Soccer School . How can it be that 40% of food in the United States is wasted and thrown away? Many people use coupons and search for bargains at the supermarket and yet so much of that food never gets eaten. Listen as we explore the problem and what we can do. /21305862/This Week's Sponsors-ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Quip. Go to to order a Quip toothbrush and get your first refill pack free.-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance.-Sleep Number. To find your nearest store go to
How Social Media Sucks You In Without You Knowing It & How Chemicals in Your Home Mess with Your Hormones
Some people like their chocolate chip cookies crispy right out of the often while others like them soft and chewy and some people like them somewhere in between. This episode begins with an explanation of how to get them just the way you like them every single time. find it hard to get off Facebook or Instagram? Ever find yourself checking social media more often than you know you should? That turns out to be all by design according to Cal Newport. Cal is an associate professor of computer science at Georgetown University and author of the book Digital Minimalism. Listen as Cal explains how social media sites manipulate your behavior and what you can do about it. There is new science that reveals that the chemicals around your house can really mess with your hormones and your health. Fire retardants in furniture, fragrances in cosmetics, BPA in aluminum cans and credit card receipts – all these things are having serious consequences on you and your family. Pediatrician Dr. Leonardo Trasande is vice-chair for research for the department of pediatrics at New York University and author of the book Sicker, Fatter, Poorer He joins me to explain the latest research that is sounding the alarm about the effects of these household chemicals.  As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be thinking about buying roses for someone special. Listen as I explain how not all roses are created equal and which ones are best to buy and where best to buy them. Week’s Sponsors-Capterra. Visit to find the best software solutions for your business-ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance.
How to be a Great Customer So You Get What You Want & What do Facebook and Google Really Know About You?
We have all heard how some people become sad or depressed during the winter months? Maybe it’s the lack of sunlight or the social isolation of winter – or maybe it’s all a myth. I begin this episode with a look at Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and reveal how real it really is. you heard of “surveillance capitalism”? It’s the business of collecting data on you and me and then selling that data to others. Google Facebook and a lot of other companies do it. It’s legal – but should it be? Shoshana Zuboff, a professor at Harvard and author of the book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism ( joins me to explore this highly lucrative business and explains we should all be concerned about it and why it could mean the end of privacy as we know it.As winter storms approach, it is common for people to rush to the grocery and stock up on staples like bread and milk. Often to the point of leaving store shelves bare. But why? Storms only last a day or two. Why are we hoarding supplies as if we will be stranded for weeks? I’ll explain the psychology of all that. a customer you interact with a lot of professional people – waiters, store clerks, doctors, hair dressers teachers and a lot of others. Sometimes those interactions go horribly wrong. So what can you do to make sure things go right? Lynette Padwa author of the book, Say the Magic Words:How to Get What You Want from the People Who Have What You Need ( talked with those professionals and discovered the secrets to making your encounters go well so that you get exactly what you want and everyone is happy. Listen to discover how.  This Week’s Sponsors-Capterra. Visit to find the best software solutions for your business-ADT. Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance.
The Science of Making Meetings Not Suck & How to Be Much Happier (and Why You Should)
As I write and post this, much of the U.S. and other parts of the world have been hit by extreme cold in the last several days. So I begin today’s episode with a look at the science of how to stay warm when you are out in the cold.“Boy I wish we had more meetings and I wish they lasted longer,” said no one ever in the history of mankind. At best, meetings are a necessary evil in business, organizations and even families. But meetings don’t have to be long, boring and pointless. Steven Rogelberg, Professor of Psychology, Management, and Organizational Science at the University of North Carolina Charlotte is the author of the book The Surprising Science of Meetings and he joins me to reveal how you can make meetings more interesting, meaningful and relevant while making them shorter and maybe even less frequent. And if you like what he has to say, you can visit him at his website: http://stevenrogelberg.comDid you know your cellphone can give you a bad complexion? It turns out a lot of people are having trouble with the skin on their face and it is all because of their cellphone. Listen as I explain why it happens and how to fix it. don’t have to look far to find podcasts, seminars, books and articles full of people telling you what they think will make you truly happy. However, in this episode we look at the SCIENCE of happiness with Catherine Sanderson. She is the Manwell Family Professor of Life Sciences at Amherst College and author of the book The Positive Shift. Listen as Catherine not only explains how to make yourself happier, she also reveals the incredible dividends you receive when you do. This Week's Sponsors-Joybird. To receive an exclusive offer for 25% off your first order go to and use promo code: something-Select Quote. Get your free quote for life insurance today at Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance
Amazing Stories Behind Cool Whip, Mac & Cheese and other Iconic Food & What It Takes to Be in the Top 1%
There is a good chance that your partner is not a lot taller or shorter than you are. People seem to be attracted to people who are of a similar height but it is not for the reasons you might think. This episode begins with a fascinating explanation of how height is involved in mate selection. ( the emphasis on eating natural, healthy and organic foods, we still eat a lot of processed foods. In fact, some of the bestselling foods are things like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Cool Whip, frozen dinners and Twinkies. Food writer Carolyn Wyman, author of Better than Homemade: Amazing Foods that Changed the Way We Eat ( joins me to explains some of the really interesting stories behind some of the most popular food products today.Ever had trouble getting a refund from a retailer even though you know you were entitled to it? There is something you can tell that retailer that may very well get them to reconsider? ( does it take to be the best in whatever you want to do? Perhaps it would help to look at elite athletes and see what it is they do to get to the top of their game. Alan Stein, author of the book Raise Your Game: High Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best ( has worked with the very best basketball players and explains how anyone can transfer what those athletes do to improve their performance in any field. This Week's Sponsors-Joybird. To receive an exclusive offer for 25% off your first order go to and use promo code: something-Select Quote. Get your free quote for life insurance today at Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance
The Magic of Building On Your Strengths and How to Better Handle the Admin of Daily Life
Should you really get an annual check-up or go to the dentist twice a year? What about wearing sunscreen everyday? Are all these things really necessary? We begin this episode with a look what the experts say about common health advice you’ve heard all your life.( you got a bad grade in school, then that was the subject you were told to work on. Fix your weaknesses – get that grade higher. Is that really good advice? Maybe you are better served by focusing on what you are good at rather than trying to improve your abilities for things you don’t like and are not particularly skilled at. Tom Rath, senior scientist and adviser to the Gallup organization and author of the book Strengths Finder 2.0 ( explains why focusing on your strengths rather than trying to fix your weaknesses is a much better life strategy. Want your kid to eat healthier? It’s all in the packaging and presentation. Listen as I explain some fascinating research from Yale University that explains how cartoon stickers can help you get your kids to eat right. amazing amount of your day is devoted to the little details of life. Everything from errands to filling out forms, writing emails, taking the car in service – you know what I mean. Elizabeth Emens, a law professor at Columbia Law School has identified all these tasks as – Life Admin. And she has some great ways to deal with all those tasks effectively and efficiently so you can get on to the bigger things in life. Elizabeth is author of the book, Life Admin ( and she joins me to discuss and offer some great advice.  This Week’s Sponsors-LinkedIn. For $50 off your first job post, go to Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Quip. Get your first refill free when you buy a quip toothbrush at www.Get Vitamins. For $25 off your first month of personalized vitamins, go to and us the promo code: something-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance
How to Scientifically Make Your Brain Perform Noticeably Better & How to Effectively Hold a Grudge
How many times have you been told you should be thankful for what you have? Well, there may be some profound wisdom in that. I begin this podcast with some great research that shows how simple acts of gratitude can bring you benefits for a long time. you might think memory loss and cognitive decline are problems only for older people – you would be mistaken. Many younger people are walking around with sluggish, underperforming brains. Why? Listen as I talk with Steven Masley, M.D., an affiliate clinical associate professor at the University of South Florida, a fellow of the American Heart Association and author of the book, The Better Brain Solution ( Dr. Masley explains the 5 things that are causing so many people of all ages to have brain fog and underutilize their mental power. Then he reveals how to reverse it so you are using all your cognitive function and memory.Do you know people who never seem to get sick? While some of it may be luck, a lot of it has to do with certain habits they perform that keep them from becoming ill. Listen as I describe several ways you can better arm yourself against winter colds and other bugs. a grudge does nobody any good – right? Well maybe. It really depends on how you define a grudge. Writer Sophie Hannah has a way to use grudges to your advantage. Sophie is the author of the book How to Hold a Grudge: From Resentment to Contentment―The Power of Grudges to Transform Your Life ( She joins me to explain how grudge holding – when done correctly – can lead to a happier life and better relationships.This Week’s Sponsors-LinkedIn. For $50 off your first job post, go to Go to to learn how ADT can design and install a smart home system for you.-Quip. Get your first refill free when you buy a quip toothbrush at www.Get Vitamins. For $25 off your first month of personalized vitamins, go to and us the promo code: something-Geico. Go to to see how Geico can save you money on your car insurance
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Prinsley denis Cherilus

so if really understand the wolves can be human too because i think they're the most cooperative species.

Feb 12th

Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

what makes us unique is that WE and WE alone are made in the image of God.

Feb 11th

orianna syed

Social media is overrated. I’m so happy I been social media free for almost 5 years. It takes away time from my loved ones and distractions for my focuses on the more important things.

Feb 4th


so crazy cat lady is legit? lol

Feb 2nd

Tech Hassle

When ADT is your sponsor it's difficult to speak against the surveillance state.

Feb 1st

Elijah Claude

Ugh. She didn't communicate the problem well enough. Several studies show how companies can/do sell this data to banks and real estate agencies and so on to determine your credit or insurance policies. Even something as simple as a thermostat can tell when you're home, when you're likley sleep, maybe even when u shower lol. Would you want your neighbor to have all this info? I bet u won't, so why give it to a stranger with no recompense? Furthermore, credit scores are not at all a good system of trustworthiness. It's been proven to be classist, so being able to support that with no consensual data is even worse. Best solution is to just allow people to see their data in user friendly displays. This way people can actually see how valuable their data is, make money from it, and control where it goes... And how long someone can have your data.

Jan 31st

Satish Tadepalli

I completely agree with the comment by Lisa below, Shoshanna sounded completely paranoid urging some sort of grass roots activism without really knowing what the end goal is. Mike sounded exasperated as well. Even the next guest talking about customers is just peddling common sense.

Jan 29th

Lisa Sa

Shoshana Zuboff just comes across like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Who cares if it's known that I prefer Scott paper towels over Bounty? The only thing she said that made some sense was that certain of these smart devices could let people know when you're home. But unless there's a data breach, this info isn't getting to the local thief who's going to break in to rob your home while you're away

Jan 29th

JA Ortiz


Jan 25th

Erin Busteed Shaffer

I would continue to listen but I cannot get to my device to control the volume. I get that you need commercials- but the LOUD volume on commercials is RIDICULOUS!!

Jan 23rd


This is a scary episode. Huge wake up call though.

Jan 18th

Lisa Sa

To forgive is divine. Or is it?

Jan 16th

Lisa Sa

For someone who is supposed to be an expert, Charles Kiefer answered most questions with some variation of "I don't know about that." I'm not sure if he didn't want to give too much away from his book, but he definitely didn't make me want to buy it.

Jan 14th

Jose Carlos Schultz


Jan 12th

Lisa Sa

I don't really agree with the characterization of Democrats and Republicans. Democrats don't ALWAYS want change and once they get what they want just want somethinge else. For example, Democrats would rather the Trump administration NOT change the accomplishment that the Obama administration put into effect.

Jan 10th

just free

I'M still listening :)

Jan 9th

Bicycle World

interesting information about differences between conservatives and progressives

Jan 8th

Ka Rin

A kid playing more with the box than the new toy? Sounds rather like a cat. Also, heating up water with your pizza does not absorb "excess radiation". It'll only create more steam which makes your pizza soggy.

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Does anybody else think the host’s voice sounds kinda like the guy from fnaf sister location?🤔

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ĺ l

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