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Full-orbed biblical Reformational truth by the founder and president of the Center for Cultural Leadership.
137 Episodes
If we’re true Christians, and living in sin, we’re like zombies: the living dead; we’re alive, but carrying around the residue of the defeat of death every‐ where we go.Paul says this is no way to live. This is not the Christian life.
Our Promissory God

Our Promissory God


Several decades ago a Canadian schoolteacher Everett Storms read the Bible through 27 times specifically counting God’s promises. The number he came up with is 7,487. We might dis‐ pute that number, but of this there must be no doubt: you can find thousands of God’s promises in the Bible. If you read nothing but divine promises in the Bible, you would be occupied for a very long time. If you removed the promises from the Bible, you would no longer have a Bible.
The Father sent the Son to get more children, and Jesus died and rose to get siblings. 
Biblical faith requires a radical antithesis between Christians and non-Christians. We must stand squarely against today’s hegemonic Leftism, discriminatory Cultural Marxism, radical sexual antinomianism, and rabid hate. 
A podcast for young adults (12-19) warning of good things that too easily become bad things. 
The first in a new podcast for young adults (12–19 years old). 
An explanation of the dominant worldview of our contemporary cultural elites. The intellectual roots of “social justice,” “multiculturalism,”  “cisgendering,” “toxic masculinity,” “white privilege,” “heteronormativity,” “trigger warnings,” “identity politics,” and “intersectionality.” 
All religions, including (perhaps especially) the regnant secular religion, are exclusive. They simply exclude different things. Christianity alone fosters political liberty and it alone creates human flourishing. To abandon Christianity is to invite political tyranny and individual despair. 
It’s stupefying that God requires we search out and ponder and relish and express gratitude for His works, while this topic is almost never expounded or even mentioned today. This talk highlights several leading divine works and shows how we can correct our time’s dangerous omission.  
Beware the Privatizers

Beware the Privatizers


The Christian Faith is inherently public, and if it’s merely private, it’s not genuinely Christian. Gnosticism, ecclesiasticization, the Radical Reformation, Pietism, Revivalism, and Darbyism — all these have engendered a distorted, privatized Christianity. 
Ours is a world awash in Modernity and Postmodernity. They have dismantled Christian culture — from Baudelaire to Derrida, Stravinsky to Queen, Joyce to Lyotard. Modernism eats itself alive as Postmodernism. The only cure is a return to reality — creation ... the Triune God. 
Shaken and Unshakable

Shaken and Unshakable


We should be shaken by the tumult in world, because God is doing the shaking. He is very loudly shaking away the evil, because it is not his will to give peace to a rebellious world. Just as he shook and pulverized apostate Judaism to make way for the true Jewish church (Christianity), so he is shaking and pulverizing the apostate gentiles to make way for his comprehensive kingdom. We should rejoice in his earth-shaking victory. 
Godly success in the Gospel ministry requires the most riveting intention. 
The words “science” and “religion” are often depicted as irreconcilable opposites. But what is the worldview behind that perspective? Is it a valid representation of reality? How do we respond to the claim that religion and science should stay in their own lanes? Is Darwinism a reasonable explanation of the origin of the universe and the development of life on earth?
An introduction to the philosophy underlying Cultural Marxism, the dominant ethos on virtually every non-Christian (and many a Christian) campus in North America. It is contra-biblical and must be crushed at all costs. 
Modern science was launched almost exclusively by Christians and on distinctly Christian premises. In fact, modern science would’ve been impossible apart from a Christian worldview. Darwinism, by contrast, is an atheist explanation of the physical world that dehumanizes man and trashes creation.
Critical Theory

Critical Theory


Conventionally conservative groups like the Southern Baptist Convention have tried to champion Critical Theory, the analytical tool of Cultural Marxism devised by the Frankfurt School of the Weimar Republic and transplanted to the United States by men like John Dewey. This podcast is a simplified explanation of Critical Theory and a brief critique, showing that it is contra-biblical, self-refuting, and culturally destructive. To attempt to maintain it as a critical tool “within a Christian context” is to betray a fundamental misunderstanding of what it actually is.
The elite social vision of our time has infested nearly every aspect of our society — including the church. And it is utterly poisonous. 
Secularists and pagans say that Christianity is the blight of the Western world. All to the contrary: all of the great blessings they take for granted are bequeath by Jesus Christ, Christianity, and Christendom.
This is how history will unfold. Biblical Faith is optimism on steroids. 
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