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P. Andrew Sandlin's Podcasts, Preaching, and Lectures

Author: P. Andrew Sandlin

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Full-orbed biblical Reformational truth by the founder and president of the Center for Cultural Leadership.
194 Episodes
To know God’s calling in your life, immerse yourself in the manual of his cosmic operating system. 
What is a Christian worldview, and what is its primary competitor in the Western world today? 
The protology and eschatology of the Bible include promises of the advancement and victory of Christ‘s kingdom before the final, perfected eternal state. We must live as victorious people — because we are.
Our Promissory God

Our Promissory God


The Bible festers with God’s promises to his people, and living consistently in those promises means living in consistent hope and victory. 
Creation is the backdrop and prerequisite of our Lord’s redemptive work, and to bypass creation is eventually to overturn the gospel. 
The optimal time to trust Christ and serve God is childhood and youth, not middle and old age. God‘s preventive grace is greater than his recovering and grace, and the apex testimony of God‘s work in the world is children and young people serving him with unremitting zeal.
3D Salvation

3D Salvation


Salvation is much bigger than most Christians suppose. Unless we see salvation (as Paul does in Ephesians) in its personal, corporate, and cosmic dimensions, our view will be impoverished. 
To live in an atmosphere of prayers to live in constant expectation for God to do both small and mighty things. To live in this atmosphere of prayer is to live a transformed, victorious life.
The Creational Family

The Creational Family


The family is a part of the creational OS. The blinding assaults against it in postmodern culture (socially constructed sexuality, homosexuality, gender reassignment surgery, and so on) are assaults on reality itself. 
Widespread biblical law presupposes a Christian culture and society, and that culture and society will inevitably lead to biblical law. 
The Alt-World

The Alt-World


Satan attempts to replace God’s very good created world with his diabolical alt-world. The goal of aggressive Christianity is to destabilize, delegitimize, and decimate his world.
The biblical God is often consumed by zeal, and his holy jealousy fuels his zeal, which burns against the ungodly and rescues his people. 
To think correctly as a Christian you must first think correctly about creation. 
This talk to Christian high school students at the Worldview Leadership Academy is the simplest, most basic presentation I’ve ever given of the dominant, secular elite vision of our time. 
Want to be liberated from the intellectual tyranny of the present? Know the worldviews that created our postmodern world. 
Behind the Marxism distinctive to our time is the towering shadow of Hegel and his dialectical view of reality. 
The utopian revolutionaries are savaging every last residue of Christian culture, and the church’s double-decker Christianity has abetted the savagery. 
Covenant and Kingdom

Covenant and Kingdom


It’s not possible to properly grasp biblicalworldview or theology without grasping covenant and kingdom. 
The closing charge to the H. Evan Runner Academy 2022. 
The ascended Lord is presently ruler of the nations, trampling down his enemies by Spirit, gospel and law, and our prayer, evangelism, and life should aggressively reflect this cosmic reign of our Lord.  
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