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There are two valid, indispensable modes of practicing our faith, but in our times, one is preferable. Do not bypass normative Christianity for extraordinary Christianity. 
Knowing God’s will for our lives is both easier and harder than we think: easier because there’s nothing mystical or mysterious about it, harder because it commits us to go against our apostate world at every point. 
Being Kingdom People

Being Kingdom People


Seeking first the kingdom of God presupposes knowing what it is: God’s rule in the earth. To seek first his kingdom is to seek to extend his righteous rule everywhere.
If left free to flourish, Christianity always produces a Christian society. Christianity is not inherently anti-cultural; it is only anti-anti-Christian cultural.
Contemporary evangelicalism fosters a worldview that marginalizes and attempts to escape from creation. It’s a defeatist worldview. 
God Plays Favorites

God Plays Favorites


God plays favorites. He pours out his favor on those who love, trust, and obey him. Zealous Christians ARE better than everybody else.
One of the most pernicious myths of the church is that children must grow up before they can be zealots for Jesus Christ. The most productive Christians in history were following the Lord before they can remember. 
The Al Davis School of Eschatology — “Just Win, Baby.” Jesus is the present ruling king, and despite all the machinations of hell, he’s beating down evil and will eventually destroy it. Therefore, live in joy and hope and optimism.
No sacrifice is too great for the Kingdom, but the Kingdom cannot be limited to a personal devotional hobby. 
God loves to bury His people beneath an avalanche of promises. It’s remarkable how our orthodoxy tends to extend to everything except trusting his promises. 
Exposing a great deception for Christian youth by the Father of Lies. 
The Bible does not hold up the saints of those eras as enjoying more successful prayer lives than ours.
Alien worldviews in the church have rendered it impotent against an unbelieving cultural onslaught.
Kingdom advancement is the goal of Christian life on earth. 
A short autobiographical message on the power of prayer to change a life. 
No single human factor contributes more to the advance of Christ’s kingdom than mighty, faith-drenched, persevering prayer. 
All of those justified in Jesus Christ are eternally secure, but all who abandon the Faith are without hope and destined to eternal judgment. 
Every generation historically claims it lives in unprecedented times, but certain aspects of our times are in fact objectively unprecedented, and they are unprecedentedly evil as a result of one great philosophical twist and one great ecclesial heresy. The Christian calling is to overturn these ideational errors, restore the Faith, and take back the West for Jesus Christ.
Western civilization and its multitudinous blessings are unthinkable apart from Christendom. As the West abandons Christianity, it cuts itself off from the societal lifeblood that makes it possible. It’s a form of cultural suicide. 
God’s grace is not individualistically soteriological. He saves only those who trust in His Son, but His grace is so powerful and pervasive that it gradually transforms all of culture and life. We must be Genesis 1-2 Christians, not Genesis 3 Christians. 
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