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Air Traffic Management podcast by FoxATM.
16 Episodes
The guest of this episode is from the USA. We have talked with Jen Lemmon, the President of PWC Organisation (Professional Women Controllers) and the Operations Manager at the Houston Tower for FAA. We talked about how important it is to bring awareness about aviation career opportunities for young girls and women and also about the following aspects:What is the status of gender equality in ATM and why it is importantWhat are the factors causing a better gender balance in our industryWhat can be done to get more girls to know that they can be air traffic controllersWhat are PWC’s main activities & the goals to achieve in the next 5 yearsHow can listeners support PWCEvolution of ATM in the next 5 years & in the next 50 years? Will it be more balanced when it comes to the gender share of the industry?
The guest of this episode comes from the USA. Cyriel Kronenburg, is the Vice President International Development and Strategic Partnerships at uAvionix Corporation. We have discussed an interesting topic with the following aspects:What are TIS-B and FIS-B and how they relate to ADS-BThe safety benefits of TIS-B-FIS-B and the role it can play in the integration of all airspace usersWhere are TIS-B and FIS-B used, geographicallyTIS-B and FIS-B were developed for general aviation, initially. How can they be used for unmanned vehicles and the integration of dronesWhat is uAvionix doing on TIS-B and FIS-B marketU-Space future: Will operators have to change drone related equipment depending on the countryuAvionix and U-Space challengesSpecifics of doing equipment for drones and for A/C Integration of drones at airportsATM and UTM in 5 years and in 50 years in the US and abroad
In this episode we have two guests from skyguide  - Mario Winiger, the Just Culture Ambassador & Melanie Hulliger, the Line Safety Delegate. We have discussed the following aspects:What is Just Culture and why is it neededIf the ATCO reports the error himself, is he freed of any charges or how does it workResponsibilities of the job of a Just Culture Ambassador as such and why does skyguide needs oneChanging the law in regards to Just Culture & how was this processHow is Just Culture implemented around the world in ATM and in SwitzerlandJust culture in 5 years from now and in 50 years from nowATM in 5 years from now and in 50 years from now
Following our conversation with Benoit Fonck from SESAR Joint Undertaking (Episode 009), the guest of this episode is Mariagrazia La Piscopia, the Chief Strategy and Program Manager at SESAR Deployment Manager. We discuss the following aspects in regards to the deployment of SESAR:What is SESAR deployment, why is it needed, how is it organized and who is involvedHow is SDM different from SJUWhat are the main benefits of SESAR deployment for ATM and European aviation / economy in generalWhat has been good, what could be done differently, what are the challenges at SDMOperational stakeholders in SESAR deploymentHow can smaller ATM companies participate in the implementation of SESAR projectsImportance of continuing the digitization and modernization of European ATMKey drivers for a smooth continuation of ATM modernization through SESARATM in the next 5 years and in the next 50 years 
The guest of this episode is Marek Bekier - Senior VP ACR. The topic of this episode is private ANSPs & new ANSPs and we touched the following aspects: What distinguishes ACR, and other private ANSPs providers, from the legacy state-owned ANSPs, while looking at the organizational structure Initial ATCO training takes years and costs a lot of money. How does ACR do the training: in-house or subcontracting What is the service portfolio that ACR and other private ANSPs can offer the airport segment - today and tomorrowHow do incumbent ANSPs normally react to competition in the market and how regulators react to a private ANSPRelationship with legacy ANSPs Experience and particularities while working with smaller airports How was the transition when taking over from the legacy ANSPATM in 5 years from now and in 50 years from now 
The guest of this Episode comes from France. Loïc de Rancourt is the Expert of Performance Operations and the Project Manager for Skylab, at the Parisian division of DSNA. We discussed the following:Origin of Skylab project, need for performance managementChoice of KPIs, who choses, which KPIs, target audience, time horizon (retrospective, vs. tactical, vs. post-ops)Proximity to operations at all stages of the project, including development on siteLessons learned from measured KPIs, COVID effectsLessons learned from developing close to operations vs. centralized development by a central technical departmentATM / performance management in 5 years and in 50 years
The guests of this episode are Vicky Bhogal-Hunt, ATC Operations Specialist at Air Navigation Solutions Ltd and Paul Diestelkamp, the Head of Business Development & Solutions from Air Navigation Solutions Ltd (ANSL). The topic is radar in the tower and we touched the following aspects: With radar in the tower, the approach service is provided by an ATCO sitting in the tower and not in the approach room - so, is it one more ATCO in the tower or is it the same tower ATCO managing TWR and APP traffic at the same timewhether RiTT is replacing the usual approach unit or is it used in low traffic situations onlyIn some cases, the APP is not collocated with the TWR. Advantages of RiTT in such a caseImpact of RiTT in terms of ATCOs obtaining and maintaining new ratingswhether RiTT is a specific rating or an usual APP rating and whether ATCOs  work both TWR and APPwhether the implementation is more of a technical, operational or processes adaptationHow does the regulator see such a changeFuture of ATM in 5 years and in 50 years
In this episode, our guest comes from from Brussels, this is Benoit Fonck the Chief Programme Officer at SESAR JU. The topic is to explain how smaller ATM suppliers can participate in SESAR. Among others, we touched on the following aspects:What is SESARHow is SESAR structured and what is the reporting hierarchy in this structure Updates on current SESAR status and major directions currently covered by SESAR projectsWhat has been good, what could be done differently, what are the challenges of the programmeHow can smaller ATM companies participate in SESAR research projects What is the application procedure and how can smaller companies know when and where exactly to applyAdvice to a small company wanting to contribute to SESARSESAR in the next 5 years and in the next 50 years
The guest of this episode is Vanessa Rullier - Senior Manager ATM and Special Projects at European Business Aviation Association in Brussels. The topic discussed is the role of EBAA in ATM and  we touched the following aspects:why specifically is EBAA active in ATMEBAA activities related to the ATM what works well and what works not so well in ATMdifferences between ATM in Europe and in the USspecific needs of business aviation compared to commercial airlines in ATMATM in five years from now and in 50 years from now
The guest of this episode is Niclas Gustavsson - Vice President Business Development & Governmental Affairs at SAAB Digital Air Traffic Solutions. The topic today is the remote towers in Sweden and touched the following aspects:developments at Swedish Mountain Airport and the new Remote Tower Centre in Stockholmlessons learned from remote tower projects what could be done differentlydifferences between building an airport with a remote tower from scratch and adding a remote tower to an existing airportremote towers - why nowthe role of new technologies and the human factor in regards to remote towers how are partnerships between an ANSP and a tech company formed. New entrants to this fieldATM /remote towers in five years from now and in 50 years from now
The guest of this episode is Xavier Pretat, the Head of Fatigue Risk Management at ENAC in Toulouse. We covered the following main points:the impact of fatigue on ATCOs and typical fatigue levelhow to manage fatigue and why there is a need for thatwhat is fatigue management about: measuring and taking corrective measures or preventing it altogetherhow does COVID crisis impact on ATCOs fatiguelinks between fatigue in the cockpit and fatigue at the control sectorchanges in fatigue management in the next 5 years and in the next 50 years
The guest of this episode is Romain Hericher, the former Operational Strategy  Director at Dubai Airports in the United Arab Emirates. We covered the following main points:how is A-CDM  seen in the Middle-EastHow can A-CDM work outside of the EUROCONTROL area, or without a network manager Is it easier to implement A-CDM at an airport like Dubai where there is only one dominant airline and one dominant ground handlerAspects of managing capacity at DXB which is open around the clock, even with an outbound peak during the night Challenges related to A-CDM in the Middle EastFind out more about FoxATM HERE.
The guest of this episode is John van Hoogstraten, the Operations Director at Cyrrus. We  talked about the expertise of consulting companies and how they contribute to the ATM industry, as well as the following interesting aspects:role of consultancies and what do they bring to the table for the ATM industrylife cycle of a consulting project and the interaction between the players involved view on neutrality and independence of consultancy companiesaspects of working different roles in operations, operational management and consulting and lessons learned thereafter
The guest of this episode is Jochen Bauer, the Director Sales & Marketing at Guntermann & Drunck. We talked about KVMs and how they are solving user challenges in the ATM industry.What are the roles and advantages of KVM switches and extenders in ATCAre there features that are specific to ATMDoes G&D develop specific products on request Are there ATM features that later got used by non-ATM customers and vice-versa (i.e. features from other industries coming to ATM)What is the future of KVM switching 
The guest of this episode is Robert Koster, the founder of AerLabs. We looked into the topic of aircraft and drone noise as well as a few other related aspects:Impact of aircraft noise (and emissions in general) on aviation, airports, air routesCurrent picture globally and in Europe in regards to noise. Where is it the noisiestHow is noise measuredNoise mitigation measures from airports and ANSPsPerceived noise versus real noise View on the noise coming from dronesHow noise sensitivity could increase when traffic restarts
The guest of this episode is Axel Knutsen, the VP Unmanned Traffic Management at Avinor, the ANSP of Norway. We talked about the current developments regarding drones and UTM deployment in Norway. We will cover the following related topics:Who are the UTM players in Norway, who did develop and deploy the systemWhat features does it provide to drone operators and to ATCOsWhich other parts of the company are impactedHow many flights get registered on a typical week or month and what is their nature Do operators stick to their plans and how is this handled if they do notWhat are the next steps for the UTM program in Norway
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