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Air Traffic Management podcast by FoxATM - One new episode every second Tuesday.
49 Episodes
In this episode, we dive right into the signature question ourselves. Vincent Lambercy, the CEO of FoxATM and Julija Razmislaviciene, the managing Director of FoxATM Baltics discuss our vision of the operational and technical aspects of air traffic management (ATM). While also considering organizational and other elements that come up. If you would like to take a shot at answering our questions, please let Vincent know via his email:
Our guest for this episode is Claude Levacher, the CEO of SkySoft-ATM. He joins us in this episode to discuss the following air traffic management (ATM) topics:Personal introduction and career path.The company history of skySoft-ATM and its working relationship with Skyguide.Bringing developers and air traffic controllers closer together for successful innovation.The benefits for Skyguide to work with SkySoft instead of joining a more extensive alliance such as iTEC with several air navigation service providers.ATM video recording technology brought outside to the control room industry.Cross-feeding between ATM and non-ATM activities.Cultural differences between international organizations.Evolution of ATM industry for the next 5 and 50 years from now.
In this episode, we look back to 100 years of ATC and talk about IFATCA with our guest Marc Baumgartner. We discuss the long history, the factors making ATC what it is today, and how IFATCA participated into that. And as always, we close-up with our typical question about Marc's view of ATC in 5 and 50 years.
Our guest Cate Bichara is the head of inclusion and diversity at Skyguide. We discussed the following topics:The guest's personal career path and current position.What psychological safety is and the four pillars to promote safety together with cross-industry examples.How to bring management on board with putting psychological safety as a priority.Cultural and generational differences and the tools to enable inclusion.What the guest expectations and goals are as an ambassador of diversity in a male dominated industry.The guest's vision of diversity and inclusion in ATM.Vision of ATM in 5 and 50 years.
Our guest Jérémie Bayle is the head of the STARSim project at DSNA. We discussed the following topics:The guest's personal career path and current position.The reasons behind StarSim and decentralized training.The project's scale, number of airports, timing, current status.Is a mix of engineering and operations the key to success?The guest's vision of ATC training in 5 and 50 years.
Our guest Anna von Groote is the director general at EUROCAE. We discussed the following topics:The guest's personal career path and current position.What a virtual center is, and the technical difference between a virtual center versus existing air traffic management (ATM) systems.Whether air traffic control could ever be done from home.What the benefits of a virtual center are, and the obstacles to realizing virtual centers.What can EUROCAE bring to the table with regard to virtual centers.Timing of standardization.The guest's vision of virtual centers in 5 and 50 years.
Our guest Andy Foxhall is the head of International Business Solutions at NATS. We discussed the following topics:The guest's personal career path.What it's like working with the Red Arrows and as an air traffic controller at Gatwick airport.How it is to move partly away from the microphone to training, supervising, and leading air traffic controllers.The decision to become a consultant and work with other air navigation service providers (ANSPs), and advice for others contemplating the same.ATC differences around the world.The guest's vision of air traffic management (ATM) in 5 and 50 years.
Our guest Silja Guðmundsdóttir is the Director Of Business Development at Tern Systems, a company that designs and builds air traffic management (ATM) solutions. We discussed the following topics:What makes air traffic management in Iceland different from other countries.The ATM system Polaris' scope, history, and next steps.The different usages of Polaris outside of the local ANSP and working with other customers.How to attract young talent, and improve diversity and inclusion in the air traffic control industry.Vision of air traffic management in 5 years, and 50 years from now.
Our guest Josef Anschau has flown over almost every part of the world as a commercial pilot and is now the Chief Operating Officer at PVS aero. We discussed the following topics:Guest's professional backgroundProcedure Validation Solutions aero offering and historyThe necessity for procedure validation, and whether simulator flights are the way to goSolving mistakes in procedure designsStakeholder collaboration in procedure designsHow does the guest view ATC from a pilot's perspective and whether ATC is different in other parts of the worldEvolution of ATM in the next 5 years and also in the next 50 years?
Samuli Suokas founded Lektor Consulting which trains air traffic controllers worldwide. We discuss the following topics:The guest's journey from being an ATCO to now, and the purpose of Lektor ConsultingThe type of training offered and receiving training certificationWhat Lektor Consulting does differently to improve the training processWhat are the type of skills required by ATCOs now and in the futureWhether remote training continues after COVIDATCO training  in 5 years and 50 years from now
Our guest Alberto Quintana works in digital transformation for ATC while also coming from an operational background and he joins us to discuss the following topics:Personal introduction of the guestApplying AI to radar and flight plan dataThe future implementations of AI in the coming years and the current implementation statusThe workflow changes for ATCOs working with AIHow AI is implemented in safety critical situationsExplainable AIThe evolution of ATM in the next 5 years? And in the next 50 years?
Lyne Moreau, the VP and Chief Strategy Officer of NAV CANADA, joins us to discuss the following topics:The personal career path of the guest and current role scopeThe 'new' strategic direction and its time horizonHow NAV CANADA is regulated and the importance of common understandingChallenges and opportunities of moving ahead with the strategic directionPartnership and similarities between ANSPsCommercial ventures and future philosophyImportance of visibility to improve the gender balance in ATMThe vision of ATM 5 years from now and 50 years from now
Norbert Haslacher, the CEO of Frequentis AG, joins us in this episode to discuss the following topics:Personal introduction of the guest.The heritage and vision of Frequentis AG.The cross‐industry innovation from the diverse safety-critical industries to improve Frequentis AG products and services.The transformation that Frequentis AG underwent from a hardware-centric company to a software company.The mergers and acquisitions strategy since the IPO. The viable systems organizational model, and future growth plans.Future of ATM industry for the next 5 and 50 years from now.
In this episode, our colleague Stojanche Gjorcheski is debuting as host with our guest Mr. Hari Iyer.  Hari is a software engineer and followed his passion to work in the ATM industry as a research engineer and currently as a PhD at ASU. His company worked on projects most notable with the FAA and NASA. The following topics were discussed:Hari's personal journey from software engineer to the ATM industry and how an international can work in the United States' Aerospace sector.The projects Hari has worked on as a research engineer and his current work as a PhD for human systems engineering in aviation.The way ATM works in the US and how to work as a private company for the FAA/NASA.How NASA and the FAA work together with regard to the development of new ATM systems.A vision of ATM technology 5 years from now and 50 years from now.
In this episode, we are delighted to speak with Dr Debora Cazzani, the Marketing & Export Manager of MC Solutions. The focal points of this episode were innovations in AGL and A-SMGCS. The following topics were discussed:The mastery of MC solutions and its history.Design factors behind using optical fibers in the solutions and retrofitting existing infrastructure with optical fibers.The business scope of MC Solutions and the interoperable solution they offer.The independent measurement tools of an ALCMS that MC Solutions offer for auditing airports, the importance of adhering to standards, and being able to demonstrate compliance.Knowledge and technology transfer from non-ATM products to ATM.The evolution of AGL and A-SMGCS in the next 5 and 50 years.
The guest of this episode is Marina Efthymiou , an Assistant Professor in Aviation Management at the Dublin City University. We discussed the following:Background and expertise, including research and papers, teaching and education activitiesAviation Management course at DCU, part of which relates to ATM, audience, key topics / subjects, prospects of future careerTechnical & managerial  leadership Most important skills for a fresh graduate student (technical, managerial or else)How are aviation students are encouraged and prepared to think about sustainabilityThinking outside the box for aviation related topics (new technologies and concepts like UTM, optimization)Future jobs in aviation / ATM, skills / knowledge needed, skill sets which will become obsolete (i.e. operational / technical)Current important directions of research and development activities in ATMEducation and university studies in ATM and aviation in the next 5 and 50 years
The guest of this episode is Andre Schenider,  the CEO of Geneva Airport. We discussed the following topics:Personal introduction and presentation of GVA, including latest news, traffic figuresRole as Board Member of ACI EUROPE and the purpose of this organisationAreas for close collaboration with ANSP and common work on a longer termWho has the last word for large projects (i.e. new runway or ramp) - is it the ANSP or the airport?Payment model of ANSP vs. airports and conflicting interestsCurrent trends, challenges and solution in the airport industry Airport operations and development for the next 5 and 50 years 
The guest for this episode is Simona Frankova, the Managing Partner at NG Aviation, a small company from Slovakia, offering digital solutions for aeronautical stakeholders. We discussed these topics:Need for more digitalisation in the AIM and ATM world and better, digital NOTAMsWeight of legacy and the reasons for it (i.e. worldwide compatibility, equipment, ...)Approach and solutions offered by NG aviationTackling ATM with a start-up mindset, difference in cultures and tempoBeing a female leader in the ATM community, both in Europe and in the Middle-EastEvolution of AIM and ATM in the next five years and also in fifty years
In this episode we had a guest from Denmark. Jesper Skou is the Co-Founder of Skypuzzler and we discussed the following topics:C-level experience with ANS organisations in different parts of the world new role at Skypuzzler and more about this new company vision on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) place of Skypuzzler in the ATM / UTM landscapeATM and UTM in 5 and 50 years
In this episode we had as a guest the Vice President & Business Development Manager Bill Lang  from Adacel. We discussed the following topics:Adacel is 35 years old - overview of company's history, best successes and biggest milestonesAuroras’ technological advantageAdacel's ATC system and simulator compared to TRACON, ARTCC and TWR technologiesAdacel's global expansion Recent contracts with Seychelles Aviation Authority and France's DSNACustom software development for air traffic control and moreAcquisition of Cybernetica's Virtual ATC Tower Expantion in the remote towers segmentEvolution of ATM in the next 5 and 50 years
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