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The TAKUMI #Unfiltered podcast series is designed to inform and inspire marketers via casual conversations with brand marketing leaders, creators, and industry insiders. This is the only resource you'll need for valuable brand insights, actionable solutions, and pure inspiration. As we continue to learn and grow in this ever-changing industry, it is our hope that you'll join us on this #Unfiltered journey!
5 Episodes
TAKUMI x Social Chain

TAKUMI x Social Chain


On this episode of TAKUMI #Unfiltered our Group CEO, Mary Keane-Dawson, is joined by Pollyanna Ward- Head of Paid Social at Social Chain. For the best part of a decade, Pollyanna has been growing and lending her talent for social media strategy to both small businesses and global FMCG’s. A true innovator with an entrepreneurial streak, Pollyanna has a knack for defying trends and thinking outside the box.Sit down with us and hear Pollyanna's unique journey into the marketing world, and her golden advice to graduates, marketers, and brands. 
TAKUMI x Neuro-Insight

TAKUMI x Neuro-Insight


We are back with another episode of TAKUMI #Unfiltered, and another incredible podcast guest: musician, veteran, philosopher-cum-marketer, John Zweig.Our Group CEO and podcast host, Mary Keane-Dawson sits down with John - Global Chief Executive at Neuro-Insight - to chat about his impressive career, the industry's addiction to AI and analytics, and the unconscious mind."Who are the new prophets of creativity... the new revolutionaries?" 
On this episode of TAKUMI #Unfiltered our Group CEO, Mary Keane-Dawson, sat down with Sandra Suarez, Experiential Marketing Director at Moët Hennessy. In her role, Sandra oversees influencer marketing and consumer engagement. Sandra has led an incredibly diverse array of campaigns, ensuring this legacy brand keeps a pulse on culture and maintains an emotional connection with consumers. Join our host, as she sits down with Sandra to discuss MH's brand heritage, the ways that they ensure their brand continues to represent the diverse consumer that supports them and what she's learned in the decade she's been with the company. 
Ep1: TAKUMI Group CEO Mary Keane-Dawson sits down with Dawn Huckelbridge, Director of Paid Leave For All, to discuss the 'Paid Leave For All' campaign and how the pandemic exacerbated the urgent need for policy change in the USA. 
TAKUMI x Acoustic

TAKUMI x Acoustic


Welcome to the second episode of TAKUMI #UNFILTERED! 💥🎙️ We've all, whether in our professional or personal lives, taken stock of what we've learned during the past year and are figuring out how we can apply those lessons to our present world? Join our host, Mary Keane-Dawson, as she sits down with Norman Guadagno, CMO of Acoustic. Acoustic is an independent marketing cloud platform with a difference. Acoustic aims to bring human-centric approaches to marketing, by using intuitive, AI-technology to solve the big challenges facing marketers. Norman has over 20 years of experience as a marketer and strategist for leading brands and agencies.                                                                                            .
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