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Author: Dick Bayer

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A podcast dedicated to stories, case studies and lessons learned of applying Lean Construction from around the world.
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Henry Nutt has been in the trades for 35 years as a sheet metal worker, foreman, superintendent, and general superintendent. Henry talks about how to make the trades more attractive to young people, allowing people working in the trades to understand that they are professionals in the same esteem as doctors and engineers responsible for millions of dollars of work. He advocates for helping people find their own journey and discover their own AHA moment. Lean is something that he preaches because it makes everyone's life better.Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube:
Keyan Zandy is a longtime Lean practitioner, enthusiast, and advocate. As Skiles Group’s COO, he has a dual focus on client service and on nurturing a progressive company culture. He is ultimately responsible for the oversight of the firm’s daily operations and ensuring that their Lean processes are continuously improved and consistently practiced. He is the co-author of The Lean Builder: A Builder’s Guide to Applying Lean Tools in the Field, which simplifies and clearly articulates the benefits of seven primary Lean concepts, and delivers them in a highly-relatable, immediately-applicable, and field-friendly manner. Keyan also holds a patent for an award-winning crisis management communication and emergency response tool called Smart Safety where he serves as CEO.Watch on Youtube.
Katherine Copeland has been doing “lean” since she helped organize her father’s shop when she was 10.  She followed her Grandmother to Penn State—her Grandmother was the valedictorian of the class of 1932.  She has followed that pedigree with more—very active in LCI, part of the Southland team at the California Prison Healthcare Receivership and now director of Target Value Delivery with Merck.  Join us as we reminisce and look ahead.Watch on Youtube.
One of Canada's pre-eminent construction lawyers, Geza Banfai worked with the Candian Construction Documents Committee to draft CCDC 30, Canada's first IPD contract.  We visit with Geza to discuss the role of contracts in allowing us to use a full lean design and construction operating platform.  We compare and contrast construction practice in the US and Canada.  And finally we discuss "what's next?"Watch on YouTube.
Watch on Youtube.Stan Chiu is a legendary architect in the Lean Community.  I first met Stan at the California Prison Healthcare Receivership program in Sacramento in 2008.  His journey in lean had begun a few years earlier with Sutter Health, but like all of us, he was willing to invent a new way of seeing, knowing and doing.  Along with Michael Jackson, he was the CPR’s first “Chief Engineer,” the person dubbed by the Toyota Production System as the leader of the processes designed to solve a problem.  Stan’s remarkable and diverse background prepared him for that moment and he has continued to lead teams in lean healthcare design for the last 15 years.  Join us as Stan talks about the role of the “lean” designer in today’s paradigm.  P.S.  If you really want to understand Target Value Design, listen up.
Both Bernita and Rebecca date their lean design and construction journey from 2008. Bernita at the legendary Texhoma Project and Rebeca at the California Prison Healthcare Receivership Program. Both had inklings before then. But they have both been masterful at continually improving the cycle of design and construction. So much so that each was recognized by being named Chair of the LCI Board.Watch episode on Youtube.
Todd Zabelle was among the original founders of LCI.  Glenn Ballard worked with him briefly at Pacific Contractors back in the '90s.  Todd has spent his career thinking about enhancing productivity in design and construction and founded the Project Production Institute to provide a forum for other like minded folks.  He's not doing the 1920 version of productivity of Fredrick Winslow Taylor and he's not doing the Critical Path predictability of the 1950's.  He's truly moved on to operational science and the creation of real production in construction.  Join us to see how he did it.Watch episode on Youtube.
George Zettel was drafted into being the Turner representative at a meeting called by Sutter Health back in 2004. He was immediately hooked on the possibility of a new value to Owners--one that his current Owner was in fact demanding. We explore George's original journey as a lean advocate inside a very large, very successful, very traditional American contractor.Watch the episode on Youtube. 
Bill Proctor led the Project Management team for the receiver appointed by the Federal Court in San Francisco to design and build 10,000 medical and mental health care beds inside the California Prison System. The urgency of the program was to deliver constitutional care to inmates as 6 inmates per month were dying from lack of adequate care. Bill tells us about how they came to chose lean and IPD for the Program and what that Program has taught him that he's implementing now.Watch on episode on Youtube.
Today's guest is Dean Reed, the former lean construction champion at DPR. Dean is the first member of LCI and has been applying lean for more than 24 years. In this episode we discuss: How Dean got started with his lean journey. When he realized that Lean Construction could solve problems that he has observed. How to build an integrated project delivery team.Aligning project goals with sharing risk and reward.Watch the episode on Youtube. 
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