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The digital revolution is here. By 2020, it is estimated that more than 50 billion machines will be connected to the Industrial Internet. As the pace of digital transformation increases, we face an important question: How do we make sure everyone is ready to meet the challenge and opportunity of this fast-paced change?

In this new 4-part audio series, we meet three remarkable young people who are using their STEM backgrounds to impact the world around them.
4 Episodes
Elisa Kazan never would have found her path as a game designer without the encouragement of an influential mentor back in grade 8. Now she’s paying it forward by inspiring other young women to study computer science. “Passing on the torch – I really want to be able to do that for someone else.”
Kevin Semple is a 24-year-old electrical engineer and breakdancer who combines his skills as a b-boy with his passion for the maker movement. “B-boying taught me it’s better to stand out. Now I take a chance when I have an idea.” On this episode, hear how Kevin developed the confidence to pursue excellence in tech, and how he’s sharing his unique approach with the next generation.
Lauren Sortome takes their chemistry to go. Lauren travels the country teaching workshops and empowering young people to shape their own future of work by taking an active role in tech creation: “Youth have to become the producers of technology, to think beyond what they have now to make things better.”
We kick off this 4-part series with Elyse Allan, President and CEO of GE Canada. She talks about how the digital transformation is impacting the future of work, and describes her own digital journey: “I wanted to go from being a digital dinosaur to a digital diva.” Her secret? Pursue all lines of curiosity.
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