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Stories from Japan. (And other places too). Volume II in production.
7 Episodes
"[Living in Japan is] like being inside a gameboy." Join a conversation between two journalists from Norway at the Tokyo International Film Festival as they discuss drowning in big cities, women in film, and Tokyo sounds. Happy International Women's Day from Aliens and Moonbeams.
A Very Real Holiday

A Very Real Holiday


"Halloween is that holiday when you can be what you want to be--when you can be yourself. The other you." And this time, you can do that in Japan--in Tokyo. Happy Halloween from Aliens and Moonbeams.
Tokyo Glow

Tokyo Glow


What is it like to stumble through a new life in Tokyo? I thought there would be a moment when I knew I’d made it. Or at least a moment when I felt like I was going in the right direction. But honestly, it’s felt like a lot of wrong turns, a lot of meager, less than good decision making, and a surprisingly familiar feeling of doubt.
Sayonara Sendai

Sayonara Sendai


I have some pretty big news. About a month ago I packed up my bags, left my job, sold my bicycle, and moved to Tokyo to pursue my dreams. This means...I'm jobless, on a budget, and it means I said goodbye to Sendai, my home of the last three and a half years. It's hard to say goodbye, so I asked my friends to tell us about some of their Sendai memories on a cassette tape. Listen to their stories about falling asleep in parks, taking surveys to pay for food, making out with guys that you didn't know were married...and of course, all the small things in between. Website : Facebook : Insta : ** Featured Music by : Jung Caesar : **
Some foreigners come to Japan and never leave. This episode explores why they decide to make Japan their home, and why other foreigners aren't so sure. After traveling back and forth between two worlds, it becomes hard to differentiate which one is truly your home. It's difficult to choose between your new life 'somewhere else,' and your old life back home that by now may be unrecognizable.
It’s Inauguration Day in 2017. Well, almost. This bonus episode was made in less than a day in an effort to capture the essence of “the cringing” that’s happening around the world as D. Trump (トランプ) is sworn into office. Remember, being an alien can be a human thing too. (All voices transmitting from Sendai, Moon-ku, Japan).
Frankie, the phone, was my ally and companion before she slipped from my fingers onto the ground, shattering as a subway passed by. It was one of those moments when you realize just how many thousands of miles away from home you are. RIP, good friend.
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