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Radiodays are the best days of our lives... A podcast by Radiodays Europe, the meeting point for the world of radio and audio
61 Episodes
New Revenues In Radio

New Revenues In Radio


Siobhán Kenny, CEO of the Radiocentre in the UK, shares her work in attracting new SMEs to radio advertising.
Aled Haydn Jones, Head of Programmes for BBC Radio 1 in the UK, speaks to the Radiodays Europe audience about how they have developed their breakfast show.
Audio In The Year 2025

Audio In The Year 2025


Charlotte Hager (Founder and Director at Comrecon Brand Navigation in Austria and Mark Barber MBE (Planning Director at the Radiocentre in the UK) spoke about radio and audio in the future, with a particular focus on monetisation.
(Or how to stop brainstorming)! Wade Kingsley (Founder, the Ideas Business, Australia) has done some brainstorming research and proven that brainstorming is one of the least effective ways to create ideas. If you have ever been stuck in a boring brainstorm then you would probably agree. Yet most people conduct brainstorms because they don't know any other way. In this interactive session, Wade will demonstrate proven idea generation techniques that you can take back to your station and implement straight away - for any format. And to prove the techniques work, you will leave with a brand new idea.
The Rise of the Humans

The Rise of the Humans


With Dave Coplin (Founder & CEO, The Envisioners, UK) The rapid growth of internet-connected devices has brought huge advantages, however the same technology has also disconnected us. We are drowning in a digital deluge, where intelligent agents bring an overwhelming wealth of information to an endless sea of devices, which all vie for our attention to the point where they are beginning to remove us from the real world. Business leaders, meanwhile, worry that they might miss the next big technology trend and fail to realise
With Paula Szuchman and Emily Botein. Paula (Vice President of On Demand Content, WNYC Studios, USA) and Emily (Vice President of On Demand Content, WNYC Studios, USA) dive into their pioneering engagement strategies. WNYC podcasts like Death, Sex & Money and Nancy have built loyal audiences not just with great stories and conversations that speak to their listeners, but from great stories and conversations that allow their listeners to speak to each other.
With Rasmus Kidde (Audience Researcher, DR, Denmark). Our younger audience are adopting new media habits – moving away from traditional broadcast and towards social. This session will give you an updated view of this development and show you how you can optimize the lessons learned in research into your organization.
With Paula Szuchman and Emily Botein (WNYC Studios, USA). As the on-demand audio market becomes more saturated, WNYC has continued to stand out from the crowd. They also have built into them an unrivaled approach to engaging with listeners. Every new show is developed with this interactivity in mind. Paula and Emily will also reveal the results with one of the newest shows, 10 Things That Scare Me. A tiny podcast about our biggest fears, 10 Things That Scare Me reflects the particular anxieties of the American consciousness today. In the presentation Paula and Emily will explain what it takes to launch a successful engagement project (along with the pitfalls), and share reactions from listeners. Recorded at Radiodays Europe 2019 in Lausanne.
In the first episode from our new series of podcasts, Mounir Kirchane (Director of Initiative for Media Innovation at EPFL)opens up Radiodays Europe 2019!
Everyone is talking about Google, what did they say at Radiodays Europe 2019?
Marte chats to Radiodays Europe about how she is trying to reach youth audiences.
Podsnips: Matt Deegan

Podsnips: Matt Deegan


Matt chats to Radiodays Europe about the Love Island Podcast.
Podsnips: Tom Webster

Podsnips: Tom Webster


Tom, from Edison Research in the USA, chats to Radiodays Europe about podcasting listening around the world.
Podsnips: Nick Piggott

Podsnips: Nick Piggott


Nick chats to Radiodays Europe about what a multiplatform future looks like for radio.
Ulrik chats to Radiodays Europe about fake news and not-so-fake-news.
Wade chats to Radiodays Europe.
Kelly chats to Radiodays Europe about gender issues in radio.
Using Audience Data

Using Audience Data


Thomas Kabke-Sommer is the CEO of Crossplan Deutschland, which focuses on digital campaign management, digital audience building and content driven audio.
Broadcaster Trevor Dann has been coming to Radiodays Europe since the beginning. How does he think things have changed for the event? And, more importantly, what needs to happen in the future?
With Jonas Delfs from Danish Radio.
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