DiscoverRoots Old & New, Stories of Chinese Emigrants–Latin America
Roots Old & New, Stories of Chinese Emigrants–Latin America
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Roots Old & New, Stories of Chinese Emigrants–Latin America

Author: RTHK.HK

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"Where you find oceans you’ll find Chinese.” In order to find a living, Chinese were willing to leave home to venture to a foreign land half a world away in the southern hemisphere. The “Overseas Chinese” production team travelled to Cuba, Mexico, and Peru to trace the footsteps of the early Chinese there; to find out how they laid down their lives to develop the wilderness. Like the desert flower Cachanilla, Chinese can survive in any harsh and inimical environment.
4 Episodes
Four descendents of Peruvian Chinese, a diplomat, a businessman, a writer and an archaeologist, each a significant figures in their own field. Rosa Fung is a renowned archaeologist. She reversed the concept of the history of the indigenous peoples i...
It is said that in Lima, the capital of Peru, there are a few thousand Chinese restaurants. It is among the highest concentration in the world. In the markets in Peru you will find kale, winter melon and chives. They use soy sauce in stir-fry. Their ma...
In Mexicali, a Mexican frontier town, there is a place called “The Chinese Hill”. It was where the early Chinese labourers perished under very brutal conditions. For every ten hectares of land developed, a Chinese labourer would lose his life. But thei...
Louie Kin Sheun is a writer and a historian. For him Cuban is a sad page in his life. His grandfather and father had worked hard to make a living there. But in the end it all came to naught. When his mother was still alive she was reluctant to talk a...
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